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DAYS #157: Nicole finds the gun, Jennifer reaches out to Liam





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


8TXGAKf.png d95ur8g.png
Liam sits upright in Jenn's bed, as Jenn stands over him, arms folded, still dressed in overalls in preparation to paint Liam's house.


LIAM: I'm sorry. Jenn, I didn't mean--
JENNIFER: You said it wasn't like before when we lived together. Now, I know that you and I never lived together, so the only thing that can mean is that you're fixating on your ex-wife again.


Liam tries to interject, hoping to stop Jenn from becoming even more agitated.


LIAM: Jenn--
JENNIFER: No, just stop, Liam. Okay, you have got to let go of the anger feel toward her.


Liam stops himself from speaking. Instead, looking down as Jenn continues to speak.


JENNIFER: You know, I held onto my anger when I thought Jack left us in Africa. I thought he just...disappeared on some walkabout, and

I kept that anger for years. It made me bitter, and...and...miserable.


Liam looks up at Jenn, as Jenn sits down on the edge of her bed, and looks tenderly at Liam.


JENNIFER: But I realized that that anger and that bitterness was just making it impossible for me to...to move on with my life. 


Jenn takes Liam's hand in hers, she holds it close to her chest.


JENNIFER: You have so much generosity in you. I've seen that in how you've handled JJ, and the way you are with Abigail and I. Liam...don't lose that because you're still holding onto this...this rage within you from what happened with your wife before.
LIAM: Jenn, I'm not, I'm--
JENNIFER: No. You are. I can tell. Just...let me help you, we can talk to my mom, she can refer you--


Liam cuts Jenn off, something approaching terror in his voice as he almost jumps out of the bed.


LIAM: No no no, I am NOT talking to your mother about this. Okay?


Jenn looks on, confused and disappointed by Liam's strong reaction.




RmmvEqJ.png PP3hz7S.png
Eric sits on a park bench, deep in thought. As he sits, silently, staring off into space, Noelle walks by, a tray with two coffee cups in her hand.


Stopping a moment, she looks down at Eric, who barely notices she's there.


NOELLE: Rough night?


Eric looks up at Noelle, a troubled look on his face, before looking back down.


ERIC: Could say that.
NOELLE: Well...if you wanna talk about it, I'm here.


Noelle sits down beside Eric on the bench, a thoughtful smile on her face as she does. Eric remains looking away.


ERIC: Not much to say really. Just got a lot on my mind.
NOELLE: This is...not how I expected you'd be acting the day after your wedding.
ERIC: Yeah, same here. But then, I didn't expect my bride to spend our wedding night in her office working on a news story. 


Noelle puts her hand across Eric's shoulders, giving him a comforting hand, before reaching over to pull one of her cups of coffee from the tray.


NOELLE: Well...it looks like you haven't slept much. So...here. Triple Shot Espresso Caramel Macchiato.


Eric looks over as Noelle extends the coffee cup to him. Reluctantly, he takes it.


NOELLE: It's supposed to be for Alex, but...I can always double back to the Java Cafe and get another one.


Eric looks down, before taking a sip. He manages a faint smile.


ERIC: Thanks.

NOELLE: Don't mention it. So...where's Nicole now?


Eric looks out again, before shrugging, and turning to face Nicole.


ERIC: To be perfectly honest, I have no idea.




Nicole rings Will's doorbell, and stands outside Will's door, waiting to be let in. She's anxious as she waits.


Will opens the door, and ushers Nicole into the apartment.


WILL: Hey Nicole.


Closing the door behind her as Nicole steps in, Will stands by and offers a hand to Nicole.


WILL: Can I take your coat?


Nicole looks back, smiling as she sets herself down on the sofa.


NICOLE: So polite. You sure you're Sami's kid?


Will is momentarily amused by Nicole, before quieting down quickly again. He shrugs sheepishly.


WILL: I guess I get it from my grandma.
NICOLE: Let's go with that.


Will nervously steps toward the kitchen area.


WILL: Did you ah...did you want anything? Tea? Coffee?
NICOLE: No. No, I'm fine. Thanks. I don't really have that much time. Just...I had some things to go over with you regarding Nick.
WILL: Right. You said on the phone. I a...


Will sits down on the sofa next to Nicole, looking at her in an attempt to be firm.


WILL: I ah...as I said, I can't tell you much about the inner workings of my job, since...a lot of what I work on is pretty confidential, but...
NICOLE: That's fine. Look, I know this isn't going to be pretty but...Sami found out that Nick took over as CEO at Titan, and...she basically gave me license to bulldoze Nick. At all costs. 


Will looks at Nicole seriously. A bit worried about what she would say next.


WILL: Okay.
NICOLE: So...what that means for you, then...(sigh) your press releases for EnerNext. They were...from what a lot of very reliable sources tell me, heavily biased, and the sources you used were, can I say, flat out wrong.


Will tenses somewhat, responding slightly more curtly.


WILL: I used the data I was given, nothing more.
NICOLE: I figured as much. 


Nicole looks down, sighing as she continues.


NICOLE: Will, I'm not trying to...hurt your career or throw you under the bus, but...your press releases may be a big part of my report tomorrow night, and...are you going to be okay if you're implicated in this?


Will looks up at Nicole, worried and slightly confused by Nicole's question.







Jordan sits in her office, playing with her engagement ring. As she stares at it, her mind wanders to the night Sheryl and Jordan had their falling out. Sheryl's words haunt Jordan.




Jordan stands in Sheryl's office, and looks down, arms still folded in discomfort as she tries to hold herself back. Sheryl looks on, standing behind her desk. Jordan sighs heavily, as she wordlessly listens to Sheryl’s emphatic words.


SHERYL: You can pretend like you have this great future with Rafe, Jordan, but we both know that once we launch that virus tonight, the ISA and the Salem PD are going to be onto us, and you and I will have to leave town and take on a new identity. There’s no way out Jordan. Even if you back out now.




Jordan snaps back to reality thanks to a knock at the door. Jordan adjusts herself, trying to clear the mist from her eyes as she calls out.


JORDAN: Ah, come in!


Maxine steps into the office, a patient file in hand. Maxine announces her arrival as she spots Jordan's emotional expression mid-sentence.


MAXINE: Morning, Honey. I brought...your patient files.


Jordan clears her throuat as she reaches her hand out to take the files from Maxine, who gives Jordan a stern, concerned look.


JORDAN: Thanks, Maxine.
MAXINE: What's wrong.
JORDAN: Nothing.


Maxine sits down in the guest chair across Jordan's desk. She folds her arms expectantly.


MAXINE: Come on, Girl. Out with it. You are engaged to be married to the man of your dreams. So why you been crying?


Jordan sighs, knowing Maxine won't back down.




Jennifer stands up from the edge of her bed, watching as a frustrated Liam begins to get dressed, incensed by her suggestion that he seek therapy.


JENNIFER: Liam, I wasn't implying you go to therapy with my mom, I just...


Liam turns around suddenly after having put a t-shirt on, the simmering rage in his voice.


LIAM: No, you just think I'm crazy.
JENNIFER: I do not. I just...I know what it's like to feel betrayed by someone you love. Okay. Jack....isn't the first person who's let me down, I mean...I was married before to a man who broke my trust in so many ways, I can't begin to go into it. He...he abused my trust for...for years before I finally realized what he was really like.


Liam looks at Jenn, almost feeling heartbroken as he listens to her speak. He becomes more and more tense as she continues, trying to hold in his rage.


LIAM: Jenn, please, don't--
JENNIFER: ...And I thought I couldn't trust anyone ever again after that. But...I had family that loved me, and a man who was patient with me, and loved me enough to take his time and rebuild my trust.


Liam tries desperately to hold it together, as Jenn looks lovingly at him.


JENNIFER: Jack was that person for me after Peter hurt me so badly. I want to be that person for you, Liam. 
LIAM: I...


Jenn walks over to the other side of the bed, and puts her arms around a tense Liam. She holds him tenderly, and he reluctantly embraces her, all the while holding in so many emotions, but finally being unable to hold in a tear.


JENNIFER: Let me be that person for you.


Liam breathes deeply, suppressing his anger as he embraces Jennifer.




Noelle sits with Eric on the park bench, as they enjoy their coffees. She looks interested as Eric tells her about his wedding.


ERIC: So once my mom and Sami knew I wasn't backing down....well...they took the hint.
NOELLE: Right, but...I mean, obviously that's gonna cause a huge rift between you and your family. I mean, I don't know Nicole well but it sounds like your family's...I mean, they have their reasons not to like her.


Eric sighs, looking down at the ground as he speaks.


ERIC: I know. Doesn't mean they have any right to judge her. As though she's completely incapable of personal growth.
NOELLE: Well, some people change, a lot don't.


Eric looks up at Noelle, who holds Eric's gaze. Noelle smiles, as Eric holds his serious look.


ERIC: I've known Nicole a very long time, and...in our time working together at St. Luke's...I saw a change in her. A huge change. It's...it's almost impossible to describe. But...I'm worried she's slipping back.

NOELLE: What do you mean?
ERIC: I mean since she's been working on this story...it consumes her. I understand it's an important story to tell, but she behaves as though nothing else matters. She tells me she loves me, and I believe her, but it's almost as though she's working to...protect our relationship somehow. As though us being together would somehow destroy what we've built. 


Noelle looks at Eric, her expression thoughtful.


NOELLE: That sounds...complicated. Are you sure it's not just a...temporary thing. I mean, you said yourself, the special airs in a day or two. I've known some people who work in the news and when a big story's about to break, it eats a lot of their time.


Eric shakes his head, getting up from his seat, and beginning to pace in front of the bench.


ERIC: No. No, there's....there's something different about this. And I can't put my finger on what it is. Even how we got married felt strange. I...admit, I raced into it, but...
NOELLE: But you felt a kind of...pressure?
ERIC: I don't know. Maybe. I just know something is wrong, and I can't get Nicole to tell me what it is.


Noelle stands up from the bench, and puts a hand on Eric's shoulder in comfort. Eric turns his head to look at Noelle, still looking pensive.




Will paces in front of the sofa, where Nicole is still sitting.


WILL: Nick didn't commission the report, Nicole. I mean, if anything, he's trying to stop the EnerNext project.
NICOLE: I know that. I'm actually hoping to get him to commit to an interview on air tomorrow night. Hopefully catching him live on TV, he won't be able to escape the questions. 


Nicole pauses for a moment. Will stops and turns to look at her as she continues.


NICOLE: But we all know Nick is...extremely volatile.
WILL: Especially lately.
NICOLE: Oh I realize! Believe me. We don't know what he'll come out with, and...since you were the one whose name is on those releases...you may be putting your writing career at risk if he names you as being responsible for the report. I want you to be prepared for that.


Will looks on, thoughtfully, though uncomfortable with what could potentially happen.


WILL: Thanks for the head's up. Gabi, Sonny, and I...we've been preparing. Nick can be...extremely dangerous.


As Will finishes the thought, Ari begins to cry from the next room. Nicole is startled for a moment, as both her and Will suddenly turn to look into Gabi's room, where Ari is sleeping in the crib.


WILL: I should...
NICOLE: Yeah, go! 
WILL: Just, ah...sit tight, I'll be back in a sec.


Nicole nods, a faint smile on her face as she watches Will dart into Gabi's bedroom, closing the door behind him.


As he does, Nicole gets up from the sofa, and makes a beeline for the desk by the front door. Ever-so-quietly sliding open the middle drawer, Nicole searches for whatever information she can.


As she flips quickly through, one eye on the door, and one on the papers in Will's desk, she sees nothing. Quickly, she closes the top drawer and opens the next drawer to the right. 


Her mouth opens, as she spies the pistol EJ has left for Gabi. 


Pulling it out, Nicole looks over toward the door, before holding it up, nodding slowly.


NICOLE: Well, that's one way to be prepared, Will.


Nicole chuckles to herself as she holds the gun up right in front of her face, giving a wry smile as she studies it like a preserved artifact.




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