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Monticello Times-Home of the original "Edge of Night" mystery series "Return To Monitcello"



I forgot to post here when I started  my blog "The Monticello Times" last year.  The "Monitcello Times" is the home for the original "Edge of Night" mystery series "Return to Monticello."  Last year, I posted book one -"Secrets".  I just started posting book Two -"Cries in the Night".  I will start to post the chapters here as well as on my blog's home page.




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Thanks for posting this on SON. I would have never seen it otherwise. EON was before my time (I was born in '89), but I've always loved whatever I could find of the show and consider it my favourite soap opera of all time. I will certainly start from the beginning of your fan-fiction.


I've already read the very first two chapters. So many wonderful things.


Queen Raven having a very prominent role due to now being a matriarch to a bunch of grown children with a bevy of dramas of their own.  Following in her footsteps, they really didn't have choice in the matter. Charlotte especially, with the first episode having her cheat on her husband. I had to laugh with glee.


Reading the character bios to help familiarize myself with some characters, it was fascinating that you creating children from different soaps, like ATWT or SFT, and brought them to Monticello. It really opens up the world building and the potential to bring on a number of fantastic characters from soap history.


I'm also happy you're addressing the cliffhangers from the finale. Making the street mystery an infamous cold case was a brilliant idea.


And, of course, the first murder was so exciting. A day is never dull in Monticello, that's for sure.


My only gripe (and I've only read the first two chapters remember) is that I didn't feel Mike and Nancy had enough prominence at their own celebration.

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You noticed correctly on Mike and Nancy.  When I began the blog-I had the secret dream that one day it may be filmed.  In order for it to easy to be filmed-i made some decisions that affected my writing.  One was that any actor that died in real life-their character is not on the canvas.  They aren't necessarily killed, they may be mentioned but not shown.  I also figured that if it were to be filmed with Forrest Compton and Ann Flood (Mike and Nancy) up in age, I should give them as little to do as possible.  But in book 2 I have started breaking those rules a bit.  I have been posting the promo videos I did for book 2, but I also did some for book 1.  Here is one of them featuring the kids. 


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