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Episode 64



March 17, 2006

Meg backs away from Dusty, claiming that if they kiss, he will never forgive himself for weakening. Dusty admits to Meg that he doesn't give a damn and begins passionately kissing a more than happy Meg. Nick and Jennifer come close to seeing the two, but everything changes when Jennifer gets a call about her father. Luke goes over to Maddie's house and is shocked to find her crying. He immediately thinks Heath hurt her, but Maddie claims that as soon as she told Heath that she didn't return his feelings for her, he drove off in a rage. Luke sees that she's just upset and is stunned when she asks Luke to hold her, while Maddie silently cries in his arms. Barbara and Cass watch as James quickly goes over Barbara's case. They're all floored when James, acting as Judge Warren J. Stanley, dismisses the case. Outside the courthouse, James drags Barbara into an alleyway. He explains that he never meant for all of this to happen and begs her to forgive him. Barbara is outraged and tells James he can go to hell, but James gets the upper hand by telling Barbara that if she doesn't quite down, Paul will be gone from her forever. Will, Gwen, Margo, Carly, Andy, Emily, and Susan are all waiting on pins and needles to hear news about Hal's condition. Bob begins updating them, but everyone is shocked when they hear a nurse say that Mr. Munson is having a heart attack. Roxie finally comes clean to Lisa and calims that Lisa is her grandmother and Scott was her father. Lisa refuses to believe it and orders Roxie to leave before she calls the cops.


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