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    No, Stephanie offered to put her entire 25% in a trust, to be distributed to Thomas upon her death, if he lied to Ridge that he had slept with Brooke on the island. Thomas already had 5% that Ridge had given him, so Stephanie's 25% would make Thomas the largest single stockholder at 30% once she died. (She kept saying he would have a majority, but that was not true).

    Stephanie named Taylor as the trustee of the trust, although she regretted that after the island lie was exposed. Ridge wanted Thomas to transfer that stock to Thorne, Felicia and Kristen, Stephanie's rightful heirs, but Taylor, as trustee, decided to reward her son for his lies and punish Stephanie for hers by not allowing the stock to be sold.

    After Stephanie died, Thomas was ready to have the shares in trust distributed to him, but Pam had fetched a video that Stephanie left in a safe deposit box and brought it to the meeting. In the video, Stephanie explained that she had a sharp guy in legal go over the by-laws, since her father always left backdoors and loopholes to protect himself. The lawyer found a clause in the by-laws that said the original financier of the company - Stephanie, since her dad put the company stock in trust for her when he gave her and Eric the money to start the business - had the right to choose the next CEO when she passed, and to transition that right to her successor. She used that right to name Eric the next CEO and give him her 25% instead of Thomas.
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  2. boldfan01 added a post in a topic B&B - May 2015 Discussion thread   

    That's correct. It was originally 25% each to Stephanie, Eric, Ridge and Taylor. Eric had to give Donna 12.5% in their divorce, which she sold to Spencer. Taylor gave her 25% to Steffy to make Steffy feel wanted after the video tribute fiasco, and Ridge gave 5% to Thomas since Taylor had given her entire 25% to Steffy. Stephanie's 25% was originally in a trust to be given to Thomas after her death, but some made up by-law provision from when the company was founded let her renege on that and give her 25% to Eric instead.
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  3. boldfan01 added a post in a topic B&B - May 2015 Discussion thread   

    At least in Brooke's case, that's because of Steffy and her "all Logans must be destroyed" attitude at the time Steffy got the company back. Steffy insisted that "Forresters only" would be included in her REST holding company, even though Brooke did more to advance Forrester in a day as CEO than Taylor did in her entire time married to Ridge. (And Taylor wasn't a Forrester, either, or even married to one like Brooke was). And then Taylor gave that 25% to Steffy to make Steffy's wounded heart feel all better when Ridge didn't believe Steffy hadn't planned the Brooke "tribute" that exposed Brooke and Oliver's "Pose" boink. (Steffy didn't really plan it, but 25% of the company as a "Mommy will make little Steffy feel all better" gift was a bit much). Similarly, Thomas' 5% was more of a "sorry your mom forgot you and gave everything to your sister, here's a bone" gift from Ridge than recognition of his accomplishments. So the only thing that Rick and Brooke not having stock says is that Steffy didn't want them to have it.
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  4. boldfan01 added a post in a topic B&B - May 2015 Discussion thread   

    Depends on...

    Might be hard since her mother is dead. Maybe Ghost Darla tells her to forget about a Forrester shoe line and go hit up "Aunt Sally's" connections in Europe or something? Or maybe Thorne knows a shoe manufacturer in Paris, and Darla advises Aly to get Dad to help launch the line?
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  5. boldfan01 added a post in a topic B&B - May 2015 Discussion thread   

    Since Schae Harrison is coming back soon for another visit, I would guess Ashlyn is recurrning. Not much use for Ghostly Floating Head Darla without her daughter in some need of advice from Mom.
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  6. boldfan01 added a post in a topic February 23-27, 2015: Y&R/DAYS Up in Women 18-49 Demo   

    The press release is talking about the entire February sweeps period. B&B had 4.1 m last week, but they had 3.71m the week before that and 3.88m the week before that. If the 4 week average was 3.97m, they probably topped 4 m for the week ending 2-27 as well.

    No mention of the demos, so we will have to wait for Toups to post this week's numbers to see how the soaps fared with the different demo groups.
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  7. boldfan01 added a post in a topic B&B - December 2014 Thread   

    Yes, B&B excels at remote shoots, and they make use of the locations they have available to them, between family homes and CBS Television City, to frequently give us those realistic touches like Liam and Steffy's weddings, Hope's fall, Caroline's tumble from Bill's balcony, etc. I'm guessing the rooftop scene with Quinn today is another redress of the CBS building roof, which typically is used for Il Giardino and the Sky Lounge. The directing team knows how to make use of those location to make it look real.
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  8. boldfan01 added a post in a topic B&B Cast Photo Question: Who is this?   

    Depending on when the photo was taken, KKL might have been in Italy. I have seen some past photos, like one from 5-6 years ago, where Susan Flannery and Ashley Jones were both unavailable for the cast photo, so they used a stand-in wearing the correct outfit for placement and then edited in the actresses' heads after.
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  9. boldfan01 added a post in a topic B&B - December 2014 Thread   

    Yes, Brooke's house is Brad Bell's house, just as the Forrester mansion is his parents' home, Katie's mansion is Bill Bell Jr's, Liam's cliff house is Brad Bell's place in Malibu, and the Spencer Aspen retreat is Brad's Aspen getaway. Originally, the show used to use just the exterior facades, but since they have done location shoots for exteriors over the last few years, we've gotten to see the actual yards and balconies on screen.
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  10. boldfan01 added a post in a topic B&B - October 2014 Discussion Thread   

    Ridge told Katie on Friday, Oct 16 that Caroline had a crush on him, and that he considered using that crush to get Caroline to continue to team with him as the "dream team" Eric wanted to run Forrester. That was also when Katie told Ridge she wasn't OK with him using Caroline that way, since it seemed like a Bill-type tactic to her that a "good" man like him just wouldn't do. (I guess she doesn't know all the times Ronn Moss' Ridge tried to stab his own family or Brooke in the back).

    Of course, even when he told her he had ended things with Caroline, he still hasn't told Katie about his kissing Caroline yet, hence her telling Donna it was just an innocent crush that was over and done with. Wonder who will get to break the news to her? Ridge? Rick? Maya?
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  11. boldfan01 added a post in a topic B&B Episode Counts: August and Year-to-Date 2014   

    They do have first names, at least - Brendon and Rachel. At one point, Rachel had indicated in an interview after her third or fourth appearance that her character was going to be named Julie, after Julie Chen, but it never showed up on air, and then in later appearances, both her and Brendon were referred to by their real first names in character.

    I guess whether they would give Rachel more to do would depend on whether she can carry the workload of anything more than handling drinks. I haven't seen any other acting from her besides the B&B guest spots when they do something at Bikini or at a club, so I can't say if she can or not.
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  12. boldfan01 added a post in a topic Old/Classic B&B discussion&articles   

    B&B has always kept their sets stored away well, in case they have to be reused. They have a few that stay up all the time - the Forrester mansion and the FC executive floor used to be kept "up" all the time back in the day, although I'm not sure if that's true today when the mansion is seen less frequently. The others come and go as needed for the story, although they try to use a specific set for multiple episodes these days to keep from having to break down and put up sets too often.

    I guess they could have just kept the Cafe Russe set "in the box" and just not used it anymore, so it was kind of nice that they actually worked its exit into the story.
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  13. boldfan01 added a post in a topic Old/Classic B&B discussion&articles   

    Insomnia was also a hangout for the younger set for a while, when Macy and Grant bought the place, late 1997-early 1998. Katie worked there as a waitress, and Amber, Rick and CJ used to hang out there around the time Jacob Young first came on as Rick. That set came and went over the years until it became Dayzee's, although who knows how often we'll see it now that Kristolyn Lloyd is only recurring and is headed east for work.

    They also had a country western bar in late 1996-early 1997, the Canyon Country Club, but that disappeared after it served its purpose in the Taylor/Ridge/Brooke/Grant quadrangle.
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  14. boldfan01 added a post in a topic Old/Classic B&B discussion&articles   

    Yes, it happened, although it was actually March 25-26 in 2010 when Cafe Russe made its exit. Ridge and Brooke had dinner with Taylor and Whip at Cafe Russe as it prepared to close down. Taylor and Whip left and went back to Whip's place, where Whip proposed, and Taylor, claiming she was finally over Ridge, accepted. (Of course, we saw a year later how untrue that was during the Berry incident). Meanwhile, Ridge and Brooke stayed behind and closed down the place.

    I guess the Cafe Russe set was just too elaborate to break out for infrequent use under B&B's two episode/day taping schedules, with them trying to use the same sets back to back days to save money.
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  15. boldfan01 added a post in a topic B&B: December 2013 Discussion Thread   

    She's about 18-20 is my guess. On that same day Aly talked to Eric and Thorne about dropping pre-law because she was turned off by the internship, Eric or Thorne mentioned something about her graduating high school early. Freshmen don't usually get internships (although who knows in B&B's world), so say she graduated high school at 16 and is somewhere between sophomore and senior, and she feels awkward at school being younger than her peers.

    In one of the episodes after finding out Wyatt was his son, Bill said (I think to Brooke) that Wyatt and Liam are almost the same age, with Wyatt being slightly older. I guess Bill got freaked out when Quinn found out she was pregnant, gave her the abortion money and moved on to his relationship with Liam's mom.
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