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AMC #35 - Erica Comforts Bianca + JR's Impostor (Kevin) Takes Over!



All My Children - Episode 35

Created By: Agnes Nixon

Executive Producer: Dawn Hayes


Afternoon has come to Pine Valley. At The Chandler Mansion, Colby is walking down the stairs. The doorbell is rung, and she walks to the door.


COLBY: What do you want?


ASHER: Well your mom, and my dad invited us to lunch. I thought that we could ride in my car together. Have some fun with some stupid music.


COLBY: I want to take myself.


ASHER: Just come with me.


COLBY: Not a chance in hell.



At JR’s Apartment, Kevin has taken over JR’s life. There is a knock at the door. Kevin goes to answer the door.


KEVIN: This is a surprise.


KRYSTAL: Thought I would stop in. We have a few things to talk about, Kevin. Or should I say JR Chandler?


Krystal barges in.



In a Secret Room, JR is shackled to a wall. He is unconscious. He wakes up, and his deeply confused by what has happened.


JR: Hello! Hello! (shaking shackles) Someone help me!




At ConFusion, Liza and Caleb are sitting next to one another at a booth. They are curled up next to each other, and are holding hands.


CALEB: So, are you ready for this?


LIZA: Is it okay to say not really?


CALEB: (sighs) My thoughts exactly.


LIZA: I’m nervous to see how the children will react to us being married.


CALEB: Same here. They are both fiery people, and their feelings get expressed a lot. I do have to say that I think they will be alright with it.


LIZA: Do you think so? I mean it is a risky game to play where their feelings are concerned.


CALEB: Are you nervous that they won’t accept our marriage?


LIZA: (sighs) A little. However, only time will tell. In the meantime, let’s just enjoy this lunch that we are going to have.



At Bianca’s Hotel Room, Erica and Bianca are looking over what Bianca and Krystal have planned for Marissa’s funeral.


ERICA: I absolutely love the flower choice.


BIANCA: It didn’t take too long, mom. Krystal and I both knew what Marissa would have wanted. At least I think so.


ERICA: Honey, you would know what Marissa would want. She was the love of your life. She was the woman who told you everything.


Bianca begins to chuckle.


ERICA: What is so funny?


BIANCA: I have to get used to saying was when it comes to Marissa. I can no longer say things like “she is coming home from the market.” I have to say things like “she was coming home from the market, one day.” Everything is now in past tense with my wife. I’m not so sure that I can put her in the past. I’m not sure.



At Ryan and Greenlee’s Apartment, Gillian tries to move closer to Ryan, but he backs away. Ryan is not sure to believe her or not.


ANNOUNCER: The role of Gillian Andrassy is now being played by, Jordana Brewster.


GILLIAN: Ryan, it’s me. Gillian. Your princess.


RYAN: No! Gillian died! She was shot and declared brain dead. I stood by her side. I watched her slip away. And you! You say you are my wife! Liar.


GILLIAN: (voice breaking) Ryan…, let me tell you my story. Let me make you understand. Please. Let me help you understand.


RYAN: Fine! You can tell me your story! But, if I am still not believing you after that, then we get a DNA test.





Meanwhile, in Asher’s Car, Asher is driving, and Colby is in the passenger seat.


COLBY: You are so lucky that my car wouldn’t start. Because, if it did; then this would not even be happening.


ASHER: Listen, we are almost there. Can’t we get along?


COLBY: Asher, when you got back into town we discussed why we are not friends, we also discussed why we are not together.


ASHER: We should have tried harder.


COLBY: You should have tried harder. I tried enough. I did everything I could, but you didn’t want to lift a finger.


ASHER: (sighs) I heard you were going to work at Chandler Enterprises, next week. Is all of that true? I know you would do good work.


COLBY: I am going to work there. It is true. My dad wants me to start working there, because he needs a new assistant. Kind of a right hand.


ASHER: Sounds like it could be fun.


COLBY: We’ll see. We’ll see.



Back at JR’s Apartment, Krystal and Kevin walk into the living room.


KRYSTAL: Listen, I do have to make this quick, because I have some last minute preparations for my daughter’s funeral.


KEVIN: I was very sorry to hear that you lost your daughter.


KRYSTAL: Shut up. JR married her. Not you. Part of me being here, is to discuss two things with you. First, do not show up at my daughter’s funeral. AJ will be there, but you will not be. It would be a terrible mistake.


KEVIN: I hear you loud and clear. I was not planning on coming. David already gave me strict orders not to come.


KRYSTAL: Good. David is wiser than I thought.


KEVIN: (sighs) Anyways, what was the second thing that you wanted to talk about?


KRYSTAL: I want to make you a proposition.


KEVIN: What is that?


KRYSTAL: I want you to spy on David for me. In return, I pay you double of what he is paying you. And, I happen to know that, that is a lot of money.


KEVIN: Why do you want me to spy on him?


KRYSTAL: I want you to spy on him, because I have a feeling that he is not bringing our Babe back. I at least need one of my girls back. Both of my twins are dead, but I have a chance for one to be alive, again.


KEVIN: So, why do you have the feeling that David is not bringing Babe back from the dead? What do you have to prove that?


KRYSTAL: He put all this time and money into this other patient. That other patient is not my little girl. Also, he said he would bring her back the second that I took you in.


KEVIN: You know what? I’ll do it. For the money. That will be a pretty paycheck at the end of the week. Can’t wait. When do I start?




KEVIN: Wonderful.



Back at Bianca’s Hotel Room, Erica and Bianca sit down on the bed.


ERICA: Honey, you do not have to put Marissa in the past, if you do not want to. You two were married for five and a half years.


BIANCA: I have to put her in the past, mom. As much as it hurts, I have to move on at some point. And, that is just one of the ways to do it.


ERICA: All I’m saying, is that you do not have to do it so quickly. You do it at your own pace. When I lost your grandmother, a huge void was left in my life. I grieved her so slowly, because that is the way it had to be done.


BIANCA: That was a bad time for all of us. I saw how almost everyone fell down a slippery slope. It was a little scary.


ERICA: (sniffles) It was. It was a scary time. But, after awhile, everyone here in Pine Valley got through it. Everyone learned how to grieve.


BIANCA: Mom, I was only eight at the time. I didn’t feel that loss like you did. Tell me, something. How hard was it, truly?


ERICA: It was very hard. Take out me breaking down at her grave, then you get me not being able to get out of bed most days. Losing your grandmother was the biggest loss I have ever felt. When we lose someone close to us, it is natural to feel like a hole is in your heart. We wish for one more conversation about life, one more laugh, one more birthday, but most importantly one more moment. One more moment to say “hi”, or “see you later.”


BIANCA: You just summed up how I feel. I feel like I should have had one more morning with Marissa. But, Annie took that away from me. She even compromised your sobriety.


ERICA: Oh Bianca, my sweet Bianca, the only thing she compromised was our family potentially splitting apart, but it didn’t work. Us Kane women came out stronger, and more resilient. As Kane women, many obstacles come in our way. Many, many obstacles. But, we shine. We shine, because we are powerful.


BIANCA: Yes, we are. We are very powerful.


ERICA: Come here. Lay down.


Bianca lays down on Erica’s lap, and quietly sobs.



Back at ConFusion, Asher and Colby slide into the booth.

LIZA: I’m glad you guys could finally make it.


CALEB: Yeah, what took you guys so long?


COLBY: I had trouble with my car.


CALEB: Oh, is everything alright?


ASHER: I took care of it. Gave her a ride here.


LIZA: Good. It pays to have friends in this town.


CALEB: Yes, it does.


COLBY: (sighs) Anyways, let’s just go ahead and move off the subject of Asher and I please. I am anxious to hear about why you guys called this lunch.


CALEB: Well, we have some good news.


ASHER: It is about time we get some of that in our lives.


COLBY: For the first time in a long time, I say I have to agree. So, what is this amazing, and great news that you are about to tell us?


CALEB & LIZA: We got married!


Caleb and Liza laugh, as Colby and Asher are in shock.



Back at Ryan and Greenlee’s Apartment, Gillain puts her purse on the couch.


GILLIAN: (sighs) Gosh, I don’t know where to begin. I guess let’s begin with what David has told me. (sighs) This all started a couple of months ago. I was in this hospital room, and all I remember about that hospital room is David, and another doctor.




In a Hospital Room, a doctor and David are working on Gillian’s face.


DAVID: The skin is quite eroded. Can you fix it?


DOCTOR: I will have to reconstruct the face completely. Make a new one from scratch, but it can be done.

DAVID: How long?


DOCTOR: Two months to construct the face.


DAVID: Wonderful.




GILLIAN: David worked night and day with this doctor to make me a new face. It took exactly two months. The bandages were traded out daily until I was finally able to have a healed face. Once I was shown this face, it was completely shocking.




Back in the Hospital Room, David is by Gillian’s bed side. He is cutting off her bandages.


DAVID: Now, you might see some light scarring, but none of it will be noticeable, unless you pull your hair back.


David finishes cutting the bandages off, and throws it in the trash. He disposes of his latex gloves, and sets his surgical scissors on the counter. He then walks back over to Gillian with a mirror. He hands her the mirror.



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DAVID: What do you think?


GILLIAN: David, this is absolutely impeccable.




Gillian sits down on the couch.


GILLIAN: (sighs) So, that explains the new face.


RYAN: I guess it does. What about the memories?


GILLIAN: It was so odd. Something just came over me. When I was revived, everything came back to me. Every wedding, every moment of being a princess. Everything. All the way back to being a toddler. I know it sounds crazy, but it is the truth.


RYAN: This is crazy. I have one more question.




RYAN: What brings you here? You could have gone anywhere. Why here?


GILLIAN: I had to see you. And, I knew you could give me the protection that I needed.


RYAN: Why do you need protection?


GILLIAN: David is looking for me. He planted a microchip in me. I had to remove it myself. Since that is out, he can no longer track me.


Ryan gets his phone out.


GILLIAN: (standing) What are you doing?


RYAN: Calling a doctor friend of mine. We are getting that damn DNA test.


***FADE OUT***

***END OF EP. 35***

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