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#035 Monday, June 11th




[title card]

#035 Monday, June 11th

Norm and Carol are in the holding cell at the county jail with Cody.

Carol: It's a mystery to me how they can try and pin this on you, you weren't even at work that day.

Cody: The gun that shot B.P. was registered to me, apparently somebody bought it under my name.

Carol: Did you ever buy a gun?

Cody: No.

Norm: Remember, you need to be completely truthful about everything.

Cody: I'm telling the truth.

Carol: Someone is trying to frame Cody.

Norm: It seems that way, but Cody doesn't have a solid alibi.

Cody: I was at the estate the whole day, upstairs in my room.

Norm: Yes, but no one else was home then, so there isn't anyone to vouch for you.

Carol: Well, so much for that.

Norm: The only chance we have is to go to this gun shop and hope that the owner can remember what the person who bought the gun looked like.

Carol: But first we need to try and get the judge to grant Cody bail

Norm: It's going to take a miracle to get the judge to agree to that, but I'll try.

Cody: Thank you.

Norm: I'm going to try and get in touch with the DA.

Norm leaves, just as the guard is coming in.

Guard: Time's up

Carol: We're going to get you out of here.

Cody: I sure hope so.

Over in Pennsylvania, Carolee is at her aunt's (Ella) home

Carolee: You should have been there, Dad, you wouldn't believe how in completely unhinged Edmund and his mother are.

Ella: I've only met his mother once and sensed something about her. She acted like she's a nice person, but it all came off as phony.

Carolee: That's her, she'll grin in your face and then turn around and stab you in the back.

Ella: Sounds like you've got yourself in a situation you might not be ready for.

Carolee: Believe me, I can handle them.

Ella: That's what you say now.

Carolee: They are the one that should be afraid, because they've underestimated me.

Ella: Just remember, this is those boys father and grandmother you're talking about. Regardless of the way they feel about you, you don't want to create any problems that may effect your children down the line.

Carolee: Troy and Kevin don't need to be raised with the type of values they have.

Ella: But they don't need to grow up seeing all this fighting.

Carolee: In the long run, they'll be better off, trust me.


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