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-Lexie asks Hope if she is sure that Hope wants an paternity test done and Hope says she must because she wants to know as soon as possible who the father is.

-Lucas asks Carrie what is wrong while he thinks about why she said Austin and Carrie tells him she needs to get to the Hospital fast because something is wrong with the baby.

-Chelsea tells Patrick he is not her boss and she can go to a bar if she wants and that if he thinks she is telling him why she went he is an idiot.

-Shawn says to Mimi that she deserves better than him and she says “Not after you find out what I have done” and runs out.

-Lucas hurries to get Carrie to the hospital and as he drives a car gets right in front of him so he crashes

-Patrick starts to say something to Chelsea but she asks what he is doing there in the first place and he says that he was just upset and then he drags her back to his house.

-Lexie tells Hope she can do the test in a week if she like and Hope agrees and leaves the hospital.

-Mimi runs into a mysterious woman on the roof of her apartment and asks what is she doing here.

-Someone sees the accident and calls 911 and when the paramedics arrives Lucas is waking up and he asks if Carrie and the baby will be alright and the paramedics say that they do not know about the baby but Carrie has a faint pulse.


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