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The MCF is outside the Titan building, watching people go inside to go up to the Penthouse Grill for Carrie and Austin's bachelor and bachelorette parties.

MCF (with voice changer): Everything is going according to plan. Ernesto says that the girls are quite comfortable in their new surroundings and it seems they were quite shocked to see dear old Forrest there. Haha. Now...let's see. Cal and Katherine have married but I am not ready to focus on them yet. Ah...the young Kiriakis. He should be here tonight, I would think. God knows he is already drunk so he will be looking to drown his sorrows yet again.

The MCF then sees Philip arrive and notices his having trouble walking to the door.

Philip: Why the hell am I here? I don't give a damn about these people and they sure as hell don't care about me. None of them will help me. I'm losing everything and they are all going to party.

The MCF watches, listens, and says:

MCF: Hmm...the young Kiriakis is right where I want him. His current state of mind will be perfect for him to aid in my plan. This is so much better then the other way I was going to go about targeting the great Victor Kiriakis. Now...I just have to wait. Tonight...I will begin my plan...to lure Philip in. It will be like a seduction. I will tempt him with what he most desires until he gives in and does exactly what I want.

The MCF then laughs as he or she sees Philip enter the Titan building and get into the elevator.

MCF: This should be one fun and productive night. Just like the wedding will be tomarrow. All the chips are falling into place. The day of reckoning is coming. Soon, my friends. Soon.

The MCF laughs as the scene fades out on him or her and then fades into...



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