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SONBC's Return to Santa Barbara will be back this week with 6 Brand New Episodes, the first of which to be posted late tonight or Monday morning. Lots is happening this coming week, including part 2 of the family dinner in the next installment. Here's a preview of what's in store for the week:

Edmund continues to lavish Sophia with extravagance!

Edmund & Sophia play a game of cat and mouse with Augusta!

Santana leaves her patient for the memorial service!

Cruz's memorial service takes place!

Eden has a meltdown!

Kirk begins insinuating himself into the investigation.....and Eden's life!

Pearl has an update for Mason & Mary!

Maureen McCormick shows up in Santa Barbara!

Lily's torture of Angela begins!

Ric & Kelly share a moment!

Adriana turns to Steve!

Brandon exhibits behavior similar to that of his late father!

Also, to warn everyone in advance, RTSB will experience a brief hiatus the week of April 2, due to conflicts with work. 1 or 2 episodes will probably still be posted, but it certainly won't be a full week.

Don't miss this week's brand new episodes of RETURN TO SANTA BARBARA on SONBC.


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