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  1. I was devastated when Frank Grant suddenly died. I loved John Danelle's work as Frank. I guess after that it was only a matter of time until Nancy disappeared. It really sucked. I would have loved to have seen Frank be Jesse's father figure through all of those years that Jesse was maturing. It would have made for genuine AMC story. Instead we were stuck with Angie's awful father, Les. I cried no tears when HE left the story!

  2. I remember how thrilled I was that my favorite girl singer was appearing on AMC. Does anyone have clips of the episodes with Lesley Gore as June? I remember the story, and I remember Lesley singing the song her character was pimping for Mark Dalton. I wonder if there is a recording floating around of Lesley doing that song.

  3. When I saw who was playing the lead in "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" I decided to watch it, and was hooked on it from beginning to end. SMG was incredible as Kendall. When the writers and directors, and production, AND the actress can get you to gasp and holler at the TV (which I did during the trial when Kendall wheeled her biological father into the courtroom), you've got soap opera magic. Alisha Minshew and the re-write of Kendall both stunk. Why TPTB bothered to bring Kendall back into the story without SMG is beyond me. I'll say one thing for Ms. Minshew, though: she must have had one hell of a good publicist. I was so disgusted with my beloved AMC that I stopped watching in the 2000's, but a co-worker was still watching, and shared her Soap Opera Digests with me. I swear that Minshew woman was mentioned in every issue!

  4. I wonder if that Peyton Place Revisited with Peter Lawford is the ABC Late Night Special I remember from the mid-seventies. I only saw it once, but I recall it as a nostalgic overview of the series with lots of scene clips and interviews with most of the original cast.

  5. Is there any video of Susan Trustman playing Pat? I've only seen stills of her. I remember watching in the late seventies when Harding Lemay actually used some of Pat's original story to create a new story with Pat, her daughter Marianne, and the man who came between them, Greg Barnard. Production did a great job of recreating the original story (Pat and Tom Baxter), using Beverly Penberthy and the actor who played Greg.

  6. I remember how the writing and storytelling was leading up to the scene when Devon threw herself into Lynn's arms. Yeah, it was groundbreaking, but somehow the whole story had kind of an "Afterschool Special" feeling about it. Tricia Pursley and Donna Pescow did the best they could do with the writing and the direction, but it just didn't quite work. I'm guessing ABC Standards and Practices was watching this story like a hawk, down to every last line of dialogue.

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