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July 4, 2006



-John, Shane, and Greta continue the search for Belle. They are soon ambushed by island guards. Greta manages to get away and John asks her to get help.

-Eric, Nicole, Celeste, and Bonnie are still in a cave awaiting word on the others. The want to know what Celeste meant earlier about everyone being alive. Celeste says that everyone that has died-all their loves ones are alive and on thsi very island. It has happened again. No one wants to beleive it but since it happened once it could happen again, especially with the Dimeras. Bonnie's flask is empty and she wonders how she will get through all this without a drink. Nicole says she has been asking herself that same question. Eric clutches his head in pain. Nicole asks what is wrong and he says it is a mere headache-no doubt from hitting his head. Nicole is still worried about him and him being so secretive. Celeste overhears and warns Nicole that hard days lie ahead for Eric and all those that love him. Nicole asks what she means. Celeste says that Eric's secret will cause much pain for those that love him but that is all she knows. Nicole wonders what is going on and is determined to learn Eric's secret. Meanwhile, Bonnie is bored and without a drink. She is fed up and decides to go see if she can find someone on the island to give her a little something. Surely they wouldn't want to hard a poor, defenseless damsel like her. She sneaks out. Celeste, Eric, and Nicole wonder where she went. Celeste says that Bonnie is on her own journey-one that will lead her to a joyous surprise.

-Hope is still trying to figure out how to help Chelsea. She uses water from the stream to help the fever but Chelsea is worsening. Hope prays to all her loves ones and to Bo, Shawn, and Zach to help her. She then sees a angelic vision of Zach:

Hope: Zach!?

Zach: Mommy! Mommy? Chelsea is sick!

Hope : I know sweetheart but mommy doesn't know what to do.

Zach: You have to help her mommy, You can do it!!

Hope: Honey, I don't know what to do. Mommy is trying.

Zach: Mommy you can do it. You can! You can!

Hope: I wish I knew what to do but I will keep trying for you and for your daddy.

Zach: Daddy loves you mommy and he misses you.

Hope : I miss him too big guy but he is with you and your brother and everyone else we love now. You all all angels and you will watch down on us.

Zach :I'm an angel mommy but daddy is with you and so is Shawn.

Hope: No, honey, daddy and your brother are with you.

Zach :Mommy you have to help Chelsea. She's my big sister and I love her.

Zach begins to run away. Hope chases after him.

Hope : Zach!! Zach don't go!! Zach!!

Zach disappears and Hope finds a tree with some weird-looking leaves on it. She flashes back to the last time they were on Melaswen and Tony used some sort of sap to help Jennifer who was bleeding out. Hope wonders if she can find that sap and it may help Chelsea by stopping the blood. She would then just have to deal with the infection. Hope realizes that Zach visited her to remind her about the sap by leading her to the tree. She thanks Zach and says she promises to save his sister. Hope soon returns to Chelsea and extracts the sap from the branch of a special tree and gives it to Chelsea orally. She prays it will work.

-Victor continues to try to save Maggie. He is helping the fever along with stream water but she is failing. Maggie begs Victor to just let her go to Mickey and all her loves ones but Victor won't give up. Maggie is needed on earth so she can continue to help others and brighten the lives of everyone she meets. Victor also recalls when Tony helped Jennifer by way of the sap when they were on Melaswen the last time. He tells Maggie to stay put and he will be right back. Victor soon returns and is able to extract the sap and he gives it Maggie and hopes for the best.

-Lexie tries to break through the cave wall to get to Sami. Meanwhile, sami makes her way down the staircase and finds herself in some catacombs underground. Apparently, this is to serve as an emergency escape route for the Dimera's in case something should happen like the last time on Melaswen. She makes her way through the catacombs and still can't find a way out. It is like a maze. Meanwhile, Lexie finally gets through the same door Sami did. She finds another torch and begins to make her way through the catacombs.

-Greta searches for help and tries to make her way back to the cave where Eric and the others are but gets lost. She finds a hatch on the ground near a rock and wonders what is is. She opens it and finds it leads into the catacombs. A curious Greta enters wondering where and to who this may take her.

-John and Shane manage to defeat the guards on their own and now worry about Greta and hope she can make it back to the others. John decides that Shane and Him should split up in order to avoid getting caught and to cover more ground. They keep on contact by radio as they split up.

-Greta makes her way through the catacombs and hopes she has not made a mistake. She decides to turn back now and go get John and Shane to tell them about what she found but she is lost and can't find the way she came. She realizes she must keep going and, with torch in hand, makes her through the tunnels.

-Lexie is making her through underground too. She doesn't realize she is on camera nor do Sami and Greta. Bart sees it and tells Stefano and Andre. Stefano says leave them be-as long as they don't find the secret rooms down there with my secret files there is no harm. In fact, they will just walk into his trap and he will be reunited with his beloved daughter who he has great plans for.

-Sami, who manages to get temporarily out of the camera's range, is frustrated as the tunnels go on and on. She bangs her hand against a wall and the door slides open to reveal a hidden room full of books, a desk, a computer, and file cabinets. Sami enters the room and the door closes. The camera doesn't notice her get in the room nor does anyone else. She walks around the room and opens the cabinet. She realizes she has found the Dimera secret files and sees there is a file on all Dimera enemies past and present-including the Brady's. She searches on the computer and learns that all the Dimera secret files are also available on the computer also. She wonders what she may find among the files and decides to check them out as the screen fades to black.

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A pretty good episode with a very good ending. I'm starting to like what you're doing here. Catacolms, secret rooms, mazes, computer disc, files, and Stefano DiMera. Good story telling.

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