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  1. 1 hour ago, ranger1rg said:


    And I can post whatever opinion *I* want about the show. I never told you or anyone else to shut up.


    i accept Lily. I don't except her. Just because you don't accept her doesn't mean she's NOT believable and looks out of place. See how that works?


    Cringe all you want. Your choice, so have at it. Cringe for an hour a day for all I care. Meanwhile, I'm happy with the show.

    You didnt say to shut up but you did tty to telk people what their opinion should be.

    She's not believable as mother to these two but I'm glad you're  willing to believe  anything the writers sell you. 

  2. 4 hours ago, ranger1rg said:

    I don't think this past week was underwhelming at all. I thought it was great.


    While there's truth to so many of your comments, what's missing on this board (at least for me) is the almost complete lack of positives about Y&R. So much is working, and the show looks great.


    This concert event was classic Y&R with an elegant set, lots of cast members, lots of extras, fancy wardrobe and hair, and more. None of it bored me, whether it was dramatically good or made me laugh. I can't stand Tessa, yet I admit I liked her song and performance on Thursday's show. The Nikki and Victor stuff was terrific.


    What about the way characters looked? Or mingled? Or made wisecracks? Any comments? No. Instead we get pages on AH getting too much work. Cripes.


    The Ashlys? Yes, I agree about Cane's whispering, but it's not that big a deal as this board makes it, and it's not as if every other actor does it. DG isworking hard to play the role sincerely. CK has been doing good work, period. She's too young to be the mother of those twins? SO WHAT? Get over it already. I've accepted it. 

    The twins inks are green actors, but Charlie was pretty good this week, and neither is in the rotten category of the teen actors on DAYS.


    i can take hearing criticism-- I've made plenty of my own -- but dumping on this week is like looking a gift horse in the mouth. I just don't know what some of you guys want.

    We can post whatever opinions we want about the show. Just because you liked certain things doesn't mean everyone else did. And just because you except Lily as mother to teens doesn't mean it's believable and that it doesn't look completely out of place onscreen.


    I liked the look of the recital  but I don't care for Nikki's story. And I was cringing at the basd acting from the Ashbys. It doesn't matter which  twin is "better" than the other they both cant act.

  3. 1 hour ago, SteelCity said:

    Can we kill off the Ashby's? They're all obnoxious. Let's all take a shot whenever Mattie mentions school/studying! 

    What's this whispering thing that Cane is doing? Is it supposed to be dramatic? Last but not least, these Ashby twins cannot [!@#$%^&*] act! Mattie is the worst, because she's in the most scenes. At least Charlie doesn't do too much speaking.

    I don't know how they got cast because they're  horrible. Might be worse than CK.

  4. 4 hours ago, cassadine1991 said:

    That's a complete and total misconception 

    I'm in my 20s and if say it's very true. I don't know one person my age who watches soaps. Now when I was a preteen/young teen and there was no streaming and we were just switching to wifi yes I knew a few.


    And I only knee soaps from channel flipping one summer out of boredom back when I was either 11  or 12. No family member passed them down to me.

  5. My issue is the out of order SORAS,aging them up too quickly with no storyline purpose, rewriting history we saw of them as a child, aging them up strictly for PSA Emmy bait, trying to keep their parents still the same age for several years afterwards. 


    For example on GH Michael and Kristina did not need to be aged to the same age while leaving Molly and Morgan much younger. That teen scene of two did nothing outside of those failed Emmy bait stories. Instead Michael should've  been the teen with Morgan and Kristina as preteens and Molly could've just been left a child for awhile. Once all those characters reached adulthood the writers had no clue what to do with them and then were tampering with their age multiple times.


    And now Molly is like 19 and I think Cam is still younger then he should be in real time mind you he was born first.

  6. 5 hours ago, Wendy said:

    Not to be mean, but I'm old enough to at least remember the original Battle of the Network Stars, and I seem to recall, even with my then 8-or-so-year-old filter, that most, if not all, of the celebrities who competed were in current network shows.


    So I wonder why it was changed to now-seemingly "old timers"?

    They probably just selected folks who had the availability to film the show.

  7. mnthy.jpg

    All his thoughts on Kristina's storyline have been down right ridiculous. From stating Sonny grew up in Brooklyn so he was used to gays (mind you Sonny grew up around strict Catholics in the 70s when he lived there and the mob itself is notoriously racist, sexist, and homophobic) to stating Kristina stayed with an abusive man because she was confused about her sexuality. 

    Not to mention Francles/Liz...just Ewwwwww....

    Did he even acknowledge that Liz is being pushed with the man who kidnapped her child? 

    Does he actually watch the show? And why does he continue using that small sampling of ass kissers at FCW to justify bad writing? 


  8. Bree Williamsons primetime credits Gossip Girl, CSI, NBC show Deception, Law and Order Criminal Intent, True Detective on showtime, Chicago Fire and series regular on Haven. This girl has a resume and doesnt any daytime soap. Shes turned every soap offer for years. Claudette reminds me of SMG Kathryn from Cruel Intentions. Bree has so much charisma its nuts.

    "Primetime credits"? LMAO. A few lines on one episode of some series isn't exactly a stellar career. And she wants only recurring because she's in such demand? LOL. This BET drama is probably a one-shot, too.


    Look, I have nothing against Bree Williamson. She's a decent soap actress. What she's not is a star, no matter how many times you say it. 

    Exactly every actor on this show has had a few lines on a prime time series. None of them are in high demand or else they wouldn't be on GH. No one who is a star is on this shitfest

  9. She's not a troublemaker and she doesn't have a reputation for being difficult to work with. Since leaving Y&R she has worked regularly well beyond her Christmas movie series. If she was a troublemaker she would've have become such a valuable asset for CBS both in daytime and primetime. The reason to DOOL audition is relevant is because Marnie Siatta (Y&R's former casting director Ed Scott brought to DAYS) WANTED Victoria to read for the role. She was on the list and she was removed because Sony said she was too famous for the part, which was obviously BS. If she was willing to take the role why not let her? Had they been smart they would've let her audition, cast someone else and move on.

    Another thing listed in her lawsuit (which includes emails from Brad Bell) is how he tried to get her a contract on B&B and they were in discussions, but someone higher up came in and blocked him from casting her. Again, if she was so difficult and a troublemaker, why is Brad Bell trying to hire her? Why did Maria Arena Bell try to bring her back to Y&R? I can't understand why people find her claims so hard to believe when we KNOW not only how racist daytime is, but primetime tv and film. She isn't a rare case. I love that she keeps advocating because she's bringing awareness to important issues and it obviously isn't going to help her, but can help the movement. I strongly believe had it not been for the attention she brought to the issue, Susan Dansby wouldn't be writing for Y&R (she was hired after Rowell's work with National Urban League) and Hilary definitely wouldn't have existed.

    They need to go ahead and think of the show and give her a settlement and just bring her back. Daytime needs her. Hell, go back to the original plan and let her slay on B&B.

    applause oprah


    Guess you didn't get the memo, Chris.  All black folks are troublemakers when they speak up.  Still need a count of how many physical altercations VR had on the set and how many people she spit on.  Lemme know!

    Why does she want a job with a company that treated her horribly? That's the real issue and her valid points are getting lost . For example she harper on spit take for years and now she's friends with MS again. I wish she would stop fighting to be back at a job that she says treated her terrible and just focus on her new work

  10. I wonder why GH has this huge cast.Surely they could make immediate savings by trimming the cast and focusing on the hospital so that the same sets and characters could be used regularly.Just watch some old tapes and see how this worked in the past.

    plus hospital dramas are always popular. All they need is a small hospital staff and a revolving door of patients. My biggest reason for not watching GH is that the cast ducks.  Most of those people lack screen presence and can't act worth a damn. 

    Y&R is way too inconsistent and relies on the same played out characters too often.

  11. Does this mean sungrey would pop up here again to talk about GH? I miss their posts, so that part would be worth it. 


    It's so random I almost want to see it happen. Hell, let's just keep the train rolling. Can't wait for Yvonne Zima as Kristina Davis...

    Maxie doesn't need to be recast she just needs to go at this point as the character is tired and KSt just can't act. No one would miss Maxie if she left. Kristina needs a recast.  Not sure why Frank brought back Lexi who is miscast as is in the flop fluidity story that went nowhere. 

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