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-Lucas and Maggie have it out outside the Pub about her stealing the whiskey from the bar. He takes it away from her and then finds himself tempted to take a drink. He resists and consoles Maggie, who breaks down in his arms. They hear yelling inside and learn of Caroline’s affair with Victor in the castle and her never telling anyone, including her husband. This worries Maggie since its yet another reminder that secrets always come out. Lucas tells her to calm down but privately worries along with Maggie about people learning about the drunken escapade Maggie and he had.

-Victor gets up after being hit. Roman lashes out at Victor. Caroline tells him to calm down, as does Bo. Roman asks if it was true. Caroline breaks down and confesses. Everyone is shocked. Victor urges everyone to blame him not Caroline. Roma attacks him again. Bonnie and Bo try to calm him. Caroline is shocked when Kayla, Kim, and Bo all understand that Victor and her did have a great love and its perfectly understandable that it would be rekindled given how they were in close proximity for so long. They also forgive Caroline for lying given Shawn’s Sr’s heart condition. It would not have been wise to tell him and she was merely protecting him and trying to keep the family together. Roman is shocked that everyone understands but then Sami steps forward and says she doesn’t. Victor reminds everyone that Sami never has liked him because he has always given her a taste of her own medicine and Sami is always one to gloat about other people’s faults. Sami is offended and walks out. Roman gets angry. Kim, Kayla, Shane, Bo, Hope, Abe, and Bonnie try to calm him but it fails. Roman throws a chair at the wall and says he will never forgive his mother for her betrayal of his father for a second time. Bo takes this as a dig at him but Roman says its nothing to do with him. Its has everything to do with how his mother can’t keep her hands off of Victor. He saw it happening on the island and now its manifested. He walks out in a rage with Bonnie in hot pursuit. Caroline is heartbroken. Victor decides to keep his distance and leaves the room. Kayla and Kim hate to leave now but they need to make their flights. They promise to visit. Kayla and Stephanie promise to to visit after her modeling gig in Paris is over and Kim and Shane promise they will bring Andrew and Jeannie around more often. They say goodbye to everyone. On the way out, they see Roman all alone and say a heartfelt goodbye to him. They beg him to forgive Caroline but he is too angry to listen. Her embraces them all and tells them he looks forward to seeing more of them. Shane tells Roman, Bo, John, and Abe he will keep in touch. Before getting in the taxi, Shane tells John there is rumblings in the Dimera organization about something big going down and to watch his back. John takes the warning as someone continues to watch him.

-Abe and Celeste decide to leave. She says there is still one more secret that needs to come out and that there is danger on the horizon. He says they need to get home to Theo. She agrees and they leave as she stares at everyone in the rest of the room grimly. Lexie leaves too and is clearly agitated by Abe and Celeste’s closeness.

-In Statesville prison, we see Tony in a high security cell. We then see a guard that turns out to be Bart in disguise. Bart is happy to see him and informs him of how the boss’s plan is in action regarding Chelsea and Will. They won’t be back in Salem anytime soon. He also says he has Patrick locked up and still is hanging his secret past over his head. Tony is pleased but wants out of jail. Bart says it will happen soon. Tony gets angry and says that soon is not good enough-his father needs to get him out now before his revenge plans are put into action. Tony says that he has covered for his father and has made everyone believe that he killed Stefano when in reality he is very much alive. He kept the Dimera empire going until he was imprisoned and almost completed one of the grandest plans by any Dimera when he had so many beloved Salemites trapped on an island at his mercy. Bart says he will inform the boss of Tony;s impatience and will let him know when the escape will happen. He leaves as Tony tells himself that he doesn’t believe Stefano plans to get him out due to his disappoints of him so he will need to find a way out himself. He decides its time to reveal some Dimera secrets that will shake up many in Salem, but not before he uses them to get him out of prison. He laughs and says he is now on the path out of prison and back into the world.

-Eric comforts Caroline and says he will be there for her now that he is back. Caroline is happy but wishes Eric would stay away from Nicole. She is bad news and Victor can testify to that. Eric says that he thinks Victor is bad news too. Caroline mentions Nicole’s misdeeds and how she tried to kill Victor. Eric is aware of them and says she lost her way but now is on the path to finding it and he will be there with her to help. He says that he needs her and with everything else going on it makes him need her even more. Bonnie comforts Roman and tries to calm him down. He lashes out about his family being in shambles. She forces him to go back inside with her but he tries to leave again. She urges him to talk to his mother. Marlena and Belle comfort Caroline. Belle gets jealous when Mimi and Shawn come over and Caroline seeks more comfort from Mimi then her. Marlena tells Belle to think rationally and to stop overanalyzing everything.

-Jen, Frankie, Max, Abby, Alice, Doug, and Julie all wonder where Maggie is. Maggie and Lucas decide to go back inside before anyone notices they are gone. Lucas sneaks the bottle of whiskey back behind the bar, which Sami sees and she now wonders if Lucas has fallen off the wagon. The Horton’s are happy to see Maggie is ok. They still want to know if more is going on with her. She says she is fine and worriedly stares at Lucas. Meanwhile, Austin wants to pick up where Carrie and his discussion left off. He wants the truth about her right now. She tries to walk away and says that if he doesn’t know by now what he did then he shouldn’t know and she shouldn’t have to tell him. Nicole hears this and tells Austin she knows what is going on. Sami comes over and so does Lucas. Nicole says that Lucas knows it too and that the reason why Titan pulled out of the race for Highstyle was because of Carrie. Victor is there and hears this too and wants to know what is going on. Nicole tells Austin that Carrie is the CEO of Highstyle and that is why she is mad at him and why Lucas pulled out. It made him look good to Carrie only she found out he knew and was using it and that is why she moved in with her grandmother and out of Lucas’s. Austin and Sami are stunned, as is everyone else. Roman grabs Austin and wants to know how he could hurt his little girl. Victor is mad at Lucas too for letting other things get in the way of business. Meanwhile, the mystery man is watching Sami, Carrie, Lucas, and Austin from outside the pub. The screen then focuses on Carrie in tears with Roman holding Austin by the neck. We then see a split screen of Carrie crying and a stunned Austin as the screen fades to black.

On the next Days...

Kate comes face to face with someone from her past in Paris. The mystery man is revealed and commits a shocking act. Carrie and Austin have a huge face-off ending with Austin realizing he has lost her. Lexie is stunned when she comes face to face with Bart who blurts out Stefano is alive. She demands to be taken to him. Roman breaks Caroline’s heart. Something shocking interrupts a special moment between Eric and Nicole.


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