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ANOTHER WORLD 79 Jake and Vicky take an important step




Jake and Vicky take an important step


Bridget walks into the living room, where Jake sits, and Bridget sits next to him on the couch.

Bridget: Ice cream bar?

Jake: Oh come on you know I won’t refuse that.

Bridget (giving him the ice cream): You and mom going to get counseling today?

Jake: Yep.

Bridget: That’s good right?

Jake: I hope so.

Vicky comes to the top of the stairs and listens.

Bridget: You know I can’t help but feel responsible for where you and mom are at.

Jake: For the last time, it’s not your fault.

Bridget: If I hadn’t been fighting with Michele…if she hadn’t….

Jake: Don’t bring that up. We had problems before Michele died. It’s not your fault.

Vicky interrupts and joins them in the living room.

Vicky: Your father’s right. Stop blaming yourself honey. I was unfair to you, and I’m sorry.

Bridget: I just didn’t think that you…loved me as much as you loved Michele.

Vicky: That’s ridiculous. I love all my children equally.

Jake: Well we better get going or we’re going to be late.




Cass gets a phone call on his blackberry.

Cass: Stacey!

Lindsay walks out of the bedroom and overhears.

Stacey: Hey brother.

Cass: Hey. What’s going on?

Stacey: I’m fine. I’m just wondering if you’ve seen my daughter.

Cass: Lindsay’s been here the whole time.

Stacey: She hasn’t returned any of my phone calls recently.

Cass: I don’t understand this animosity that you two are having right now. What’s going on?

Stacey: I’ll explain everything when I get there?

Cass: You’re coming to Bay City?

Stacey: Getting on the plane now.

Cass hangs up and Lindsay confronts him.

Lindsay: Did I hear right? My mom is on her way here?

Cass: Yeah.


BAY CITY CENTERblogentry-14971-0-15214600-1344013654_thblogentry-14971-0-31695100-1344013677_th

Kirkland has just announced that he is running for mayor of Bay City, upstaging Grant…and Charlie gets up and runs away…Kirkland notices, follows her, and stops her. They are now away from the press conference.

Kirkland: Where are you going?

Charlie: How could you do this?

Kirkland: Let me explain…

Charlie: I don’t want to be anywhere near you!





Jake has a pen and pad, and he sits next to Vicky.

Vicky: Why do you have a pen and pad?

Jake: The doctor’s gonna have one aren’t they?

Vicky: Yeah I suppose so.

Jake: Why can’t I take notes?

Vicky: Usually you would take a pen and paper to class, not to a marriage counseling session.

Jake: I guess I can’t stop being a reporter.

A woman walks up to them.

Woman: Mr. and Mrs. McKinnon?

Jake: That’s us.

Woman: The doctor’s ready to see you.



Lindsay: Well it’ll be good to see her.

Cass: It’ll also be good to get to the bottom of what’s going on between you two.

Lindsay: Well I’m headed to work.

Cass: Look Lindsay, I’m not trying to be nosy. You are my family. I don’t want to see you at odds with your mother.

Lindsay: That’s sweet of you Uncle Cass, but it’s really not that serious.

Cass: I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday. I know there’s something going on between you and Stacey, and I hope that when she gets here, we will figure out what’s going on.

Lindsay: I’m sure we will.

Lindsay pecks Cass on the cheek.

Lindsay: I’m off to work.



Kirkland: How can you say that?

Charlie: You made a ridiculous scene Kirkland! I am so embarrassed!

Kirkland: I just seized the opportunity to make this announcement. I didn’t mean to make you look stupid or anything like that.

Charlie: You did this because your resentment toward your father is consuming you.

Kirkland: Why do you think everything I do is because of how I feel about Grant?

Charlie: Because it is.

Kirkland: I’m falling in love with you Charlie. I do not want to hurt you.

Charlie: If you care about me at all, you’ll give this up. You’ll do it for the right reasons, not because you want revenge against your dad.

Grant and Paulina walk up separately.

Grant: Listen to your girlfriend, son.

Kirkland: You don’t get to say anything about Charlie.

Grant: Give this up.

Paulina: I agree with Grant. You don’t wanna do this.

Grant: Maybe you need to seek some help.

Kirkland: I don’t need counseling. I need to DEFEAT you.

Grant: You’re going about it all wrong son. You should pull out of this race.

Kirkland: Bring it on dad. Do you think that I’m afraid of you?

Grant: You don’t want to play in this sandbox. It can get really dirty, and I’m gonna do whatever it takes to win this race.



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