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Ex-"Another World" Star Joins The Cast!



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That's right! The role of Ava McClain has finally be filled! After much hype from a previous article about Greg Ziobrowski joining There's Always Tomorrow as the soap's new Executive Producer, soap fans have been clamoring to know who is going to fill the role of Judith's sister, Ava. Some of the actors who auditioned for the role were Sarah Brown, Carrie Genzel, and even Christine Tucci. But, no audition struck the Executive Producer and Creator/Head Writer (Casey Hutchison) quite like Alicia Coppola. After a short deliberation period, the duo just knew that they had to give the role to Alicia!


Soap fans may know Coppola from her work on soap operas, such as, Another World and The Young and the Restless. Alicia is set to debut as Ava McClain in Episode 30.


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