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Dru gets bad News as Jack gets revenge on Victor!!



Judge Mathis Courtroom. Victor roll his eyes at his arch rival Jack Abbott being sworn onto the stand. “Spare me” He says under his breath. As Jack says : It’s my complete pleasure to tell this court the whole truth today.”

The Judge looks at Victor.

“The most reaction I’ve seen out of you since this trial has started Mr. Newman. Why the reaction for Mr. Abbott?”

Victor: thumbnailCA0Y2I1R.jpgYour honor, Jack Abbot is a loser, scum and a bottom feeder. He’s a pip squeak and a punk. Nothing he says matters. He’s a non factor. Anything he says on this stand today is only intended to be revenge of a personal nature. Jack Abbott is a drama queen your honor.”

Mathis:judge-mathis.jpg Wow, Those are some pretty serious words. Sir, it will be up to me and the jury of your peers to determine if Jack About is a drama queen as you called him. Mr. Walsh begin your line of questioning.

Spencer stands up and approaches the witness stand.

“Mr. Abbott its very well documented that you and the accused have a rival liken to the devil and God.”

Jack: Jack.jpgOh yes. Victor Newman is the devil himself. A rich one I might add.” he says giving his infamous smirky smile looking right at Victor


Episode 90: Jack Vs Victor! Dru gets bad News!

Written by ML Cooks

In Verdon Lou, Sheila’s cabin.hauntedpic1.jpg Sharon is tied to a chair looking at Dru who is sleep and also tied to the bed. Dru begins to wake up. Things are kind of blurry for her.

“Where am I? “

“Dru, Oh my god your awake. Are you ok?

Dru tries moving around but realizes she is tied down. “ What is this Sharon?

Sharon: 0soapoprahsharon.jpgSheila has us tied up in her cabin in Verdon Lou. Then she shot u in the back when you tried to escape.”

Dru: thumbnailCAJVCBE3-1.jpgYes I ‘member. She had bad breathe and I was keeping it real and the bitch got mad.” Dru tries to move her arms.

Dru: Sharon something is not right.

Sharon: What do you mean?”

Dru: I can move my arms very good and my upper body but when I try to move my legs I can’t. It’s like I feel nothing.”

Sharon: Maybe the ropes are to tight.”

Dru: Your right. I’ll keep trying to move and get free. Where is that crazy bitch now?

Sharon: I don’t know. She said something about Phyllis.

The Athletic Club. Neil hangs up his cell phone as Harmony walks over to him.

“How you holding up Neil?”

Neil: thumbnailCAVBLK7H.jpgNot to well Harmony to be honest. I just made arrangements for Sophia’s funeral.

Harmony: 167f.jpgThat must have been so hard for you.

Neil: It was but it has to be done. How are you holding up?

Harmony: Neil its not about me right now. If you still need help with Moses I’m still available.

Neil: You would be willing to move in still and be a full time nanny?

At the Hospital. Ronan walks into Phyllis’s room.

“It’s me Ronan.”

Phyllis: imagesCANVFXZOSoapOprah.jpgGee thanks for showing up. Where were you when I was kidnapped and some one tried to kill me?

Ronan:Jeff-BransonSoapOprahronan.jpg Phyllis don’t start. I’ve launched an investigation.

Phyllis: I don’t understand what that means. Some one has been after me for months and nearly succeeded in killing me instead an innocent woman dies. How does that happen in a hospital Ronan? You said you’d protect me.”

Nick walks in

“Phyllis take it easy. I sure Ronan is doing the best he can.

Phyllis: How reassuring.”

Nick: 0soapoprahjpgnick-1.jpgI’m here to get you.

Phyllis: Get me for what?

Nick: You have to testify in dad’s trial. Then I’m taking you home with me.

Phyllis smiles. “ I’m going home with you?”

Nick: Yes. You’ll be much safer there.’ Nick says looking at Ronan.

Ronan: That’s a jab at me. Don’t worry Nick, I’ll find out who is behind stalking Phyllis.

Nick: You do that.’ Ronan leaves.

Back at the Club.

Harmony: You want me to move in?

Neil: I do, that is what the job entails. Would that be a problem for you? I tell you Harmony, I could really use you right now.

Harmony: Well sure. If you need me.

Neil: I do you have no idea. So that’s a yes?

Harmony: Yes!”

Neil Hugs her: “Thank you Harmony. You have no idea how much this means to me.”

Back in Court.

Spencer: thumbnailCAMJK5ZL.jpgMr. Abbott tell us some of the details of this feud with you and Victor.

Jack: We can start with the power this man has over people. He is the root cause of my sister’s mental break down when they were together the first time. If that wasn’t enough he some how managed to steal away my fathers company. In taking Jabot public Victor some how set up dummy corporations to buy Jabot stock and in the end he owned it. We know it was insider trading.”

Spencer: Is there any proof that there was insider trading going on at the time?

Jack: No. The mustache probably paid the person off or had them killed.

Judge: Say what? Mustache? What is that?

Jack: Oh your honor, it’s a little name I’ve given to Victor. Look at it. It’s fitting.”

Mathis looks at Victor and then laughs. Spencer has a smile on his face to.

Jack: I was married to Nikki Newman Victor’s ex. She was pregnant with my child. Vic couldn’t handle it so he argued with my wife and the stress from that caused Nikki to lose our child. Not only is he a baby Killer, he also hired mentally ill Patti Williams who went by the name Mary Jane Benson to get close to me. Well Patty ended up killing my niece Colleen. Victor also got shot and needed a heart and that son of a bitch got my nieces heart.” Jack’s face turns red and his voice gets shaky as his eye water up.

Mathis: Lets take a recess.

In Verdon Lou.

Dru is trying to move her legs under the ropes she’s tied to.

“Sharon something is not right. I can move my upper body but I can feel nothing in my legs.”

Sharon: You legs are just tied down really tight.”

They both hear a loud crunch by the door way. Sharon looks over and sees Sheila enjoying a delicious granny smith green apple with a grin on her face.inl.jpg

Sharon: Sheila please let us go. I have a child at home. People are going to know I’m missing. I’m a Newman.”

Sheila: I maybe a Newman too one day. Never know.”

Dru: Bitch you crazy. You won’t get away with this.

Sheila: That mouth again. What are you going to do street trash?” Sheila walks over to Dru as Sharon gets nervous. Sheila begins to untie the rope from Dru’s legs.

Sharon: Your letting us go?”

Sheila: I’m letting Dru go.

Dru: Thank God.” Dru’s legs are free. She tries to move them but cant.

Sheila: What’s the matter street trash?

Sharon: Dru go! Get help!

Dru: I can’t move my legs.

Sheila begins to chuckle.

Dru: It wasn’t the ropes. I cant move or feel my damn legs.

Sheila: I bet. It’s because your paralyzed!!

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