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DAYS #154: Anjelica moves in...at 1am, Sami gives EJ hell





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


8fxuDEk.png NO1SJYT.png
Gabi looks at the bottle of pills in her hand, as she stands in her apartment, watching Nick lie on her sofa, in severe pain from his headache.


She sighs, as she contemplates her options.


Without a word, Gabi turns back toward Nick's jacket, to put the pills back in, and thinks about opening the desk drawer, containing the gun she was given by EJ.


Behind her, Nick lays on the couch, writhing in pain, pleading with Gabi.


NICK: Ga....Gabi! My pills, please...please.


Gabi looks back momentarily, seeing a sweating, wincing Nick on the sofa, before turning back to the desk. Her face hardens into a cold glare, as she opens the desk drawer, and slowly pulls the gun out.


NICK: Gabi...please...


Gabi holds the gun up, just out of Nick's line of sight, as she raises it up to just in front of her face. She breathes in deeply, as she turns arounds, and points the gun at Nick.


NICK: Gabi...Gabi, what are you doing?
GABI: I'm stopping you. You've hurt me for the last time, Nick. 
NICK: Gabi, wha...stop....no, Gabi!


Gabi looks at Nick, almost laughing as she cocks the pistol. Her voice becoming increasingly emotional.


GABI: You'll never hurt another person I love, ever again.

NICK: Gabi! Don't--




Nick's eyes widen as the sound of the gun silences all other sounds in the room.




Gabi's face remains like a stone as she fires the gun again.




And again.




A moment passes before Nick collapses on her sofa.


Gabi lowers the gun. Breathing out in sweet release of all her lingering tension and fear.




PP3hz7S.png 8JqCj1T.png

Noelle walks into her bedroom, where Alex lays in their bed, reading. She's in her nightgown, and heads over to her vanity. She looks at her husband via the large mirror of her vanity, as she puts moisturizer on her face.


NOELLE: You know I'm proud of you.


Alex puts his book down, looking curiously at Noelle by way of the same mirror.


ALEX: For what?
NOELLE: For letting Anjelica stay here.
ALEX: Yeah, well...it's not like I wanted to. Just...it didn't seem right to have her in town and not...at least...offer.


Noelle turns to face Alex, smiling.


NOELLE: You were under absolutely no obligation to offer her a place to stay. I mean, I'm sure your dad would've been a lot happier if she weren't here.


Noelle sits on the edge of their bed, as Alex sets his book on the nightstand beside him. He sighs, clearly gearing up to have a serious chat with his wife.


ALEX: My dad forgets that a lot of years have gone by since they were in the same room last. I mean, look at how Uncle Vic's changed in that time.


Noelle looks at Alex, somewhat dubious of his commentary of Victor.


NOELLE: How do you mean?

ALEX: I mean, like...I bet you if you'd asked my dad whether he'd expected Victor to be running a legit media company and married to Maggie Horton all those years ago, he would've keeled over laughing. You know?


Noelle's face relaxes, as she shrugs acceptingly.


NOELLE: Touché. 
ALEX: Either way, I just...I'm not totally convinced my mother's not up to something. But...I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.


Noelle looks at her husband, smiling as she puts her hand over his, squeezing it gently.




Downstairs, Henderson opens the front door to the Kiriakis mansion, as a procession of luggage carts wheels into the foyer. After the third and final cart is pushed through by Anjelica's staff, Anjelica appears, walking hastily through the door.


ANJELICA: Just down that hallway, boys. There's a service elevator at the end at the left.


Anjelica looks up at Henderson, smiling as she passes by him. Henderson closes the door behind Anjelica.


ANJELICA: Thank you, Henderson! Tell Maggie 'thank you' for her hospitality.
HENDERSON: I ah...I think the person you should be thanking, Ms. Deveraux is your son.
ANJELICA: Oh, I intend to. Ah, Henderson, regarding meals. I need you to remind cook that I'm on a very strict gluten-free diet. Breakfast I'm going to need at 6:30am sharp, daily. No exceptions. Two eggs, scrambled or poached, and they MUST be free range. I CAN tell the difference.

HENDERSON: Ah...duly noted.
ANJELICA: Wonderful. I'll be heading to my room, then.


Henderson looks at Anjelica, stopping her just before she turns to head out of the room. Henderson appears visibly uncomfortable asking, but he stammers out his question, regardless.


HENDERSON: Ah...Ms. Deveraux, if you don't mind my asking...how long are you intending to stay here at the house?


Anjelica smiles defiantly, almost cracking herself up as she responds to Henderson's worried question.


ANJELICA: Oh, gee. I'm really not sure. Could be just a few days, but...(shrug) I guess you'll just have to wait and see, won't you? 


Anjelica beams as she takes off down the hall, following her staff to her room. She slyly waves back to a befuddled Henderson.


ANJELICA: Goodnight!







XpzwY1b.png YtWN1ZI.png
Adrienne lays in bed next to Justin, stirred by a rustling sound outside their bedroom door. She shakes Justin's shoulder, rousing him from his sleep.


ADRIENNE: Justin. Justin!
JUSTIN: Mmm Adrienne, I can't tonight, I've got work in the morning...


As Justin drifts back to sleep, a sudden thud in the hallway forces his eyes open wide.


ADRIENNE: Justin, someone's there.
JUSTIN: (sigh) I'll go check on it.


Justin angrily throws the covers off, as he dozily gets up from his bed, and saunters over to the bedroom door, as the sounds continue.


Justin throws open the door to discover Anjelica and her team in the hall of the Kiriakis mansion, loading her plethora of luggage into the bedroom directly across from them. Justin sighs, irritated by her presence.


ANJELICA: Okay, now one more trip and I think we've got it all.


Anjelica turns as she hears the creak of the door, and smiles broadly as she spots Justin's tired, annoyed, and squinting face.


ANJELICA: Justin! I hope I didn't wake you.
JUSTIN: You did. And probably half of Salem.
ANJELICA: Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to. We just had to get our things in here as quickly as possible. You know, I was SO excited to stay with you all here, I just couldn't wait.


Justin looks on, bleary eyed, boiling with anger but too tired to react to it.


JUSTIN: I'm sure you couldn't. Just...how much longer will you be?
ANJELICA: Oh, I don't know, as I was telling Henderson, I don't really know how long my stay will--
JUSTIN: I meant in the hallway, Anjelica. I have meetings in the morning.


Anjelica checks her watch, smiling smugly all the while.


ANJELICA: Oh of course. Silly me...ah...another 20 minutes?


Justin looks back, a pained expression on his face.


JUSTIN: (sigh) Right. You know, Anjelica...I'm sorry about earlier.
ANJELICA: Oh, don't even mention it, Justin. I know how difficult this would be for you and Adrienne, but...I think, in time...
JUSTIN: In time you'll be gone, Anjelica. Don't think this is going to be a long-term stay, and don't get too comfortable.


Anjelica smiles, amused by Justin's statement.


ANJELICA: Well, Justin, I have to say that your hospitality is very lacking.
JUSTIN: It isn't, usually. You're just special.


Anjelica's expression begins to sour as she responds.


ANJELICA: I'm touched.
JUSTIN: I'm doing this for Alexander, Anjelica. Not for you. Don't push your luck around here, or I will change my mind. Have a good night.


Justin closes the bedroom door, leaving a sour-looking Anjelica behind in the hallway, before the turns back toward the car, following her team to get her last pieces of luggage from the car. Anjelica casually pulls her cell phone from her pocket and begins texting as she saunters down the hallway.




Noelle emerges from the kitchen of the Kiriakis mansion, holding a glass of water as she walks through the living room toward the foyer, heading back upstairs to hers and Alex's room. She jumps as she stumbles upon Anjelica in the foyer. Trying to quietly get her attention,


Noelle whispers out to her, as Anjelica hits 'send' on her text message.


ANJELICA: Can I help you?


Noelle grabs Anjelica by the arm and pulls her into the living room. Turning the lights on, Noelle shuts the double doors to the living room, and quietly asks Anjelica a question.


NOELLE: Did you get ahold of Nick or not?
ANJELICA: He's not answering, so I sent him a text.
NOELLE: Of course. He needs to know Victor's awake before he does anything drastic.
ANJELICA: Well, I know that. That's why I sent him a text. Even if he's so focused on wooing that drip Gabi Hernandez that he's ignoring his phone, at least he'll see the text, and hopefully, he'll govern himself accordingly.


Noelle shakes her head, as Anjelica smiles, and turns back toward the double doors, heading back out toward her car.


ANJELICA: Now go back to your husband and stop stressing out about everything. Everything is going just fine.


As Anjelica leaves, Noelle folds her arms, not quite as convinced as Anjelica.


NOELLE: You say that now, Anjelica, but I have a feeling things are about to get really messy around here.




khWXGnW.png 7JaExJB.png
Sami stands opposite EJ, her hair soaked from having been caught in the rain. She hastily ties her hair back into a pony tail, all the while seething at what EJ's just confessed to.


SAMI: You bought Gabi a GUN?


EJ shrugs, unable to back out of what he's just admitted to. He attempts to calmly explain his motives.


EJ: Samantha...I was concerned that with Gabi's situation, that Nick would attempt to do something to her again. Or maybe try to take Arianna. I didn't want them to feel powerless when dealing with a loose cannon like Nicholas.
SAMI: Then you install a security system. You hire a bodyguard, or have a PI follow them around. What you don't do is have a deadly weapon in a home with a toddler in it, EJ.
EJ: Samantha, don't you think you're being a bit hypocritical living in this house and lecturing me about keeping weapons in the home.


Sami rolls her eyes, holding her hand up to stop EJ from continuing.


SAMI: Whatever, EJ. Don't even start with me on this. You're putting my granddaughter and my son in harm's way.
EJ: I am trying to protect them.
SAMI: And it's not going to work. Trust me, EJ. This is gonna backfire. And when it does, I'm gonna blame you.


EJ looks at Sami, shaking his head at her stubbornness.




Gabi stands, facing Nick. She drops her arm holding the pistol EJ gave her drops to her side, as she looks on, a mix of shock and relief as she looks at Nick bleeding to death on her sofa.


Nick gasps out his last breaths, as he holds his blood-soaked chest.


NICK: Gabi....I...wh...why? I loved...I loved you....


Gabi looks on, seemingly unaffected by her act of violence.


Gabi watches as the life fades from Nick's body, and a sickening smile appears on her face. She begins to laugh, quietly at first. Then it builds into a hysterical laugh, almost victorious, only broken by Nick calling out to her.






Gabi snaps back to reality, as she realizes Nick is still on her sofa, screaming out in pain from another severe headache. Gabi turns to face him, seeing him writhing in pain, and kicks into gear.


Gabi hastily tears into Nick's bag, and pulls out his cell phone. Curious, she stops a moment, and slyly checks his lock screen. Spying a message from Anjelica, Gabi looks on intrigued by the message.


Victor awake. You need to move into the house ASAP for our plan to work. Call me when you get this.


Confused momentarily, Gabi swipes quickly to hide the notification, then quickly hides the phone back in Nick's bag and digs out his pills, as she hears Nick moaning in pain on her sofa.


Gabi walks quickly over, and hands Nick his pill.


GABI: Get up, I'll grab you water. You sleep in my bed tonight.


Gabi helps pull Nick up from the couch, as he objects, holding his head.


NICK: Gabi, you sure?
GABI: Don't argue with me, Nick. I'm worried about you.


Nick sighs, nodding slowly.


NICK: So am I.


Gabi steps over to the sink in the kitchen, and pours Nick a glass of water to take his pill with. She turns around quickly, mothering Nick.


GABI: Here, here, here, take the pill.


Nick swallows the pill and downs the water. Gabi grabs the glass and lays it in the sink, before guiding him to her room.


GABI: Come on, let's go. 


Nick stumbles, as the pain cripples him, but he manages to find his way to Gabi's room, as she helps prop him up.



In her room, he lays down, and closes his eyes, hoping to fall asleep quickly. Gabi stands over him, deep in her own thoughts.


GABI: (voiceover) What was that text about, Nick. And what does this Anjelica woman have to do with everything?


Gabi looks on, disturbed, before turning back away from her room. She turns the light out before closing the door, leaving a slowly-relaxing Nick on her bed.




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