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AMC #30 - The End For Annie Lavery + Frankie's Shocking Announcement



All My Children Tuesday 12/15/15

Episode #30


Created By: Agnes Nixon

Written By: Casey Hutchison

Time of Day: Night



(Angie’s Office)


Angie pours herself a cup of coffee. She is a tad distraught and saddened by tonight's stressful, and dramatic events.




Angie: (TALKING TO ERICA) I am so sorry. Marissa did not make it through tonight. The damage was just too severe. We tried everything we could, but she had injuries past her spine.




She lets out a sigh, and sits down, behind her desk.


Angie: These nights are never easy.


Angie begins to get her paperwork out, as there is a knock at the door.


Angie: Come in!


Her son, Frankie, enters.


Angie: Hey baby.


Frankie: Hey mom. It has been quite a night.


Angie: Yes, it has. It truly has. What can I help you with?


Frankie: I wanted to tell you this first, before anyone else. It is quite a huge step I am taking in my life. I can’t wait until you hear about it.


Angie: Frankie, what is it?


Frankie: I’m leaving Pine Valley. For good.


(Secret Room)


Joshua Madden is putting his scrubs on.


Greenlee: I thought you were dead. Joshua, you were injured in that shootout with Zach, and you were pronounced brain dead. There is no way you could be standing here. It is extremely impossible.


Joshua: Greenlee, this is Pine Valley. Anything is possible, if you put your mind to it. See, I woke up. Annie here saved me in a way. She got me everything I needed for the past six years I have been away.


Amanda: I can’t believe this. (Sobbing) This is crazy. Let me leave.


Natalia: An…


Annie: Shut up! I don’t want any of that to start! Joshua, is getting ready. He is delivering Greenlee’s baby for me. Then, that is all.


Natalia: What are you going to do with us?


Amanda: Are you going to kill us?


Annie: There’s an idea.




(Police Station)


Police are rushing everywhere. They are trying to look for Annie. Jesse rushes up to Brot. The two embrace one another.


Jesse: How are you holding up, buddy?


Brot: I’m good. I am just worried about your daughter, and our baby.


Jesse: I am too.


Brot: Any leads?


Jesse: They have kind of fell through. What about you?


Brot: Nothing.


Zach and Ryan go up to Jesse and Brot. They have brought Jake with them.


Jake: Jesse, I just heart. W-w-where’s my wife? Where is she? Have you found this crazy bitch? Is Annie in custody? How is our baby?


Jesse: We… (short pause) We don’t have anything yet.


Jake: You don’t have anything?! I need something! Give me something!


Zach: We are working our hardest.


Brot: Jake, our wives are out there too. Kendall is in the hospital, because of head injury, and she was drugged. We are all going through this.


Ryan: That is true.


Brot: Have you called Angie yet?


Jesse: No. I don’t want her involved in this mess.


Brot: Are you sure that is best? We know Annie wants the babies. Maybe, Angie should be on sight when we find them.


Jesse: No! That is final!


Brot: Okay. I understand.


Then, Ryan’s phone beeps.


Ryan: Guys…


Zach: What?


Ryan: It's an unknown number.


Jesse: Start tracing this call, people!


Then, someone enters.


Jackson: Damn right you better track. We are finding Greenlee.


Ryan answers.


Ryan: Annie?


Annie (Over Phone): Hello Ryan.


Ryan: Annie, where are you?


Annie: That isn’t important. I just wanted you to know that I am about to have our baby. I can’t wait for you to see it. Bye Ryan.


Ryan: No! Annie!


The line goes dead.


Ryan: Dammit!


Jesse: Don’t be worried.


Ryan: What? How can I not be worried?!


Jesse: Because, we got the location.


(Pine Valley Hospital)


Erica steps off the elevator. She goes to Bianca. Bianca is curled up in a chair. She is looking at a picture of Marissa.


Erica: Honey…


Bianca is lightly sobbing.


Erica: Bianca, this is your mother, honey. I’m here.


Erica sits next to Bianca. She hugs her, as Bianca cries.


Erica: Shhhh. I know, honey. I know.


Bianca: (Cries) I just lost her. Not enough years. I lost the love of my life. She is gone! She is never coming back! I escaped out of the explosion. As fine as could be. I was fine. She had so much damage, that she died. She is dead.


Erica: Honey, I know what it is like to lose someone you love deeply.


Bianca: Do you know what it is like to tell the family?


Erica: (Sighs) Unfortunately, I do. About forty two years ago, I dated this guy named, Jason Maxwell. He was a very nice man. He always loved me, and cared for me. But, I played him. I regret it, everyday. Anyways, I did have to tell his parents what happened. Even though, I wasn’t the cause.


Bianca: What was the cause?


Erica: Car accident. He skidded off the road in dead winter. He crashed into a telephone pole. The injuries were to extensive.


Bianca: Just like Marissa. Terrible accident, even worse injuries.


Erica: Can I ask you a question, honey?


Bianca: What?


Erica: Who would do such a thing?


Bianca: I’ve been wondering that ever since that door exploded into my face. I have an idea, though.


Erica: Who?


Bianca: Annie Lavery.


(Angie’s Office)


Angie stands, and goes to her son. She is a bit confused on the matters her son has presented her with.


Angie: You are leaving Pine Valley for good?


Frankie: Yes.


Angie: I had no clue about this. When was this decided.


Frankie: I decided on it tonight. Bought a plane ticket.


Angie: Plane ticket? Are you going out of the country, Frankie? Honey, what in the world is going on? What are you leaving Pine Valley for?


Frankie: I’m doing Doctors Without Borders, in Iraq.


Angie: You are not.


Frankie: Excuse me? Mom, I am an adult.


Angie: You are a young doctor. You are still learning. You referred this whole thing to you? Which doctor was it?


Frankie: Cara.


Angie: (Sighs) I should have known.


Frankie: What is that supposed to mean?


Angie: She has been trying to get someone to do this.


Frankie: It is a great experience.


Angie: I know that. I am just saying that you are not ready.


Frankie: I have the skill.


Angie: That is not what I am saying.


Frankie: Then, what are you saying?!


Angie: I am saying!... I am saying that you are not experienced in terms of the things you will see over there. Tonight, was the biggest night of your career.


Frankie: And I succeeded.


Angie: Yes you did. But, do you want that to be every waking hour? Do you want every waking hour to be what happened here, tonight?


Frankie: Mom, listen to me. I love you. I value your opinion, but I am doing this if you like it or not. It is my choice. I have already talked to Joe. I am being transferred tonight. Joe is the chief of staff. He has signed off.


Angie: I bet he has. I love you, honey.


Frankie: I love you too, mom.


Angie: Come here.


Angie gives Frankie a huge hug.


Angie: (Sobs) I love you. Good luck.


Frankie: Thank you. I love you too.


Angie: Wait.


Frankie: What?


Angie: Can I drive you to the airport?


Frankie: (Laughs) Of course.


Angie smiles.


(Pine Valley Hospital)


Bianca puts her phone back in her purse. Erica is caught off guard.


Erica: Annie?


Bianca: You must not have heard.


Erica: Heard what?


Bianca: (Sighs) Annie, is doing her big scheme again. She has Amanda, Greenlee, and Natalia. She is going to steal one of their babies.


Erica: Oh my god. I have to call Jackson.


Bianca: That would probably be a good idea. But, I need to tell you something.


Erica: What is it?


Bianca: Annie injured Kendall.


Erica: Is she alright?

Bianca: Yeah. Just some stitches, and they got the drugs out of her system. Mom, there is something else I thought about.


Erica: What?


Bianca: What if Annie was spiking your drinks?


Erica: What? What brought you to this conclusion?


Bianca: There was a list. There was a list that had Annie’s enemies on it. We were all included. It makes sense that she would want to spike your drink. You fall off the wagon. Downward spiral. Win-win.


Erica: I am going to kill her!


(Secret Room)


Annie has two men get Greenlee tied down to a gurney.


Amanda: Annie, you don’t have to do this.


Natalia: Really you don’t. Annie, you can still make a run for it. You and Joshua both. You don’t have to stay here.


Annie: I need what Greenlee took from me, and that was a baby with my true love, Ryan. He is mine. This baby is mine.


Greenlee: Annie, you know the right thing to do is to flee.


Annie: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! (Crying) Because, of you Greenlee! Because of you, I did not get my true love. I did not get a baby.


Greenlee: You have Emma.


Annie: She is growing up. She is getting too old.


Greenlee: Age doesn’t matter. Annie, you will always love Emma. If she was five, or ninety, you would love her. I know you would. You don’t need another baby.


Natalia: If you do this, you will never see Emma again.


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Joshua: They are just trying to con you Annie. They don’t care about you. The don’t care about Emma and your relationship.


Annie: You are right, Josh. The don’t. They only care about themselves.


The three women scream. Before Greenlee is rolled off into surgery, Jake, Jesse, Brot, Jackson, and Ryan bust in with guns, and police.


Ryan: Freeze!


Everyone is shocked.


***FADE OUT***





agnes nixon



casey hutchison



casey hutchison



james a. baffico



David Canary as Adam & Stuart Chandler

Debbie Morgas as Dr. Angela Baxter Hubbard

Julia Barr as Brooke English

Michael Nouri as Caleb Cortlandt

Lindsay Hartley as Dr. Cara Castillo

Natalie Hall as Colby Chandler

Vincent Irizarry as Dr. David Hayward

Cady McClain as Dixie Cooney Martin

Susan Lucci as Erica Kane

Rebecca Buding as Greenlee Smythe Lavery

Jacob Young as J.R. Chandler & Kevin

Walt Willey as Jackson Montgomery

Alicia Minshew as Kendall Hart Slater

Darnell Williams as Jesse Hubbard

Bobbie Eakes as Krystal Carey

Camila Banus as Lily Montgomery

Jamie Luner as Liza Colby

Cameron Mathison as Ryan Lavery

Michael E Knight as Tad Martin

Thorsten Kaye as Zach Slater

Tate Berney as A.J. Chandler

Chrishell Stause as Amanda Dillon Martin

Trent Garrett as Asher Pike

Eden Riegel as Bianca Montgomery

J.R. Martinez as Brot Monroe

Ricky Paull Goldin as Dr. Jake Martin

Cornelius Smith, Jr as Dr. Frankie Hubbard

Jordi Vilasuso as Dr. Griffin Castillo

Ray MacDonald as Dr. Joe Martin

Stephanie Gatschet as Madison North

Daniel Cosgrove as Scott Chandler

Shannon Kane as Natalia

Jill Larson as Opal Cortlandt

Melissa Claire Egan as Annie Lavery

Kimberly Matula as Emma Lavery

Freddie Smith as Ian Slater

Kimberly Matula as Kathy Martin

Adam Gregory as Spike Lavery

Mark La Mura as Mark Dalton

Jordana Brewster as Gillian Andrassy




I want to inform you that beginning soon David Canary’s passing will be dealt with. Adam and Stuart Chandler will exit in true fashion.



Casey Hutchison (Head Writer/Executive Producer)


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