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Episode #163 - Wednesday, May 16th, 2007:

  • The wedding begins.
  • Bo walks Billie down the aisle.
  • Evil Maggie flashes back to Billie being on air saying how she knew the identity of the Fury. Maggie realizes she must kill Billie.
  • Lucas and Sami exchange looks during the ceremony...but she is there with Peter.
  • Bo and Hope also exchange looks of passion and love during the ceremony, but she cannot forgive him for what he has done.
  • Carrie and Austin smile at each other as they stand on each side of the altar, being a groomsman and a bridesmaid.
  • Laura feels very uneasy during the ceremony and contemplates telling everyone that Jennifer is alive.
  • Maggie breaks down in the confessional saying this is not how it is supposed to be. She mourns Jennifer’s death and recalls how badly she took the news. She says Jen would not be happy with Jack marrying her friend, Billie. Maggie says this is not right at all.
  • Belle and Philip are disappointed to see Chloe and Shawn together at the wedding.
  • Laura decides against telling anyone about Jennifer since she realizes Jen might never come out of the catatonic state.
  • Jack and Billie exchange vows.
  • The priest asks if there is anyone who knows of a reason why Jack and Billie should not be married to speak now or forever hold their peace.
  • Laura wonders if she should announce Jennifer truly being alive.
  • Jack and Billie are married!
  • Kate is ecstatic that nothing ruined the wedding and that Billie has finally found happiness...even if it is so close to her death bed.
  • Billie is in tears as Jack unveils her and kisses her, sealing their marriage.
  • The church resounds in claps and cheers and tears and a standing ovation.
  • Jack and Billie walk down the aisle as man and wife. They near the door of the church. It opens. They are blinded by the light that comes through the door. Someone enters the church, but no one can see who it is due to the blinding sun. The person walks closer and closer. Billie locks eyes with the familiar face. Everyone in the church gasps. Billie falls into Jack’s arms. Jack stares at the person in shock. Abby runs up to behind Jack. Abby screams...”MOM!?!”
  • Jennifer Horton stands at the back of the church in a hospital gown. Her hair is messy and undone. She has tears in her eyes. She and Jack’s eyes meet. *FREEZE FRAME.*

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