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    • ...and it also depends if you genuinely like the person the pranks are fun.   Conversely, pranks and antics by someone you already have a predisposition to and it is extra annoying.     Sounds like Ms. Bev demanded a sense of professionalism around her, although in his Locker Room interview on You Tube John Bolger mentioned his first scene with her and was quite gracious and funny, so I think it just depends.     (I can say in real life some people find me very difficult and demanding and others find me funny, goofy and amusing.)  And they are all me.
    • It is undeniably true that soap directors nowadays are probably so pressed by time that they are more focused on blocking. But they are still directors - and that's the job they chose and love - so I don't also believe there is no room for giving notes when needed. No time to micro-manage like film directors would: sure. Telling an actor he is making a bad acting choice that is ruining the scene: your job as director.
    • OK I understand the explanation. I guess someone who is focused, professional and blindering out the outside world when trying to be in character is more my jam so his line of thinking didn't really occur to me. I am not a big fan of pranksters at work either and I don't think it makes us stick in the mud or rote. Just there is a time and place for everything. But those are the wonders of different personalities...   As mentioned above I agree with this. And I also suspect there was a frat boy aspect to their antics that might have felt particularly uncomfortable for a woman to be around. So not only must it have been annoying, but from the descriptions above, I am pretty sure they must have crossed a line or two here and there that wasn't just about clashing personalities. You read this and you know who that guy is; and the fact all these years later he doesn't seem to have reflected on it at all tells me that, yep, I know *exactly* the type, I have met him and every woman on this board will have too.  
    • Hey everyone, sorry for the long absence. Easter break vacation and assignments got me busy. I will be updating the blog from tomorrow.
    • Hehe.   @dragonflies finally watching the SMALLVILLE scenes in the crossover that was part of your avatar forever....LOVE.    But I am loving all the little Superman shoutouts. 
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