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  1. boldfan01 added a post in a topic 2016: The Directors and Writers Thread   

    He's been in the US credits every day, starting Dec 14. 
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  2. boldfan01 added a post in a topic 2016: The Directors and Writers Thread   

    Correct. Jack Smith has been a script writer at B&B for the last few years
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  3. boldfan01 added a post in a topic 2016: The Directors and Writers Thread   

    B&B: Mark V Pinciotti first listed as writer in all credits on Feb 1
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  4. boldfan01 added a post in a topic 2016: The Directors and Writers Thread   

    In the 2015 thread, I had mentioned that the CBS on air credits for B&B showed Mark Pinciotti listed as a writer every day since late December. The CBS.Com/International credits still don't list him.
    Last week, Heather Tom tweeted a picture of the script for the next episode she's directing (tape date, Feb 3, Air Date March 14). It lists Bell, Minnis, Pinciotti and Patrick Mulcahey as writers. So I guess Mark is part of the writing staff now if his name is listed on the script. I wonder when it will show in the CBS.Com/International credits?
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  5. boldfan01 added a post in a topic 2016: The Directors and Writers Thread   

    Maybe that's why Casey Kasprzyk was promoted from producer to supervising producer in 2014? It seemed odd that B&B, which originally had only one supervising producer until Ed Scott came on board, suddenly went to three in 2014. If Rhonda let Brad know her intentions back then, promoting Casey could have been a succession plan.
    In a recent interview with Brad Bell at the end of 2015, Michael Fairman asked Brad to tell him about the B&B Production team.

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  6. boldfan01 added a post in a topic B&B - December 2015 Discussion Thread   

    Between scenes on Tuesday and the "bonus scene" - elongated scene made for airing outside the US, where the show runs longer - for Thursday, they sort of explained why the larger Forrester family wasn't at the mansion on Christmas Eve. On Tuesday, Steffy and Thomas mentioned that Ridge and Caroline wouldn't be there for Christmas Eve, but would be at the big bash for the immediate family on Christmas Day - which, per the bonus scene, Pam was busy cooking for with Charlie on Christmas Eve. Eric originally expected Rick and Ivy to be there on Christmas Eve until they made plans to go to Hawaii and Cancun, respectively. Liam and Wyatt were probably invited because of Steffy and Ivy - and I guess Eric decided to invite Bill and Katie, too, since Bill's sons would both be there.
    That's the running gag that Stephanie's portrait falls off the wall when Eric kisses a woman - like Taylor or Quinn - in its presence. Brooke asked for permission, and she and Eric both paused and waited - and when the pic didn't fall, Eric said he thinks they're OK.
     Brooke kind of backed away from Jack when Nick became involved with Bridget again. Bridget kind of became the mother figure to Jack when she and Nick got married - and then Nick and Bridget divorced and Nick just disappeared one day, never to be seen since. Jack is probably with him, and who knows whether he and Brooke ever talk these days,
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  7. boldfan01 added a post in a topic B&B spoiler   

    While Maya as transgender and Jack/Marco aren't new, they were both stories that rolled out after the last Brooke/Bill/Katie story ended. Outside of some interaction during the drunk Brooke story, Brooke/Bill/Katie was pretty much done late last year, when KKL took time off for Italian Dancing with the Stars.
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  8. boldfan01 added a post in a topic 2015: The Directors and Writers Thread   

    I was wondering the same thing about his title. Like you, I thought I recalled that B&B eliminated the breakdown writer position a few years ago, leaving just Brad, the co-head writer(s) and the script writer for that day from that point on.
    Associate writer sounds right to me since he's listed every day. Maybe he's doing some of the work on outlines and continuity that Kay Alden used to do when she was co-head writer?
    I seem to remember a gap when Kay Alden left where the CBS credits were updated before the international ones. Guess we'll see if his name shows up in the International credits soon.
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  9. boldfan01 added a post in a topic 2015: The Directors and Writers Thread   

    Has Mark Pinciotti joined the B&B writing team?
    I was watching live today and noticed his name in between Michael Minnis and the script writer of the day. When I watched on CBS.Com later (to catch some scenes I missed during a local newsbreak), I didn't see Pinciotti's name.
    I went to my DVR and it looks like Pinciotti has been in the CBS credits every day since Dec 14.
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  10. boldfan01 added a post in a topic B&B Episode Counts: November and Year-to-date 2015   

    Even with so little happening, they get a lot of airtime for that small bit. Like it took 4 days for Liam to plan his proposal to Steffy and then actually propose. Then you have all of Steffy's conversations with Wyatt, by phone or in person. All that adds up.
    Sadly, in 11 months, he's appeared in less episodes than Thomas has for just a few months out of the year, Carter has become Zende's sounding board - and with Zende only on 8 times in the month (including the Thanksgiving episode), it's no wonder Carter's so seldom on. If and when Liam and Steffy manage to get married, Carter will probably get a few more episodes.
    Yeah, he had a last name from the time the character was cast. A funny thing about that was last Thanksgiving, when whoever writes the viewing guide descriptions for the show must have forgotten the name. The listings for the 2014 Thanksgiving episode called him Charlie Baker - which was the name of Lt. Baker's son - and not Charlie Webber. Ooops!!!!
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  11. boldfan01 added a post in a topic B&B - May 2015 Discussion thread   

    No, Stephanie offered to put her entire 25% in a trust, to be distributed to Thomas upon her death, if he lied to Ridge that he had slept with Brooke on the island. Thomas already had 5% that Ridge had given him, so Stephanie's 25% would make Thomas the largest single stockholder at 30% once she died. (She kept saying he would have a majority, but that was not true).

    Stephanie named Taylor as the trustee of the trust, although she regretted that after the island lie was exposed. Ridge wanted Thomas to transfer that stock to Thorne, Felicia and Kristen, Stephanie's rightful heirs, but Taylor, as trustee, decided to reward her son for his lies and punish Stephanie for hers by not allowing the stock to be sold.

    After Stephanie died, Thomas was ready to have the shares in trust distributed to him, but Pam had fetched a video that Stephanie left in a safe deposit box and brought it to the meeting. In the video, Stephanie explained that she had a sharp guy in legal go over the by-laws, since her father always left backdoors and loopholes to protect himself. The lawyer found a clause in the by-laws that said the original financier of the company - Stephanie, since her dad put the company stock in trust for her when he gave her and Eric the money to start the business - had the right to choose the next CEO when she passed, and to transition that right to her successor. She used that right to name Eric the next CEO and give him her 25% instead of Thomas.
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  12. boldfan01 added a post in a topic B&B - May 2015 Discussion thread   

    That's correct. It was originally 25% each to Stephanie, Eric, Ridge and Taylor. Eric had to give Donna 12.5% in their divorce, which she sold to Spencer. Taylor gave her 25% to Steffy to make Steffy feel wanted after the video tribute fiasco, and Ridge gave 5% to Thomas since Taylor had given her entire 25% to Steffy. Stephanie's 25% was originally in a trust to be given to Thomas after her death, but some made up by-law provision from when the company was founded let her renege on that and give her 25% to Eric instead.
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  13. boldfan01 added a post in a topic B&B - May 2015 Discussion thread   

    At least in Brooke's case, that's because of Steffy and her "all Logans must be destroyed" attitude at the time Steffy got the company back. Steffy insisted that "Forresters only" would be included in her REST holding company, even though Brooke did more to advance Forrester in a day as CEO than Taylor did in her entire time married to Ridge. (And Taylor wasn't a Forrester, either, or even married to one like Brooke was). And then Taylor gave that 25% to Steffy to make Steffy's wounded heart feel all better when Ridge didn't believe Steffy hadn't planned the Brooke "tribute" that exposed Brooke and Oliver's "Pose" boink. (Steffy didn't really plan it, but 25% of the company as a "Mommy will make little Steffy feel all better" gift was a bit much). Similarly, Thomas' 5% was more of a "sorry your mom forgot you and gave everything to your sister, here's a bone" gift from Ridge than recognition of his accomplishments. So the only thing that Rick and Brooke not having stock says is that Steffy didn't want them to have it.
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  14. boldfan01 added a post in a topic B&B - May 2015 Discussion thread   

    Depends on...

    Might be hard since her mother is dead. Maybe Ghost Darla tells her to forget about a Forrester shoe line and go hit up "Aunt Sally's" connections in Europe or something? Or maybe Thorne knows a shoe manufacturer in Paris, and Darla advises Aly to get Dad to help launch the line?
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  15. boldfan01 added a post in a topic B&B - May 2015 Discussion thread   

    Since Schae Harrison is coming back soon for another visit, I would guess Ashlyn is recurrning. Not much use for Ghostly Floating Head Darla without her daughter in some need of advice from Mom.
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