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Episode #267 - Tuesday, December 19, 2006:


    Click here for today’s them music: Crosses by Jose Gonzalez.

    • The Horton’s return home to the house. Maggie and Melissa are still in disbelief of what has happened.
    • Kate and Victor decide to ruin Belle Black! They feel this is the best way not only to get revenge on her for breaking Philip’s heart, but also, to help him regain custody of Claire.
    • Will visits Sami in prison. Will tearfully confesses that although he can’t remember, he fears he shot Alan. Will says he remembers fighting with Alan over finding out Alan raped Sami all of those years ago and how Alan seduced Will as a way for revenge against Sami. Will says he remembers arguing with Alan and then he remembers standing over Alan’s bloody body, and now the murder weapon was found in the apartment! Will tells Sami that he must have killed Alan! Will says he won’t let Sami take the fall for this.
    • Maggie, Melissa, Alice, Bill, Julie, Mike, Doug, Jack, Laura, and Abby recall their favorite times of Mickey and Jennifer and try to find some solace in what has happened.
    • Shawn and Belle make love and recall their childhood crushes on each other and their teenage romance.
    • Greta opens up to Eric about Frankie.
    • Frankie continues to support Melissa over her father, Mickey.
    • Max tells Abby that he wants to be with her, as well, despite the baby he is having with Cassie. Cassie overhears and panics.
    • Billie and Jack mourn Jennifer and grow closer than ever before.
    • Sami tells Will to leave the jail and never mention any of this to anyone. Will says he overheard Lucas and Sami fighting and that he’ll never be able to forgive himself if he is the reason they break up for good. Sami tells Will to keep his mouth shut and let her take the fall for this. Will tearfully agrees.
    • Bill tries to offer Lucas some advice on Sami, but although Lucas agrees he shouldn’t forgive Sami for killing Alan and ruining their future together, he doesn’t like hearing it from his deadbeat father. Lucas tells Bill to leave his life alone.
    • Kate and Victor plot the downfall of Belle Black and Shawn Brady as a couple.
    • Jeremy and Mike have a talk about Jeremy’s destructive behavior.
    • Kristen recalls her night of hot sex with Eric while she spies him and Greta talking. Kristen says how it is all part of her big plan to ruin Marlena’s life!
    • Marlena seeks guidance from Dr. Rae Choi.
    • Shawn and Belle talk about their plans to regain custody of Shawn Brady III (Trey) and raise him and Claire as a family.
    • A grief-stricken, Julie lashes out at Billie and calls her a whore. She says that she has stolen Bo from Hope and now she’s after Jennifer’s true love, as well. Julie tells Billie that she will NOT have it.
    • Kate visits Sami in jail. She cackles and takes much pleasure in seeing Sami like this. Sami lashes out at Kate, who says that Sami has finally, finally lost! Kate tells Sami she has finally lost Will and Lucas and that she couldn’t be any happier about it if she tried.
    • Alice begs Bill not to leave town so soon. But Bill says that he must.
    • Billie tells Julie that she has misunderstood on many levels. Billie says that Bo and Hope’s marriage fell apart because he lied to her about Chelsea not being the true Georgia and how Hope lied to Bo about being married during her time as Princess Gina. Billie says their marriage disintegrated on its own, and she had NOTHING to do with it. She also says she is simply comforting Jack and how their relationship is NOT romantic. Julie tells Billie to wake up and see the way that Jack looks at her. Julie calls Billie a home wrecking whore. Billie slaps Julie! And Bo walks in the room in time to see it!


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Who the hell does Julie think she is? Jennifer is dead, you old b!tch! If Jack wants to move on with Billie he can.

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