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Episode 62



March 15, 2006

Curtis arrives at the Children of Promise house and asks to speak with Ben Harris. Father Owen informs a stunned Curtis, however, that Ben has asked that no family members to be allowed to visit him. Jack gets a call from Dallas's family, asking to see him. Carly tries to persuade Jack into going, but Jack refuses and again pleads with Carly to leave him alone. Emily is comforted by Andy and she apologizes for scaring him. She tells him that she remembers Bob saying something about "lost him", but Andy tells her that Bob was praising the two of them for bringing him in, or they might have lost him. Emily is temproarily relieved. Margo lets Paul go due to Will posting his bail, but warns him that trouble has a way of catching up with him and to stay away from it this time. Margo informs Barbara that her arraignment is tomorrow. Meanwhile, we see James sneak behind a judge, claiming to be a college professor and wanting some legal advice. When the judge isn't looking, James knocks him over the head, leaving the unconcious judge locked in his own office.


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