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AMC #33 - Valentine's Day





Created By: Agnes Nixon

Written By: Casey Hutchison


Nighttime has come across Pine Valley. At David’s Penthouse, Brooke moves closer to David, and she narrows her eyebrows.


BROOKE: Adam would not have had to have told any lies, if it was not for you jumping into our marriage, and doing all this wack stuff.


DAVID: He is Adam Chandler. No matter what plan he is involved in, no matter what day of the week it is, Adam will always lie.


Then, a woman enters. Brooke turns around, upon hearing the door open.


SKYE: I can attest to the lying part of Adam. Hello Brooke, David. So, what is going on here? I would love to jump into the mix.


Brooke looks over to Skye.


BROOKE: What the hell do you want?


SKYE: I thought since you were harassing my partner, that I should run in and save the day.


BROOKE: Because everyone needs help from Skye?


SKYE: Listen, how about you hurry out of here, before I call the police. Obviously, you are the one going after Dr. Hayward.


BROOKE: Oh, that is where you are so wrong. I am not going anywhere.



At Pine Valley Hospital, Joe sets Adam’s chart down on a table.


ADAM: This is all very crazy. I cannot believe that I am sick, and need a lung transplant. Are you sure that Stuart is the only one who can provide the transplant I need?


JOE: Adam, I ran every test I could think of. I came to the conclusion, on all of the test, that Stuart is the only one who can provide the lung.


ADAM: Is it possible to live without a lung?


JOE: Lung transplants happen all the time, Adam. The person who gives the lung to the recipient almost always has a safe, and wonderful recovery.


ADAM: However, there is always the possibility that it does not go well.


JOE: Yes, there is.


ADAM: And if Stuart’s recovery after the surgery does not go well, then I might as well sign a signature on my brother’s death certificate.



At Liza and Caleb’s apartment, Liza and Caleb walk in. Liza immediately goes to the couch. She is holds her lower abdomen, upon sitting. Caleb wheels a suitcase over to a chair. He then sits by Liza.


CALEB: How are you feeling?


LIZA: Better, with these drugs in my system at least. These pain pills work magic on the terrible pain I feel without them.


CALEB: I’m sorry that you are having aches and pains.


LIZA: (sighs) I just wonder who did this. I wonder who shot me.


CALEB: Have you heard anything else from Jesse?


LIZA: No, not at all. I have not heard a single thing from him. In fact, I haven’t even had a chance to call him, yet. And, he is so darn busy all the time.


CALEB: He will make time for Pine Valley’s best lawyer. And, I know that you are a good friend of his. Plus, you are a victim.


LIZA: Listen, can we get off of the topic of my shooter? I just want to talk about something that is very important to me. Something that I wanted to talk about, before I got shot.


CALEB: What is that?


LIZA: Our future. Now, I know we have talked about this a thousand times over, but now we actually have to do it on a more grand scale. We actually have to decide if we stay together or not. So, I leave it open to you first. Do we stay together, or not?



At Amanda and Jake’s Home, Amanda and Jake are sitting on their couch. They are sharing a bottle of wine. Trevor comes down the stairs in his pajamas, as they set their glasses down. Amanda is handed a card by Trevor.


AMANDA: What is this, sweetheart?


TREVOR: I made you a get well card.


Amanda opens it, and gives Trevor a hug.


AMANDA: Thank you sweetie.


JAKE: That was very nice of you, Trev.


Trevor hope on top of Amanda’s knee.


AMANDA: Did you brush those teeth?




AMANDA: Did you add your math problems on that worksheet, correctly.




JAKE: Did you pick out a bedtime story?




They all laugh settle together.


JAKE: Listen, how about you go ahead and climb into bed, and then I will be up soon to help you finish “Bridge To Terabithia”.




Trevor runs off, as Jake and Amanda smile at one another.



Back at Liza and Caleb’s apartment, Caleb hands Liza a glass of water, as she takes her pills.


LIZA: Thank you.


Caleb sits next to her, once again.


CALEB: So, you want to talk about us.


LIZA: I do. I have a long recovery ahead of me, and I would like someone there with me. It is Valentine’s Day. It is the day of love, and I am here with you.


CALEB: I thought that I hurt you.


LIZA: You did, but I am over that. Caleb, when I was laying in that bed, I was alone a lot. The loneliness made me think about a lot of things. The one thing my mind kept reverting back to, was us. It was about the pain and the hurt. I can get over your kiss with Erica Kane. I can get over the mountain of hurt. I can get over the history that you two shared, when she was involved in that plane crash. I can get over all of it. But, in order to make that easier, I need my guy. I need the guy who has stood through so much ugly stuff with me. I need the guy who I know loves me. (light sobbing) I need you. And, I hope that you need me. So, what will it be? Do you still want a relationship with me?


CALEB: I want to do a lot more than that.


LIZA: What do you mean?


CALEB: Marry me, tonight.


LIZA: Of course I will. If that means having you by my side, til death do us part, than you get a justice of the peace over here right now, and I will swing a marriage license.


They both wipe small tears away, as they laugh, and go into a hug.



Back at David’s Penthouse, Brooke sits her handbag down on David’s desk.


SKYE: I would not get comfy, Brooke.


BROOKE: Too late.


DAVID: Look, you made your point. You wanted to come in here like the big bad woman that you pretend to be. But, the act you carry Brooke, is a tad tiring.


BROOKE: I still love Adam, and I want him to be safe. Yes, I am leaving him, but Adam and I share a history. A history that means that I protect him from people like you. I know that Adam is funding this project, because you brought his brother back to him, but no more. Too much has happened. You have a patient on the loose, you have secrets, and I know you are keeping secrets.


DAVID: Do you really want to know, Brooke? Do you want to know who we have brought back?


BROOKE: Yes, I do.


DAVID: Once I tell you, there is no going back.


SKYE: David, be careful.


DAVID: It is okay. She wants to know, then she will know.


SKYE: Alright, go ahead.


DAVID: The person we have brought back to life is, Gillian.


BROOKE: Gillian? As in Ryan’s, Gillian?




Brooke is completely rocked at the information she has just received from David. She does not know what to think, or what to say.



Meanwhile at Amanda and Jake’s home, Amanda and Jake come back from upstairs.


AMANDA: Well, our little guy is out like a light.


JAKE: Yes, he is.


They take one another’s hands.


JAKE: I love this. I love our family so much.


AMANDA: Me too.


Jake walks over to a chest in the living room.


AMANDA: What are you doing, Jake?


JAKE: There is something that I need to show you.


AMANDA: What is that?


Jake walks over to Amanda with a piece of paper. He hands it to her. After she quickly skims over the text, she looks up at Jake.


AMANDA: I don’t understand. What is this?


JAKE: Berkeley college wants me to be the head teacher of their medical department. (sighs) I get this letter about a month ago. I accepted the offer, today.


AMANDA: What does all of this mean, for us?


JAKE: Amanda, we have been through so much here. California would be a fresh start for us. It would be a fresh life for our little Trevor. If you agree, then we leave tomorrow.


AMANDA: We leave our life here. That is… wow. I do not know what to think.


JAKE: Just think of a better life. For us. For Trevor. We can get our baby from the hospital, and we leave. We leave all of this behind. All of the stuff that happened with Annie. We leave.

AMANDA: Is this really what you want?


JAKE: Yes.


AMANDA: Then, I will be right there with you.


JAKE: Are you sure?


AMANDA: You bet I am. Let’s start packing.


Jake grabs Amanda, as they go into a kiss.


JAKE: I love you.


AMANDA: I love you too, so very much.



At Pine Valley Hospital, Adam exits his hospital room. As he turns to the elevator, he pushes the button. The doors open, and he sees Brooke. She steps off. Adam, does not get on.


BROOKE: I knew your check up was today. We need to talk, and I knew that I could find you here. Will you get on the elevator with me?


ADAM: Sure.

They push the button again, and step on to the elevator.


BROOKE: I know everything.


Brooke presses the STOP button.


BROOKE: I know everything about the mystery patient. Who it is, everything. I came here, because I wanted you to know that. I went to David, because I told him that your protection still matters to me, Adam. It does.


ADAM: Thank you for that. Now, can I tell you something?


BROOKE: Of course. You can always come to me with anything.


ADAM: I got some news today. From Joe. During my check up. I am very sick, Brooke.


Brooke sheds some tears, as Adam continues.


ADAM: I have this rare condition. It is a condition that ruins my lungs. I need a transplant, and Joe says that the only person available for that is Stuart.

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BROOKE: S-s-so, what does that mean? Do you just get a transplant, and that’s all?


ADAM: If this surgery goes wrong, then I kill my brother, and I love Stuart too much to do that. I’m not having the surgery.


BROOKE: (cries) Adam, no! Adam no! You are having this surgery. You are going to get better. Stuart would want you to have this.


ADAM: Maybe this is karma. For all of the terrible things that I have done. Stuart is a saint. I know that him and Marian are going to have a long life together. I won’t doom them to nothing bad. They are going to be happy together.


BROOKE: (crying) What about me? What am I supposed to do? If I don’t have you, I have nothing. I need you, Adam. Forget this divorce. I will tear up those papers. I need you.


ADAM: Don’t tear up those papers, if you don’t want to. You do whatever you need to do in your heart. You do the right thing.


Adam un-pushes the STOP button, and the elevator continues to descend to the parking garage.


ADAM: I love you. I always will.


Adam and Brooke breathlessly kiss. The elevator doors open, as Adam steps out, Brooke does not. Adam walks off, as Brooke is left alone in the elevator. The doors close again. She begins to break down crying, as the camera zooms out on her.


***FADE OUT***

***END OF EP. 33***

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