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  1. I thought something was up! That explains everything......I couldn't figure out why it didn't start back off where the season finale left off. The second episode was kinda lame, but maybe it'll make more sense when I see the premiere.

    I still think GA is poorly written for a primetime show, but it's the best soap on TV right now!

    I thought something was strange as well because I thought the show picked up right where it left off last season. Then I figured they decided to change it. I was all confused! Stupid ass CTV!!! They won't tell us when they are going to air Nip/Tuck and now they air the second episode instead of the first one! :angry:

  2. After reading everyone's comments I was totally confused because this wasn't the episode that I had watched! Needless to say, CTV (Canada) aired the second episode of this season not the first episode!!!! WTF??? The second episode was really good and everything but I really did actually want to watch the first episode. Once CTV realizes their screw up I am sure they will air the first one. I won't ruin it for everyone as to what happened in the second episode but lets just say the last 3 minutes left me giddy! :D

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