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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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  1. 1. Which Character Do You Prefer?

    • Kendall
    • Greenlee


-Marlena faints when she sees Samantha Evans, her twin sister and then Samantha tries to wake her up.

-Bonnie tells Jan that no matter if she doesn’t go jail that Shawn and Mimi will be together forever and there isn’t a thing she can do to break them up and then Jan says that she will regret that she said that and then she grabs Bonnie by the hair and a cat fight ensues.

-Lexie screams when she sees that she shot Tek and then she quickly shuts the door to her office and then she checks to see if Tek is alive or not.

-When Sami wakes up she asks Austin what Nicole is doing back and Austin says that she has come back to work with them again and then Sami asks Nicole if she can speak with her privately.

-As Jennifer and Frankie go down to get Jack’s medicine as the mysterious woman sneaks into Jack’s room while he is asleep.

-Marlena comes to and is shocked to see Samantha and says that she can’t be alive and that the Salem Strangler killed her.

- At the Spears mansion Lilly is preparing for her dinner with Max and then when she walks into the living room she has a flashback of her mother calling her worthless when she was five and saying that she was glad that Lilly was going to boarding school.

-As Jan and Bonnie fight Bonne tells Jan that she might just go into another coma if she keeps messing with Mimi and then Jan says “I don’t think so but you might” and then she kicks Bonnie so Bonnie goes through the door to the Brady Pub just as someone is walking out and then Shawn, Rex, Cassie, Mimi and Caroline looks to see Bonnie just getting up off of the floor and then Shawn sees Jan standing right outside!

-Sami pulls Nicole out into the hallway of her apartment and she whispers to Nicole that she was not supposed to be here and then she tells Nicole that she got her that nice fine job in New York would leave Salem and then she asks Nicole why she came back and then Nicole answers that she got bored there and that she couldn’t let Sami or Carrie get their hands on Austin.

-Lexie screams when she doesn’t get a pulse and then she says to herself “I killed Tek.” and then she says that she knows just who to call to help and then she says “I can’t believe I am doing this”.

-At Sami’s apartment she comes in after talking with Nicole and she hears her cell phone ringing and when she answers it she hears Lexie’s voice saying “Sami get down to the hospital right now or your future with Austin will be over” and then she hangs up so Sami wonders what that was all about so she quickly runs out of the apartment and gets in her car and drives off towards the hospital.

-Shawn sees Jan and then he yells “JAN?!” and then he runs outside and grabs her by the arm and asks what she is doing here and that she is supposed to be in a coma and then Jan tells him that she is back and then Shawn tells her that he knows about the cage and Victor so he is calling the police right now and then Jan says no and that she has changed and the cage wasn’t her fault.

-Samantha says that she is alive and well and she says she can explain how.

-The mysterious woman pulls a needle out of her pocket and says “Do not worry Jack” and then she injects it into him.

-Lilly sees a picture of her mother so she breaks it and then she says “I am glad Jan killed you” and then she leaves the Spears Mansion.


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