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Episode #301 - Monday, February 5th, 2007:

  • Peter Blake and Sami Brady come face to face as he is transferred into the jail cell next to her!
  • Georgia recalls the horror of Will’s seizure when he mixed her amphetamines with alcohol.
  • Will remains, fighting for his life.
  • Rae swears she has seen test results very similar to the Austin and Carrie’s. She wonders if she has encountered a poison case like this.
  • Time is running out for Austin and Carrie.
  • During the middle of the night, the Fury sneaks into the hospital to make sure Austin and Carrie will die!
  • Bo, Andy, and Steve are determined to track down the Fury at any cost! Bo is convinced Stefano is behind the Fury, but he also says Marlena’s weird behavior cannot be discounted.
  • While unconscious, Will recalls struggling with his homosexuality and how to tell his parents. He remembers telling his parents, and then he remembers his gay bashing attack. He also flashes back to meeting his parents’ “friend” Alan Harris. He recalls how Alan courted him.
  • Once alone, Sami lashes out at Peter telling him that she blames the Dimera’s for ruining her life! She says if Stefano didn’t cause her to have such a screwed up childhood, she would never have turned out like this, and she would have had a normal life! Peter says if he remembers correctly Stefano had nothing to do with her raping her sister’s boyfriend or any of the dozens of other plots she’s done that he can’t even remember. Peter asks Sami what she is in here for. Sami flashes back to Will confessing to her that he thinks he killed Alan! Sami remembers how she vowed to take the fall for Will.
  • Will remembers how Alan seduced him and used him as revenge against Sami. He begins to remember what happened the night Alan was killed. Will remembers having a terrible fight with Alan.
  • Sami tells Peter that Jack is her friend, and she won’t soon forget the awful things he did to Jack and Jen! Peter calls Sami a hypocrite, saying he acted out of his love for Jen which is exactly Sami did with Austin. Peter reminds Sami that Austin and Jen were very close, and he knew Austin very well, as a result. Peter accuses Sami of ruining Austin’s life!
  • While unconscious, Will remembers leaving Alan on the pier…alive! Will flashes back to how he went back and found Alan’s body…bloody and dead! Then he remembers how he had blood on his hands and clothes.
  • Eric recalls his shocking kiss with Kristen.
  • Sarah is sick of seeing Melissa so miserable! She tells Melissa she needs to get over Frankie, but Melissa says their love was real.
  • Jack is with Billie when he hears from a source at the Spectator there is a big lead on how Peter Blake might soon be getting out of prison! Jack is furious, and Billie comforts him. Bo enters, and he is shocked to see “Jillie” in a compromising position - once again!
  • Hope is afraid of tipping off the Dimera’s on her way back to Salem so she decides to take an alternate route back to the United States!
  • Kristen reunites with Stefano back at his hideout, and they celebrate exposing John’s secret to Marlena and causing an even bigger rift between them! Kristen gets a call from Peter’s lawyer saying Peter has been moved from a maximum security prison to a jail downtown, which means Peter is very close to being released!
  • Hope convinces a Fisherman who runs a huge fishing ship that she comes from a very wealthy family from the United States. She tells him she will give him a small fortune if he lets her join his boat on its way back to the states. The fisherman agrees, but he has ill-intentions. He tells the deckhand how he plans to have sex with Hope at any cost!
  • Rae remembers a case from her residency that involved the same poison used on Carrie and Austin! She calls her old hospital and has them send over the file.
  • Peter asks Sami once again what he has done to land herself in here. She refuses to say, but a cop overhears, and he informs Peter that Sami stole her sister’s baby and made her think it was dead. He says she also killed a man - her former rapist!
  • Will begins to regain consciousness!
  • Time is running out for Austin and Carrie.
  • The Fury is enraged when it seems Rae is going to save Austin and Carrie. The Fury wrenches his/her fists in anger and lets out a befuddled, angry moan.


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I like the Sami and Peter interaction, it sounds just like them. I hope Austin and Carrie are going to be ok, especially now that they have Roman back!

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