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Here is a supplementary episode in conjunction with Monday's episode! It is a VERY SPECIAL episode featuring Nicole and a special return!

  • Nicole sits in her room and wonders exactly what to do with the knowledge of her brother, Peter, sleeping with the now-murdered Annie Douglas. She says she wants to ruin Sami's life and keep her away from both of her brothers - Lucas and Peter - but she has to plan very carefully exactly how to expose Peter.
  • Nicole realizes exposing Peter and Annie's affair might send Sami right back into the arms of Lucas.
  • Nicole taps into her Dimera roots and begins plotting and scheming.
  • Nicole realizes there is only ONE person who can expose Peter...and send Sami's dreams crashing down around her - CARRIE!
  • Nicole tracks down Carrie and flies out to speak with her at once.
  • Carrie is confused to see Nicole, but she opens her door to Nicole and lets her come in...
  • Nicole explains everything to Carrie...slightly manipulating her...telling her she wants to see both of her brother's happy...but she doesn't think Sami is for them.
  • Nicole says Sami has finally found happiness...bliss with Peter Blake, but he has been unfaithful to her...with Annie Douglas - the woman who actually stole Austin and Carrie's baby and killed Alan Harris!
  • Carrie says Marlena had told her that Sami was recently freed from prison. Carrie says Sami was still involved in the kidnapping of her baby and knew about it so she refuses to forgive Sami. Nicole says this is the perfect opportunity for revenge! Nicole tells Carrie all she has to do is come back to town and expose Peter and Annie's affair, then all of Sami's dreams will be shattered.
  • Carrie rips into Nicole, telling her is not cruel-hearted or vindicative like Sami! Carrie says she would never take pleasure in exposing a secret just to get revenge on Sami. Carrie throws Nicole out.
  • As Carrie sits alone in her apartment, she looks at a picture of she and Sami as kids. She sees a picture of her and Sami as teenagers. Carrie flashes back.
  • Carrie continues to reminisce about her relationship with her sister, Sami. She recalls when Sami began ruining her life....
  • Carrie recalls how her relationship with Austin was never the same after that. Carrie says she will never get over the pain and heartbreak Sami has caused her.
  • Carrie remembers when Sami was first exposed.
  • Carrie recalls when the truth came out about Will being Lucas' son.
  • Carrie flashes back to one of her most bitter fights with Sami......and how Sami refused to give up no matter how many times she was exposed.
  • Carrie continues to remember and flash back over all the times she has had with Sami. She says that she is a good person, but even she can only take so much. Carrie says the worst occurred in January...when she was exposed for kidnapping her baby, Roman Roberts Reed, and telling her he was dead.
  • Carrie decides that the only way she can ever get peace on the Sami situation is if she causes some pain in Sami's life...Carrie cries and says she hates how she has let Sami turn her into an angry person, but she also says Sami has robbed her of YEARS, YEARS with Austin. Carrie states that Sami better watch her back. Carrie says making her think her baby had died changed everything. She says it is the worst pain she has ever imagined and could ever live through. She remembers how the pain of being without Austin was nothing compared to burying her baby...or so she though. Carrie confirms she is returning to Salem to expose Peter and Annie's affair...and introduce Sami to a sample of the pain and misery she's caused in Salem for fifteen years!

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