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Will Michael incriminate himself on the stand?



yr_bold_baldwin_michael_9.jpgMichael has taken the witness stand. Victor is wondering is he going to incriminate himself out in order to sell out Victor. Michael has a nervous look on his face and takes a deep breathe. Spencer walks over to Michael

thCANS4T73.jpg“Are you ok Mr. Baldwin, you seem a bit nervous.

Lauren whispering to Paul: Let’s see how much of a man Michael isn’t.

thumbnailCAUJVEFZ.jpgEpisode 94: Will Michael incriminate himself on the stand?

Written by ML Cooks

Tack house.

Olivia knocks on the door “ It’s me Phyllis, Olivia”

Phyllis: Come in Olivia.

Olivia: Thank you. Its good to see you out the hospital.

Phyllis: Yes I wish I could see my self too.

Olivia: That’s why I’m here Phyllis.

Phyllis: You’re going to help me get my eye sight back?

Olivia: Yes I finally located a doctor who is willing to do the delicate procedure to restore your burnt out retinas.

Phyllis smiles: Good I want to see for myself the psycho who is stalking me.michelle-stafford-picturesoapoprah.jpg

Olivia has a flashback in her mind of the mystery woman breaking into her office and stealing all of Phyllis’s medical files.

Chloe knocks on Billy’s door. He opens it up. He smiles and pulls her inside and kisses her.

Billy: I’m so glad to see you. I’ve missed you.

Chloe: Billy I’ve missed you too.

Billy: I really need you right now after a stressful day at Newman’s trial.

Chloe: How did that go?

Billy: I think I did well. I did my part in putting that monster away.

Chloe: Man on a mission. I used to love that about you.

Billy: Do you?” He grabs her and kisses her again. They begin to take each others clothes off and make love on the couch.penthouse5.png

Back at Court.

Michael: I’m quite fine Mr. Walsh. Can we get on with this?

Spencer: My pleasure. ( he pauses and looks at Victor with a smile sending et another clue to Victor that he won’t bow down to him. He then looks back at Michael) Mr. Baldwin you were Victor Newman’s personal legal counsel correct?

Michael: That is true.

Spencer: And in that role you helped execute Victor Newman’s machinations.

Michael: I’m not sure what you mean?

Spencer: What ever Victor wanted, such as a take over at Jabot or if he wanted Billy kidnapped, you had a lead role in those events.

Michael: I have no idea what you are talking about.

Spencer: Let me remind you Mr. Baldwin you are under oath.

Michael: I know that Mr. Walsh. And I’ve told you the truth. I have no idea what Victor did with Billy Abbott or if he did it. I had no part or knowledge of that.

Spencer: What about insider trading?

Michael: I have no idea. I was legal council for Victor for Newman Enterprises. Anything pertaining to that was my job. Things out side of that like this alleged kidnapping of Billy Abbott is out side the scope of my job requirements.

Spencer: Is that how we playing it today Mr. Baldwin?

Michael: Playing?

Spencer: Mr. Baldwin this is not over sir. I’m going to launch an investigation on your involvement in Victor’s crimes. And If you lied today here in this court under oath, I assure you I’m going to prosecute you for perjury in addition to any other crimes you are covering up.

Michael thinks of the mystery woman black mailing him to help her kill Phyllis.

Spencer: No more questions your honor.

Mathis: Does the defense wish to cross examine the witness?

Rafe: Yes your honor.thumbnailCA8MGVE2.jpg

Rafe stands up and approaches Michael.

Rafe: Mr. Baldwin as personal legal counsel to Newman Enterprises is it fair to say you spent a fair amount of time with Victor?

Michael: Too much maybe. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries. Victor called I was right there.

Rafe: So you spent a lot of your time with Victor so how would Victor have the time to execute all these crimes the state is accusing him of.

Michael is stunned by the question. He realizes he’s been careful thus far treading above water not incriminating himself. But he also knows Lauren is in the crowd listening to all his answers. The main reason he is divorcing him is due to the fact he can’t stand up to Victor and his role in Billy’s kidnapping. He also doesn’t want to help Victor out in any way for exposing him to Lauren. He feels its damn if he does and damn if he doesn’t

Rafe: Mr. Baldwin, please answer the question. If you spent so much time with Victor how was he capable of committing all these crimes?

The Tack house

Phyllis: Olivia don’t get quiet on me. Tell me more about my eyesight restoration.

Olivia: It will be done here in Genoa City. Dr. Conrad is flying in from Israel to conduct the risky operation.

Phyllis: Wow Israel. How did you manage that?

Olivia; It took awhile. But some networking helped.

Phyllis: Olivia, thank you. That means so much to me. You don’t know what it means to me to be able to have some hope that I’ll be able to see again. See life, my daughter. Thank you so much Olivia” Olivia walks over to Phyllis and gives her a hug. Sheila is out side the tack house watching the scene of embrace. She takes a picture of the sisterhood scene.

Billy’s House. Chloe lays in Billy’s arms on the couch.

Billy: God that was great. I really needed that.

She kisses him: You weren’t so bad your self.” She then sits up. He then does too. He looks at her.

Billy: Chloe what’s wrong?

Chloe: Look at us Billy? We are in the home you share with your wife having an affair.

Billy: Chloe please no labels.

Chloe: It’s to late for that Billy. This is more than good sex to me. What is going to happen when Victoria gets back from Japan? Is this over? Billy I can’t deal with that. I need you. I love you.

Billy: You love me Chloe?

Chloe: Yes I’ve told you that once before. This is more than sex to me. I listen to Delia every night crying asking why can’t her parents reunite Billy. Our daughter is involved in this too. She’s see how close we grown in the last few months. We can’t treat this as great sex any more. We have others to think about. Your wife, our daughter. We are being selfish. How long can we continue like this?

Billy: Damn Chloe I wasn’t expecting all of that. You hit me with a bombshell.” He buries his hand in his face.

Chloe gets up to begin to get dressed.

Chloe: I don’t think we should see each other any more until you come to terms on what this is and what you want. I won’t go on like this Billy.” She then grabs her purse and leaves. He gets a beer from his fridge and sits back on the couch and takes a sip

“What have I done” he says out loud. “ What am I going to do?”

Back at the Court

Lauren, and Victor continue to watch Michael commit perjury on the stand.

Michael: I have no idea how Victor would have had time to commit all those alleged crimes.

Lauren is shocked and disappointed. Victor smiles.

Rafe: No more questions.

Mathis: The witness may stand down.

Lauren shakes her head at Michael.

Spencer: Your honor, the state calls Lauren Fenmore to the stand.

Lauren looking at Paul: I’m going to expose Michael for the liar he is. He lied on the stand and I’m going to make things fight for my sons sake.” She stands up and rolls her eyes at Michael as she approaches the stand.

Avery whispers to Victor: Well Michael did us a favor but now his wife could ruin all of that.

Victor: Let’s wait and see.

Rafe: She’s going to expose Michael lies!

Lauren is sworn in as Spencer approaches the bench.

Spencer: You are married to Michael Baldwin?

Lauren: Not for much longer. We are in the process of divorce.

Spencer: Why is that Ms. Fenmore?

Lauren: Because my husband is Victor Newman’s Bitch. And after today a liar.

Mathis bursts out with laughter. “ Damn”

Spencer: Michael Baldwin lied under oath?

Lauren: he sure as hell did. He lied about everything.

Victor bows his head and closes his eyes. Everyone in the courtroom looks at Michael Baldwin. Lauren has a victorious smile on her face.


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Lauren must hate Michael...I think it's more she's just tired of Michael's lies....Chloe done caught feelings...and Phyllis is about to get her eyesight back, hopefully to see who was stalking her.....

Good episode...

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Lauren is really upset over Mike's role in Billy's kidnapping that kept him away from Delia. Shes also mad that Mike missed so much family time to be Vic's bitch. Thanks or reading.

PM me on on that story I ptiched to you. I got more ideas after reading kirks tiem in GC.

We approaching 10o buddy u got soemthign big planned?

I do kinda. I had to air a certain story a week earlier to get a big bang on my 100th.

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