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David Tom Joins the cast. More Arrivals..



TOM joins GL:TB as Shayne Lewis

Y&R vet David Tom joins GL:TB as Josh Lewis's prodigal son, Shayne Lewis. However when Shayne returns, things will not be as they seem. "Since leaving for Bosnia, Shayne has changed into a dark and cynical man, one reminiscent of Robert Newman's Josh Lewis under Douglas Marland's tenure. Shayne will become quite the man in the board room at Lewis as he gets more involved there." states EP/HW Michael Allen. Tom debuts in episode 36.

OLTL vet Erin Torpey will debut in episode 36 as Reva and Josh's daughter, Marah Lewis. "Torpey takes on the role of Marah in the midst of her character joining the big boys at Lewis. There will be quite a storm brewing between Shayne and Marah in the upcoming months. Marah will also serve as one of Olivia Spencer's few friends in Springfield." teases EP/HW Michael Allen.

With news of Torpey's arrival, insiders are hinting that Sam Spencer's return isn't far behind.

Joshua Casaubon joins the show as Ji-Min's shady assistant, Trent Spencer. "He's the kind of guy that gives you goose bumps whenever you see him. He will not be good news for Olivia, who wants nothing but out of her new marriage to his boss." states EP/HW Michael Allen. Casaubon debuts in episode 36.

GL is looking to cast the role of Benjamin "Ben" Reade. Unlike what occured GL, on GL:TB, Ben left for Baltimore to oversee the Stoddard Foundation, a foundation honoring his mother Maeve Stoddard. Ben will arrive in Springfield in quite the shocking way.


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