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    • I've been on a Marland binge. Started with Oct 1985 and now I'm at Chris' funeral. A lot of the audio is so terrible that I have to skip though.   I am amazed by the pacing. It's so. Deliberate? Intricate?   I know some hate the Snyder's but they really offset the Walsh's in a good way. And it's classic ATWT. Rich but unstable family clashing against a poor but stable family.   I also have heard that the Snyder's, in essence, took over the show. I know this is blasphemy but is it really that bad of a thing for a new family to come in, as long as it's well developed? That's how I feel about Guiding Light. The families that were brought in, while not the Bauer's, at least were well-developed and embodied interesting characters.    I never felt that it's practical to expect the same damn family to rule a show for 30+ years. Actors die. Characters are hard to recast.   My only two gripes: Sierra won't stop crying. I can't buy Hillary B Smith as the daughter of Lila and John.  She seems too old.   How did people like this Betsy? I never seen Meg Ryan in the role but I do like this actress.   I kinda feel bad for Tonio. I mean, he wants the thing most of us want, a family, but his overall sense of what that means is dated. A good representation of culture clash, I think. I don't think his misogyny is from a hateful place. It's from another time.   In speaking of what Tonio wants, every EVERY character on this show fits the theme. At NU, in Aggie's archive, the bible of the show is there. Literally, the document, or a copy of the one shown to the suites, is in her files and bound in a beautiful green representational binder--includes the first few episodes. Anyway, the theme of the show is basically that we all want to be a part of a family as a strong family will weather the storm called life. Everyone on this show wants that but some of them, like Lucinda, suck maintaining it.   Also, Marland's ATWT really does remind me of Harding's Another World in this regard.   His Another World was the same thing but 'Family' was replaced with 'Dream'.
    • Or trailer trash.....LOL She did give Paul VD.  I can picture her wearing a tube top, satin short shorts while getting high with Paul out by the school dumpsters and then making it with him in the back of his Van and/or Trans-Am.      Hauser was trashing his time on Y&R in the 90's and complained that he went shirtless on the show once, and then was never asked to do so again. He said they show probably did not like what they had seen.....LOL The late 70's and early 80's had some questionable casting choices on soaps. I guess that explains Anthony Geary. 
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