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AMC #31 - Looking Towards The Future



All My Children Tuesday 1/18/2016

Episode #31


Created By: Agnes Nixon

Written By: Casey Hutchison

Time of Day: Morning



Time has jumped forward a little bit. Annie is in a high max security mental hospital. Everyone knows what she did. Joshua was released on the account of giving big information about Annie. Natalia and Amanda gave births to their babies. They are still in the hospital for observation. Greenlee’s baby could not be saved from complications. Marissa’s funeral has not been held yet. Krystal and David are grief stricken by the loss of their daughter. No one knows about Kevin… yet. And, David’s mystery patient still has not been found. Brooke and Adam are still on the rocks. Brooke has moved out. And, Skye is still roaming Pine Valley.




(Examining Room)


Angie is putting a bandage on a guys head.


Angie: Now, you will need to come back to get that looked at in about a week, or so. I need to check the wound. Do you have any questions for me?


Man: No, not at all.


Angie: Alrighty then. There is some paperwork you need to fill out at the front desk. Have a wonderful day, Mr. Amos.


Man: You as well, Dr. Hubbard.


The man exits. Angie takes off her latex gloves, and pitches them into the wastebasket. As she turns around, she sees Jesse.


Jesse: Hey.


Angie: Jesse!


Angie embraces him.


Angie: I am so glad you are here. I have missed you so much, baby. Are you doing alright? Is Annie put away? What’s going on?


Jesse: I am doing fine. Annie is put away. For good.


(Slater Home)


Kendall, Erica, and Zach enter. They all go to the couch. Kendall sits down.


Kendall: Will you two stop hovering? I am perfectly fine.


Erica and Zach look at one another.


Erica & Zach: Nope. Not a chance.


Kendall sighs, as she sits.


Erica: Honey, we are only looking out for. You went through quite the ordeal. Everyone did, really. Annie wreaked havoc once again.


Zach: Especially on Bianca.


Kendall: Speaking of my sister, how is she?


Erica: Grief stricken. I have called her six times this morning, but she has avoided all of my calls. Jackson even called her. Nothing.


(Bianca’s Hotel Room)


Bianca is laying on her bed. On the nightstand is a bottle of wine, and a glass. Her eyes seem dry from the tears. There is a knock at the door.


Bianca: Go away!


The knocking proceeds.


Bianca: Go away! Go away!


The knocking gets much louder.


Bianca: Dammit.


Bianca gets out of bed, and answers the door.


Bianca (Opening the door): Don’t you understand anything…


She is completely shocked.


Bianca: What the hell is this?


Joshua: Hello, sis.




(Natalia’s Hospital Room)


Natalia is laying in bed. Brot is right beside her. He is sitting down at her bedside, and is holding her hand.


Brot: How are you feeling?


Natalia: I am doing better than I expected. How is the baby?


Brot: Fine. He is even breathing on his own. Jake is monitoring his wife’s baby, and ours as well. I spoke to Ryan. Greenlee is coping.


Natalia: Gosh, what a terrible tragedy.


Brot: She is getting through it.


Natalia: She is very strong. I have kept her in my prayers. Annie through her for a loop, again. How is Emma doing?


Brot: Greenlee and Ryan have explained it to her the best they can. Even as a woman in her twenties, there is a lot she does not understand.


Natalia: I can see that. Annie is a tough person to understand. I just wish there was a way I could help. You know?


Brot: I do. I do. I really do.


(Krystal’s Diner)


Greenlee and Ryan are having breakfast. Greenlee has barely touched her food. She is slouched in her chair.


Ryan: I called Emma. She is having a wonderful time shadowing Lily for the autism foundation. It is going well.


Greenlee lets out a sigh. Ryan is trying to get her spirits up.


Ryan: I love the name. Sunrise Flowers.


Greenlee: I’m glad the sun shines for them. It is not shining for me.


Ryan: Honey…


Greenlee: Aren’t you sad? Or are you just trying to forget everything about our baby. If so, tell me now. I need to know.


(Sunrise Flowers Offices)


Lily and Emma walk into Lily’s office.


Announcer: The role of Emma Lavery is now being played by Kimberly Matula.


Emma: I am so happy to be doing this with you. I cannot thank you enough for letting me do this with you. I really wanted to dive into a good cause.


Lily: You have a good heart, Emma. I knew that you would be perfect for the job. It was the right choice picking you.


Emma: (Laughing) I like to think so.


Lily returns a laugh, as the two sit down.


Lily: So, let's go over funding.


Emma: Alright.


Emma opens up to a budget chart on her IPAD.


Lily: Our funding is kind of small for this month, but I have an idea on a way to boost our funding. Do you want to hear what is?


Emma: Of course.


Lily: Sunrise Flowers presents, The 1st Annual SF Gala.


Emma: (Smiling) I love it!


The two laugh excitedly.


(Pine Valley Hospital)


Angie and Jesse are holding hands, as the two walk down the halls of the hospital, together. They stop, and sit on a bench.


Angie: I am so glad to be with you right now. It has been very hectic lately. Seems like there is no time to take a breath.


Jesse: I know. Have you gotten a call from Frankie?


Angie: Yeah, he said that his plane landed in Iran. They really needed the doctors there for the amount of troops that have been injured.


Jesse: Are you still nervous about him?


Angie: I’m a mother. I always will be nervous about my little boy going to stitch people up halfway across the world. Cassandra said they talked for quite awhile one night.


Jesse: Good. I am glad that they are staying in touch. That would be good for Frankie to remember that he has family.


Angie: Have you visited with Natalia?


Jesse: Yeah, I have.


Angie: Does she feel safer knowing that Annie is locked up?


Jesse: She does. She really does.


Angie: I’m happy to hear that. I checked on the baby earlier. He is absolutely beautiful in every single way. He has your nose.


Jesse: (Laughs) That makes me smile.


Angie: Do you know what this means?


Jesse: What does this mean?


Angie: We are old now.


They laugh, as the two embrace again.


(Natalia’s Hospital Room)


Natalia and Brot are packing a bag.


Natalia: I wish we could bring our baby boy home with us.


Brot: Me too, but they have to keep him for some more observation.


Natalia: Yeah, I know. I just want more time with him.


Brot: I know that you do. Listen, he is going to be home before you know it. But, we also need to pick out a name for him.


Natalia: I guess you are right. A name is everything. It is going to define who our boy is in this great big world.


Brot: Yes, it is.


Natalia: I have just the name for him. It is a name that is fit for a king. A strong king. A king who is going to rule the world.


Brot: What is this name?


Natalia: Jesse Baxter Monroe Jr.


Brot: I love it. And, I’m sure your father will love it too.


Natalia: You think?


Brot: Yes. He saved our baby. Without your father commanding that station we would have never gotten to you.


Natalia: I love you so much.


Brot: I love you too. Come here.


Brot and Natalia kiss and hug.


(Krystal’s Diner)


Greenlee takes a sip of her coffee.


Greenlee: Sorry, I did not mean to jump at you like that. I have just been on this kick lately to go at people.


Ryan: It is okay. Greenlee, we lost a child from Annie. You do not have to apologize for anything you just said.


Greenlee: Thank you. Thank you for being so understanding.


Ryan: Listen, Emma is busy today. That means that we have the house to ourselves for a very long time. What do you say we just go home, and we take a nice long nap, and we forget about the world.


Greenlee: That sounds good to me.


Ryan: Good. Let’s do it, then.


Greenlee: Ryan.


Ryan: Yeah?


Greenlee: I love you.


Ryan: I love you too. Very much.


(Sunrise Flowers Offices)


Lily and Emma are packing up from their meeting.


Lily: So, do you want a ride to the hospital?


Emma: That’s okay. I was actually going to grab some lunch first, then I was going to go visit some people at the hospital. Do you want to grab lunch with me?


Lily: Sure, if you don’t mind.


Emma: Of course not. I always love having a tag along for lunch. It makes it more fun. That way I have someone to talk to.


Lily: I see. Gosh, this whole autism foundation thing is really taking off.


Emma: It is. And, with this gala, nothing is going to stop us.


Lily: I love the enthusiasm. It makes for a good work day.


Emma: That is what my father always said.


Lily: Hey speaking of your father, do you think you could get him to talk to Greenlee about Fusion donating some stuff for like a silent auction?


Emma: That would be no problem at all. Plus, Greenlee could use something to take her mind off of her losing the baby.


Lily: Is that why you are doing this?


Emma: What?


Lily: Did you become apart of this business so you could get your mind off of what your mother did. You can tell me.


Emma: Most of it is that, but most of it is because I love helping others. I love seeing the smile on faces.


Lily: I’m glad you are doing this, then.


Emma: Ready for lunch?


Lily: Sure, let’s go.


The two walk out.


(Slater Home)


Kendall and Erica are curled up on the couch drinking some tea. Zach has walked off to the other room.


Kendall: I don’t like Binx not answering her phone. Not to you, Zach, me, even Jackson. Marissa’s funeral is coming up, and I don’t want her to be alone.


Erica: We had a heart-to-heart at the hospital. I could tell that Marissa dying has completely broke her. It has broken her to her lowest level.


Kendall: Where is Miranda?


Erica: She is with Jackson. They are staying at my penthouse. AJ is at the Chandler mansion. That poor kid. Loses his real mom, and now is adoptive mother. I feel so bad for him. What a tragedy.


Kendall: It really is.


Erica: How are you doing?


Kendall: To be honest, terrible. I feel terrible. I let Annie knock me down. I let her do that. I did not put up much of a fight.


Erica: Don’t do that.

Kendall: Do what?


Erica: Blame yourself for that bitches actions. Annie did that. She ruined people’s lives. You did not do that. She did that.


Kendall: You are right. But, I could have done more.


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Kendall: You are right. But, I could have done more.


Erica: The police had it under control.


Kendall: Mom, do you feel the urge to drink?


Erica: Annie knocked people down, but she didn’t get to me. I will not let her compromise my sobriety over a few spiked and misplaced drinks.


Kendall: Good for you, mom. Good for you. How are you dealing with the whole Joshua being alive thing?


Erica: I feel uneasy. I have not bumped into him, yet. But, it is weird. I thought he died. I thought he was long gone from our lives. I thought when we removed him from life support, he was gone.


Kendall: I thought he was gone when Zach shot him in the head.


Erica: I still want to know how Annie kept him alive.


Kendall: She has her ways.


Erica: Yes, she does. Yes, she does.


(Bianca’s Hotel Room)


Joshua still stands in the doorway.


Joshua: Can I come in?


Bianca: No. Why are you even here?


Joshua: Because, we need to talk.


Bianca: Why?


Joshua: I have something you would want to know about our mother.





agnes nixon



casey hutchison



casey hutchison



james a. baffico



David Canary as Adam & Stuart Chandler

Debbie Morgas as Dr. Angela Baxter Hubbard

Julia Barr as Brooke English

Michael Nouri as Caleb Cortlandt

Lindsay Hartley as Dr. Cara Castillo

Natalie Hall as Colby Chandler

Vincent Irizarry as Dr. David Hayward

Cady McClain as Dixie Cooney Martin

Susan Lucci as Erica Kane

Rebecca Buding as Greenlee Smythe Lavery

Jacob Young as J.R. Chandler & Kevin

Walt Willey as Jackson Montgomery

Alicia Minshew as Kendall Hart Slater

Darnell Williams as Jesse Hubbard

Bobbie Eakes as Krystal Carey

Camila Banus as Lily Montgomery

Jamie Luner as Liza Colby

Cameron Mathison as Ryan Lavery

Michael E Knight as Tad Martin

Thorsten Kaye as Zach Slater

Tate Berney as A.J. Chandler

Chrishell Stause as Amanda Dillon Martin

Trent Garrett as Asher Pike

Eden Riegel as Bianca Montgomery

J.R. Martinez as Brot Monroe

Ricky Paull Goldin as Dr. Jake Martin

Cornelius Smith, Jr as Dr. Frankie Hubbard

Jordi Vilasuso as Dr. Griffin Castillo

Ray MacDonald as Dr. Joe Martin

Stephanie Gatschet as Madison North

Daniel Cosgrove as Scott Chandler

Shannon Kane as Natalia

Jill Larson as Opal Cortlandt

Melissa Claire Egan as Annie Lavery

Kimberly Matula as Emma Lavery

Freddie Smith as Ian Slater

Molly Burnett as Kathy Martin

Adam Gregory as Spike Lavery

Mark La Mura as Mark Dalton

Jordana Brewster as Gillian Andrassy


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