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2/7/06 (short episode today-just montages and eulogies so since I am behind I decided to give an outline of what happened since its hard to given this won’t be onscreen even though I wish it would be and if it were it would be a 2 hour show)

-Belle, Shawn, Mimi, Billie, John, Marlena, and Hope give eulogies for Claire. We then see a short montage of Claire’s short life set to the song "Baby Love.”

-Caroline, Kayla, Kimberly, Shane, Abe, John, Marlena, Shawn, Carrie, Bo, Sami, Hope Frankie, Max, and Roman give eulogies for Shawn Sr. Bonnie comforts Roman who almost breaks down but once again stays strong for the family. Caroline breaks down at the alter and nearly spills her secret. Victor shocks everyone when he gives a eulogy for Shawn Sr. Caroline looks at Victor lovingly afterwards which unnerves Roman. Rex gives a eulogy as well and speaks for himself and Cassie. We then see a montage of flashbacks of Shawn Sr set to some Irish step music, something Caroline says Shawn Sr would want since he was always happy and wanting to celebrate.

-Sarah, Melissa, Don, Bill, Alice, Mike, Laura, Lucas, Jen, Frankie, Marie, Tommy, Jessica, Hope, John, Doug, Julie, Marlena, Shawn and Bonnie give eulogies for Mickey. Bonnie sees Maggie and embraces her in an emotional moment and apologizes for everything. Its time for Maggie, who has been silent and just coldly staring at the caskets through the whole service, to give her eulogy. She mentions not writing one and then speaks of Mickey. She then goes on into a long rant about her role in his death, along with Shawn Sr’s, and nearly comes close to mentioning the night of Zach’s hit and run which makes Lucas nervous and Sami on the edge of her seat. Caroline stands up and insists its not her fault, as does Lucas and many others. Maggie then breaks down hysterically as maintains its all her fault and that she should be punished for everything. She collapses on Mickey’s casket and pounds on it, which nearly tips it over. All this worry and mourning is tempting Lucas to drink as he constantly thinks about that during the service. Maggie thinks about it too but somehow keeps her mouth shut about it. Maggie sits down with Melissa and Sarah and we then see a montage of Mickey (mostly John Clarke’s) set to the song “Amazing Grace" which is sung by Chloe. The montage ends with a procession to the cemetery where everyone says final goodbyes, including Caroline and Maggie and Belle and Shawn to their baby. Shawn comforts Belle as Claire’s casket is lowered into the ground. He then goes back to Mimi as John and Marlena hold Belle as they move to the other end of the cemetery with Bo, Hope, and everyone else for the other burials. Victor tries to comfort Caroline but she backs away and stares at him coldly prompting him to pull back. Maggie blames herself once again and says to Mickey that she failed him. She goes off again and begins to pound at the casket but Bo and John pull her off as Marlena, Hope, Jen, and Julie stand near her and Caroline as the caskets begin to descend. Maggie says goodbye softly but then goes into hysterics again while Caroline quietly breaks down as her children comfort her as the Horton’s and Melissa and Sarah do for Maggie. We then get an overhead shot of all the mourners as the screen goes white then black as “Amazing Grace” continues to play and the show ends.


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