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Neil learns Sophia is DEAD!!



Court is back in session after TGVN entered a plea of not guilty.

Judge:judge-mathis.jpg let’s get this trial started. I got to hear the details of all of this. Mr. Walsh your opening statement.

thumbnailCAMJK5ZL.jpgMr.: Walsh: My pleasure your honor.” Spencer stands up and buttons up his coat and approaches the jury.

Spencer: This is going to be very easy. A business tycoon who used his money, and power to manipulate things to his liking or benefit. These methods include black mail, kidnapping, tampering with police evidence, and the murder of a Diane Jenkins. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury over the course of the next several days we are going to hear the sordid details of this evil man Victor Newman who has inflicted pain to the people that surrounds him. I urge you to consider all the facts when I ask the court for the maximum penalty. The Death Penalty!”

Judge Mathis: Damn!

The courtroom is outraged again as Nick and Nikki look at each other learning the Spencer intends to seek the death penalty for Victor Newman


Episode 87: Neil Learns Sophia is Dead!

Written by ML Cooks

Harmony arrives at the Jail. She sees Neil is being released.

Harmony: Neil what’s going on?

Neil: Cane and Spencer agreed to drop the charges. I don’t know why.

Harmony: Oh my. You must not know.

Neil: Know what?

Harmony: Neil, I hate to be the one that tells you this but there’s been a terrible accident.

Neil: Accident? With who?

Harmony: With Sophia. I’m sorry Neil she is dead.

Neil: WHAT?! Where? Where is my son?

Harmony: I am not to sure.

Neil takes off. Harmony chases after him.


Judge Mathis: Call your first witness Counselor.

Spencer: I call Billy Abbott to the stand.

Victor rolls his eyes as Billy flashes Victor a bright smile on his way up to take the stand. Billy is sworn in

Spencer: Mr. Abbott, can you tell us what Victor has done to you?

Billy: He kidnapped me because I would not bend to his will. He wants me out of his daughters life. SO since I did not do as he asked he had me kidnapped, beaten up and held at gun point. For weeks. Until I agreed to leave Victoria. I got tired of being held captive so I broke free and came back to town.

Spencer: So you saw Victor Newman kidnap you?

Billy: It was one of his cheesy goons. But Victor finally showed up and admitted everything. Then the blackmail began.

Spencer: Your witness” he says looking at Avery. Avery is nervous as she really doesn’t have anything to cross examine with.

Avery: Billy, you heard word for word that Victor admitted that he had you kidnaped.

Billy: Well you know he mumbles. SO sometimes it’s hard to put what comes out that old man’s mouth together. But I was able to put two and two together and I got four.

The courtroom laughs as does Avery.

Judge Mathis: Hell naw.

Avery: No further questions.

Judge: That’s it? That’s all you got? The witness may step down.” Then he looks at Victor.

“Uh sir, this is not looking very good for you so far.”

Neil arrives at Malcolm’s with Harmony right behind him. He pounds on the door. Malcolm opens it. He sees Moses in a crib.

Neil; Why is my son here where is Sophia?

Neil walks in and holds his son.

Malcolm looks at Neil.

Neil: Where is she man? What is wrong with you?

Malcolm has tears streaming down his face.

Malcolm: She’s gone. Sophia is dead.

Neil: What do you mean?

Malcolm: It was a car accident. She was trying to avoid hitting Phyllis and hit a street pole instead. Nate tried but there was nothing he can do. SHES GONE MAN!” Malcolm sinks to the floor and bawls his eyes out. Harmony leans down and holds him. Neil is stunned and sits down on the couch looking at Moses in shock.

At the cemetery.

Nate:nate.jpg So you know I changed Moses paternity. Roxanne what are you going to do about it?

Roxanne:thumbnailCAERFBK3.jpg Nothing at all. This is not my story. It’s yours but I’m here for you.

Nate: Roxanne I really messed up And I can’t fix it. Sophia is dead. It’s my fault. What am I going to do?

Roxanne: Nate, I really don’t know. Let’s leave and go somewhere more, uhm just not creepy, This is a graveyard it gives me the creeps.” Roxanne grabs Nate’s hand and pulls him to her car.

Back at the Court. Judge Mathis instructs him to call his next witness.

Spencer: I call Katherine Chancellor to the stand.

Chatter in the courtroom increase as everyone wonders how far will Katherine go to protect her friend Victor.

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