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May 2, 2007





-At the Green Mountain Lodge, Cal and Katherine's wedding reception is in full swing. Jed and Nora are dancing and so is the small gathering that was at their wedding. Cal and Katherine thank Rev. Stewart for presiding over their wedding. Rev. Stewart wishes them the best of luck in the future and leaves. Cal then asks Katherine if she heard that. He said their future. Cal tells Katherine their future begins today. It's the first day of the rest of their lives. They both smile and continue to enjoy their magical evening.

Later, Katherine tosses the bouquet and Nora manages to catch it. Jed also catches the garter. Cal and Katherine jokingly say they were aiming for them and thank them for everything. They don't think they would've made it to the altar without them. Jed and Nora wish them every happiness and encourage them to trust in their love, just like they do. Nora says she has a gift for Cal and Katherine. They both say she has given enough but Nora says this is special. Nora steps onstage as Jed tells Cal and Katherine how his wife is a glorious singer. He always wondered by she never made a career out of it but says, who knows. It could happen someday.

Nora steps onstage and says this is for a very special couple on their most special day. She then begins to sing There You Are-Martina McBride as we see a large montage of Cal and Katherine dancing, eating their wedding cake, and going up to their room where lit candles and a bed of roses await. Chamapigne is there too. Cal carries Katherine over the threshold and to the bed. She then goes into the bathroom and comes out in a beautiful negligee. Cal kisses her and slowly lays her on the bed as they make love with "There You Are" still playing.

-At the Kiriakis Mansion, Philip walks through the door, stinking drunk once again.. He goes into the living room, where he tries to get into the liquor cabinet. When he makes such a loud ruckus, Victor and Henderson walk into the living room and Victor asks him why does he feel the need to keep walking into his house blasted out of his mind. Philip tells him to shut up. Henderson takes that as his cue and leaves and then Victor walks over to Philip and grabs him, yanking him around to where they can face each other, man to man, and demands to know what did Philip to screw things up this time.

Philip says that Belle told him that he can't see Claire anymore, like Victor cared in the first place. He then also tells him that he got caught by Belle drinking at Salem Place so that may be his last chance to be a real father to his daughter. Victor tells him that a real man, and a real father, would not spend his time getting drunk in bars. He would tackle his problems head on and do what he needs to do to make things right in his life. And, Victor tells him, the one thing a real man wouldn’t do is blame others for their mistakes.

Well, a drunken Philip says, after listening to this speech from Ward Cleaver, he feels so much better now. It’s nice to get a lecture from one of the biggest mafia men in the world. He’ll remember this conversation.....if and when he ever gets his daughter back. Victor now feels that is his cue to leave as well and tells Philip that he hopes that, through his drunken haze, that he heard what he said to him. With that, Victor walks out and goes back upstairs.

Philip then quietly says to himself that he doesn’t need anyone and drunkenly stalks out of the house.

-At Salem University Hospital, Cassie walks into Stefano’s room. She walks over to his bed and stands over him, watching her grandfather and hoping that he wakes up. Dr. Glancy walks into his room as well and he tells Cassie that there has been no change since he came in. He is still non-responsive to any stimuli and, for all he knows, Stefano may stay like this for the rest of his life. Cassie thanks the doctor and then turns her attentions back to Stefano, telling him that she needs him now.

She fills him in on what she did to Abby and Chelsea and feels guilty as hell. She laughs, saying that guilt has never been a DiMera emotion, but maybe that says that it may be time for the DiMeras to change their thinking. Maybe it’s time, she tells Stefano, to give up all of the secrets and hate that the family has for the people of Salem and move on to bigger and better things. Cassie takes Stefano's hand and tells him that she wants her grandfather back and she will pray as hard as she can to make that happen.

At that very moment, when Cassie bends down to kiss his hand, it trembles. Cassie jolts back up and looks at Stefano, whose eyes have slowly started to open. Cassie screams for the doctor to come back into the room, as Dr. Glancy does. He looks over Stefano and takes his vital signs. Stefano opens his eyes up all the way and looks straight at Cassie, announcing that....

Stefano: It’s good........to be alive.

Cassie bends down and kisses her grandfather as Stefano hugs Cassie. He can move somewhat but the doctor tells him that it will take some time for him to get his strength back. Stefano tells the doctor that he has the strength of ten men, which makes Cassie smile broadly. Nothing, or no one, will keep him in that bed, much less that hospital. The doctor leaves to run more tests but tells Stefano he’ll be back later. Stefano says that he’ll be right there, catching up with his beautiful granddaughter. After the doctor leaves, Cassie grabs a chair and brings it near his bed, sitting down and smiling at him. Stefano just looks at Cassie, smiling as well, and asks her what has been going on since he has been out of commission.

Cassie fills him in on what the MCF made her do and Stefano tries to sit up in his bed, his anger and rage forcing him to overexert himself. Cassie tries to get him to calm down but he will have none of it. That person has done more than enough to him and his family and now is the time that the MCF knows the consequences of what happens to those who cross Stefano DiMera. On cue, those words bring Roman into his bedroom and causes him to ask The Phoenix.....

Roman: So, what magic potion did you take this time to bring you back from hell?

Stefano: (Looking at Roman) Ah, Commander Brady. Or is it Forrest Alamain? Or Father John Black? Romulus? Bruce Willis? Drake Hogestyn? You know, Roman, when you die they will have to put “To Be Continued....” on your headstone, just so everyone will get all of your names.

Roman: Well, I see getting shot and being near death did absolutely nothing for your sorry disposition. I’m surprised that there isn’t a henchman under your bed, breathing for you, since you can never do anything yourself.

Stefano: Commander, as you see, my granddaughter has come here to see me. Why don’t you run along and try to catch the bastard who shot me instead of standing here being the complete ass we all know you are.

Roman: You know, Stefano, when I do catch this person, and I will, I might arrest them for only one crime......not finishing the job they started on you.

Both men glare at one another as Cassie asks Roman to leave. After a moment, Roman starts to walk out but not before telling Stefano that they are not finished. Stefano remarks that they never will be as Roman stares at him as he walks out the door.

Stefano asks Cassie where Alexandra is and he asks Cassie to call her and let her know the good news. Cassie says that she doesn’t know where she could be and then Stefano says that she may have went off to find her father, Tony. Cassie looks at Stefano as he orders her to give him the phone. When she asks him what he is doing, he says that his daughter must be found. This MCF is on the loose, and if any harm comes to her......

Only God Himself can stop him from seeking revenge. Cassie’s eyes grow wide with fear as she sees a very determined Stefano stare off into the distance as the scene slowly fades to black.

On the cruise ship, Chelsea gets up off of the bed and slowly walks over to Forrest. She stands in front of him and stares at him. When Forrest asks her what is the matter, she tells him that there is a person who looks a lot like him. Forrest remarks that she may be talking about his wonderful brother, Lawrence. Chelsea confirms his comment, saying that she saw photos of him in the back issues of The Spectator. Forrest turns and walks away, saying that he is the last person he wants to talk about.

Both of the girls look at each other. Abby then speaks to Forrest, saying that she doesn’t know why such a rich man is being held prisoner. Forrest turns around and walks back over to the bed, saying that he doesn’t know where she got the impression that he was rich. She tells him that her father once was and that she knows the type. Forrest says that she is a very inquisitive young lady, which makes Abby smile, but also makes Chelsea roll her eyes and walk over to the window. All Chelsea wants to know, she says, is who has them, and how do they get out of there.

Forrest walks over to Chelsea, telling her that he has tried that more times than he can count and that there is no way out of this hell hole. He also tells both girls that the man who has them prisoner is named Ernesto Toscano. Abby and Chelsea say they both know who he is. Forrest is surprised. He says that he has been locked up there for quite some time and thought that Ernesto was just some mysterious nutcase who had a grudge against his family. He still doesn’t know why he’s there.

Chelsea tells him that, no matter the reason, they need to find a way out of there......before it’s too late.

What none of them know is that they are being monitored by Ernesto, who is sitting in a secret room watching them. He then receives a phone call, telling the person on the other end.....

Ernesto: Yes, yes everything is going according to plan. The girls are locked up with Mr. Alamain. No, no need to come out here. Our plans are going as scheduled. (After a pause) No one will ever suspect anything. Hell, they don’t even know whose behind any of this. I know. Leave that to me. When we are through with these two young ladies, their lives will never be the same.....

And Salem......will be left......in ruins.

Ernesto hangs up the phone as the scene freeze-frames on his face and the episode slowly fades to black.


Greta to Hope: Tell Bo the truth Hope. Before it's too late.

Belle to Philip: You deserve everything you are getting and more.

Philip to MCF (on the phone): Who are you?

MCF (with voice changer) to Philip: The person who can give you all that you desire.

Cal to Katherine: There is something I want to run by you but I'm not sure you will like it.

Billie to Jack: What if we never find them?

Chelsea to Abby (whispering): There is something off about this Forrest guy.


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