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#27 Tuesday, May 8




Dru's meddling gets her into trouble with Lily

Sharon and Noah are returning from his stay with Phyllis and Nick. He heads upstairs to take his backpack and other things to his room. While Sharon is going through the mail, she thinks about how tense Jack became during their romantic night together. Shaking it off as typical business, she calls Noah down to ask him about his time spent with Nick and Phyllis. When he bounds down the stairs, he quickly fills her in on how Phyllis and Nick were acting distant towards one another. Sharon asks if he is sure that they were fighting; to which is assures her. Noah tells her that when he woke up, he saw Nick fast asleep on the couch downstairs. When Noah leaves, Sharon ponders her conversation that she had with Nick a few days earlier.

At the G.C.A.C. Colleen is re-reading the letter that Adrian sent her. The more she reads it, the more she realizes how much she misses him. Folding the letter up, she begins to make her way towards one of the tables to take orders. As she is taking down the patrons orders, she spots Daniel coming in and quickly smiles in his direction. When she walks his way, he asks her if she has time to talk. Colleen tells Daniel to give her a few minutes to get her table's order in. As he sits at the bar, he thinks about all the damage he's done to his marriage to Lily. After their fight, she make it a point to ignore all of his phone calls, and even brush him off when they would pass one another in the halls at college. When Colleen returns, she asks him what's up. He is hesitant at first, stating not wanting to get Colleen in the middle of his troubles with Lily. Colleen brushes his fear off and tells him that she's willing to help, just as long as he's willing to listen.

At Jabot, D.A. William Bardwell is in full swing, talking to Paul and Maggie about what he expects them to do regarding the skin cream case. Paul questions him as to where they should begin. William immediately informs both detectives that he wants all Jabot employees to give a DNA sample, stressing not to skip anyone. Maggie asks Paul if Ji Min would need to present one; William tells her that although Ji Min came shortly after the fallout, to still keep a close eye out on him. As they are talking, William sees Michael from a distance staring at them. Both detectives and William board the elevator to begin their process. At the other end of the hall, Michael is perplexed by not being in the 'know' of what's taking place.

Drucilla is looking over some Clear Springs photo shoot proofs when a young gentleman knocks on her door. Looking up she smiles when he comes in to give her a few envelopes. When she asks him if he's just started at Newman Enterprises, he tells her that he is a new intern. He introduces himself as Eric. As the two are talking, Lily comes in to see if her mother is ready for lunch. Dru immediately starts talking up Lily to Eric, who can't take his eyes off of her. When he leaves, Dru gushes to Lily that he is a good looking young man that obviously have things going for him. She continues on to say that once Lily kicks Daniel to the curb, Lily can find love with someone that is worth it. Not being able to deal with Dru's constant interference, she barks that Dru needs to mind her business and stop trying to run her life. Her problems with Daniel are her own; and if and when she decides that it's the end, she'll be the one to call the shots. Dru tries to apologize, however, Lily, no longer in a mood to have lunch, walks out.

At Newman Enterprises, Phyllis walks into the break room and sees Nick pouring a cup of coffee. Closing the door behind her, she teases him by asking him if he has a cup for her. He pretends not to hear the joke and takes a seat at the table. Sensing that things are still not right between them, she sits across from him and demands to know what his trouble is. Putting the cup down, he stares at her, asking if she's seriously asking a question as such. He tells her that ever since she took it upon herself to hold Brad's affair with Sharon over their heads, she's caused nothing but trouble for the Newman family. Phyllis tries to deflect the blame by stating that Brad and Sharon were the cause of that, however, Nick's not hearing it. He slams Phyllis for manipulating the situation to her advantage, and because of her, he can't do anything that will hurt his sister.

Later that day, Paul is at the G.C.A.C. when Michael approaches him. Sitting beside him, Michael asks Paul what he has to share with him regarding the case. Paul tells him that all DNA testing on the Jabot employees came back negative. Sighing a little, Michael tells him that it most likely will mean that William will not have anything to resume the case. Shaking his head, Paul stops Michael's thought quickly, by adding that there are two Jabot employees that still need to be tested: Jill and Gloria. A sick feeling suddenly washes over Michael at announcement of his mother's name.

Next Genoa City

Jill (in Los Angeles on the phone): Are you telling me that William has re-opened the case? I don't believe it!

Ji Min: Believe it, Jill. You and Gloria are the last two they are waiting on.

Amanda: Who would have thought I would be getting served coffee by a Jabot employee.

Kevin: What's that supposed to mean?

Phyllis (approaching Victoria): I was wondering if you had a few minutes. There's something that you need to know.


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