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More cast members!!



IPB Image

Ben Masters (Julian, "Passions") has been cast as the big villain of MOE-- Victor Fox. Much like Alistar ("Passions") and Stefano ("Days of our Lives"), Victor does unspeakable crimes and usually gets away with them!

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Playing a teenage psycho is Heather Lauren Olson (ex-Jan #1, "Days of our Lives"). Heather's character, Lauren Becker, is obsessed with another character played by an ex-DAYS actor, Justin Williams (Jay Kenneth Johnson).

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Playing Victor Fox's business rival is Galen Gering (Luis, "Passions). Galen's character is Mathew Robinson-- a man who is almost as rich as Victor, but doesn't resort to Victor's evil ways.

IPB Image

Amy Jo Johnson (Julie, "Felicity") will be playing Alison Harrison-- Victor (Ben Masters)'s henchwoman. While Alison does a lot of Victor's dirty work, she really is a good person inside.

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Only appearing a in a few episodes will be Thorsten Kaye (Zach, "All My Children). On recurring status, Thorsten will portray Danny Becker-- the father of the psychotic Lauren Becker (Heather Olson). Don't look for him to appear regularly, but he will pop up here and there.


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