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Episode 153



Jessica gets frustrated when she learns that her client ocunt has went down between the time Ben joined the cult and now. Ben cheers her up by suggesting they go out for dinner, but Jessica sits at home debating what to do about her weak client count. Meanwhile, Andy and Emily come across John in Java and make all steps to avoid him, which at one point..get kind of humorous. John finally sees the two and makes clear to them that if they wish to not speak to him...have at it. But they'll need him one day. Across town, Barbara shows up at Susan's to cause trouble. Susan explains what happened and that she fears she might have been the reason Hal died. When leaving, Barbara reveals a tape recorder and says to herself that he has Susan right where she needs her. Across town at Mike and Katie's cottage, a mysterious stranger continues to watch them. Mike hears something and immediately goes to look. They are both shocked to see Jason Summers, a big name in Hollywood, standing on their front porch.


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