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May 4, 2007




-At the Penthouse Grill, both the bachelor and bachelorette parties are in full swing. Maggie, Julie, Alice, and Doug have arrived. Doug goes over to join the men as the women join Hope, Billie, Kayla, Kim, Greta, Caroline, and Sami. Sami races around, trying to help Caroline get everything ready as Carrie should be there at any moment

Meanwhile, on the men's side of the restaurant, the bachelor party has begun. Roman and Doug have joined Jack, Frankie, Max, Victor, Lucas, and Will. Lucas says that everything is all set and it seems they are only waiting for Austin and Eric.

Outside the Titan building, Carrie arrives with Austin and says that this is where they split up for a night. Austin says he doesn't want to let her go but Carrie says their family and friends went out of their way for these parties so they must humor them. They kiss and profess their love. Austin says he wants to see her later. Carrie says just as long as it's before midnight because she doesn't want more bad luck. He smiles and agrees to her request. He says he will see her later and leavs.

Carrie then calls University Hospital again and asks Nurse Jean about the DNA test results on Evan. Jean says that the results will be given to her via messenger this evening. Jean says they don't usually do that but she put a rush on it and is doing it since it's for Carrie. Carrie thanks her. Jean says she doesn't know when the results will be delivered to her but she does now they are complete. Carrie says she will be on the look out and thanks Jean again as she hangs up, anxious to recieve the results.

Back at the Penthouse Grille, Kate arrives and immediately helps herself to a drink. She feels guilty over having to keep the truth about Evan a secret and it's really getting to her being at the party. Nicole arrives and comes off the elevator. Kate says look who the cat dragged in and asks why Nicole would even come. Eric and her are extranged and the Brady's probably aren't too keen about seeing her. Nicole says she has a place there. She is still Eric's wife and she has just as much right as anyone to be present. Caroline sees her and comes over, welcoming Nicole. She tells Nicole despite her and Eric's estrangement, she is welcome and that she is still part of the family. Caroline adds that she hopes their marriage works out. Nicole smiles and says that it all depends and they will just have to see how it goes.

Caroline agrees with Nicole and excuses herself to help Sami and Hope. Kate tells Nicole this is wrong as Eric gets off the elevator, which neither girl notices. he realizes he is on the wrong side but sees Nicole and Kate and observes intently. Carrie and everyone else has a right to know the truth about Evan. Nicole reminds her of how much hurt and pain this will cause Lucas, Austin, and Carrie. She also mentions others who could get hurt, particularly in her family as they will be forced to take sides since Evan's paternity is in question. She asks Kate if she is willing to risk all that. She adds that sometimes what seems right isn't really the right way to go. Kate then tells Nicole:

Kate: With or without me, the truth will come out and you will be lucky if you aren't lynched.

Kate then leaves Nicole as Eric watches and says:

Eric: Something is definitely going on there. The plot thickens...just what are you up to, Nicole?

Meanwhile, back to the bachelor party, Austin arrives just as Eric arrives to join the guys. Austin thanks all of them for coming and orders them all to relax and enjoy themselves. Austin thanks Lucas especially for being the best man and heading all this. Lucas says it's the least he can do and adds they are starting off with a blank slate. It's only right. Austin then makes the rounds to greet everyone as Victor worries about Philip and wonders where he went.

-In a kitchen supply closet, Philip continues his cell phone discussion with the MCF, who claims he or she can give Philip what he most desires. Philip, who is still drunk, doesn't understand and asks the MCF what exactly he or she can do for him. he also asks who the MCF is. The MCF tells Philip not to worry about who he is talking to and to just focus on what is offered to him. Philip asks the MCF why his or her voice sounds weird. The MCF, who is using a voice changer as usual, says that he or she has their reasons.

The MCF explains to Philip he or she knows everything about what he has gone through. He lost Chloe, his face and pretty much his identity, Belle, Claire, and now his family and friends don't give a damn about him. The MCF mentions how his own father, Victor, won't even lift a finger to help him yet he always runs to the aid of Bo and Maggie and others. Philip asks how the MCF knows all this. The MCF says to not worry about it and tells Philip he or she can help him get his revenge and the power he needs to get all that he wants in his life. He can have his innermost desires come true. A disoriented Philip thinks this is some kind of joke but the MCF assures him it's not.

Philip then lashes out, thinking it's some punk on the phone playing him for a fool. He tells the MCF to stop screwing around or he will call the police. Philip hangs up as a frustrated MCF realizes this may be harder then he thought, especially with Philip drunk.

Back at the bachelorette party, Bo arrives. Hope and everyone else is stunned. Caroline asks why he is there as she thought he was staying to look after the Pub. Bo says she left her other gift for Carrie and he thought she may want it. He gives it to her and says he is outta there. caroline grabs his arm and mentions to him that he may as well stay now that he is there. Bo refuses, especially after seeing Kim there and knowing Roman is on the other side. Caroline says it's time for the family to heal and begs Bo to stay and go to the bachelor party for her sake. This is a family celebration and she wants him to be a part of it. Bo reluctantly agrees, saying he can't refuse her and that this is for her. Caroline thanks him. Bo then heads for the bachelor party behind the curtain as he walks by Kim, who gets upset that he can't even look at her, and Hope, who is happy he is staying and hopes this somehow helps him open up to her.

Carrie then arrives and apologizes for being late. She admits she stopped on the 2nd floor to freshen up first. Sami tells her she looks fine, given all she has been thrpugh. Carrie thanks Sami for being her maid of honor and for helping their grandma plan the bachelorette party. Sami says she is just happy they can have a clean slate. Caroline then comes up and embraces Carrie, who then greets the rest of the women.

At the bachelor party, all the men are happy to see Bo. Bo warns them all that he doesn't want no questions as to how he is and all that jazz. He just wants to have a few drinks and hang around. He walks off as he coldly stares at Roman and ignores him otherwise. Roman privately wonders if things will ever be right for their family again. Jack asks Frankie and Doug what's up with Bo. Doug says he is acting very distant and no one knows why. Jack notes that isn't like Bo and wonders what is up.

Victor greets Bo and asks how he is. Bo says he's fine but doesn't want to answer questions. He just wants a drink and to haver a seat. He then leaves Victor and sees Will sitting by himself at a table. Bo sits down with him and asks if he is ok. Will says he just is bored and doesn't really want to be there. Bo says he shares that sentiment but says he did it for his mom. Will says he is doing it for his parents and the family too. Bo tells Will they can get each other through the night together, just like they have been helping each other the past few weeks. Will says he would like that.

As they see Bo with Will, Eric and Austin ask Lucas what that is about. Bo has never really had a strong bond or relationship with Will. Lucas says he isn't sure but hopes it somehow helps Will, who he and Sami are worried about. Lucas thinks that, perhaps, he heard from Roman or someone else that Will was having a hard time and is just trying to help. Eric and Austin admit they can see that. Sami then rushes over to get something from behind the bar that they ran out of. Lucas fills her in on Will being with Bo. Sami shrugs it off and says that she hopes whatever they are talking about helps Will through whatever he is dealing with that they don't know about.

Eric, remembering the scene between Nicole and Kate he witnessed earlier, says that while they are talking about secrets, he may be on to uncovering one. He explains what happened when he first arrived and how he saw Kate and Nicole in a heated discussion. Eric then tells Sami and Lucas:

Eric: Something is going on with Nicole and Kate. I am telling you...my wife is in involved in something up to her knees.

Eric mentions how this started with her going to Victor for something but he won't talk. He tells Sami and Lucas he feels he is right on Nicole's trail. Sami then realizes it's time for the parties to begin and then we see a montage of Carrie opening presents, Austin and some of the men having a toast and drinking to the future, and then a male stripper showing up for the bachelorette party and performing to exotic music and a female stripper showing up for the bachelor party and performing to exotic music. Both men and women go wild at their parties.

Meanwhile, Victor goes to search for Philip as the scene shifts to the supply closet where Philip is barely conscious. He recalls the words of the MCF and keeps repeating how they are some damn joke. He then calls himself a joke and a failure. While searching for Philip, Victor catches a glimpse of Belle. He goes over to the curtain and calls out to her. He reminds her that they must talk. Belle tells Victor that it needs to wait. It's her sister's bachelorette party. Victor tells Belle not to make him beg. He needs to discuss Claire and Philip with her and says:

Victor: I am afraid for my son, Belle. I think you are the only one that can help him. Please...can we just talk?

Belle reluctantly agrees and tells Sami she will be back as she walks off with Victor.

Will thanks Bo for sitting with him and being there for him. Bo tells Will right back at him. It's good not to be alone. They both smile. Max is hitting the bottle hard and Frankie advises him to cool it. Max says they should be watching the monitors and out there looking for Abby, Chelsea, and the MCF. Max nearly falls over and Frankie catches him. Jack comments on how this is yet another reason for him to not want Max around Abby anymore. Frankie tells Jack he is just upset but Jack insists that Max is a bad influence for his daughter and that is something he feels very strongly about. Jack apologizes and tells Frankie he doesn't want trouble as they are working together on the MCF investigation.

Roman overhears and asks them to repeat what they said . Bo then interrupts, getting up from his and Will's table, and sarcastically says:

Bo: Hey....Frankie and Jack....be careful. Big, bad Commander Roman Augustus Brady is on the beat. If you have some sort of investigation of your own, watch out. Roman won't like it. Heaven forbid if anyone upstage him. He always has to be the sanctimonious, holier then thou...

Roman: Hey!!

Bo: Hey what?! It's the truth. That is why you hate when those that aren't the authorities run their own investigations. Yeah, there are rules but's about you and being afraid someone is going to put the pieces together faster and beat you to the punch, huh? It's about the pride...the ego...you just have to be he one that pulls it all off. Am I right?

Frankie and Jack try to calm them but Bo says it's about time someone knocked him down a few pegs and there is something he has wanted to do for a little while now. Bo then hauls back and punches Roman as Frankie, Jack, Lucas, Austin, and Eric step in before a all-out brawl ensues as Will, Max, and Doug watch. Bo then says:

Bo: Now that felt good.

Back at the bachelorette party, Carrie is talking with Julie and seems distracted by something. She excuses herself and heads for the elevator, where a man is standing there with a manilla envelope. Carrie asks if she can help him and the man says he is looking for Carrie Brady as he has some DNA results for her. An anxious Carrie says that's her and signs for the envelope. She gives the messenger a tip and he leaves as Carrie says she will now learn if the connection she feels to Evan is more then just a feeling. She will find out if he really is her song, like she thinks he is deep down. She heads for the terrace for some privacy.

Meanwhile, Kate is on her way back from the ladies room when her cell rings. It's the MCF!! The MCF tells Kate they have a problem. Kate's face is one of terror and she asks what the MCF wants. The MCF tells her to go to the terrace. A bewildered and terrified Kate heads for the terrace while Nicole is at the snack table when Sami approaches her. Sami asks her what she has been up to. Nicole says she has been focused on Evan and that's it. She is going to put off returning to Titan for two more weeks. Sami asks if that's it. Nicole asks what she is getting at. Sami says she's right. She will just come out and say it.

Sami then asks Nicole to tell her the truth about what she is really up to or she will have to force it out of her. Nicole laughs as Sami says she will do it. She has ways of making someone talk and reminds Nicole that whatever she is hiding will come out anyway as secrets always do, something she found out the hard way many times. She tells Nicole to just admit it all now and save herself the time and trouble.

Carrie makes her way on the terrace and opens the envelope. Kate arrives at the terrace and sees Carrie there and asks the MCF what he or she wants her to do. The MCF says for her to just listen to Carrie. Carrie is reading over the DNA results and her face turns from one of nervousness to one of shock and then, finally, to one of elation as she says:

Carrie (with tears streaming down her face): Oh my God...Evan...Evan is my baby. The baby Nicole adopted is my son.

Kate overhears this and says that Carrie knows. The MCF admits that is what he or she was pointing out. The MCF says he or she knew Carrie was about to find out tonight and would've been able to stop it if he or she knew about the test but that didn't work out like that. Kate asks what she is supposed to do. The MCF tells Kate she needs to make sure Carrie doesn't talk...or else face the consequences.

Kate then looks at an overjoyed and tearful Carrie as the screen freezes on a split-screen of Kate and Carrie and then fades out.


Bo to Roman: I will never think of you as family again.

Victor to Belle: You are the only one that can do it, Belle. I think you are the only one who can save Philip from himself.

Philip to MCF: What do you want? Is this a joke? Why are you even calling me?

Maggie to Julie: I think we should tell the truth...right here, right now.

Carrie to Kate: You knew? You knew Evan was my son?!

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LOVED it! Loved it! Now it's time for a face off!

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