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Victor Newman's Trial gets Underway!



Genoa City Courthouse. Spencer Walsh into the courtroom with his briefcase and he takes his seat on the DA side of the room. Then walks in Victor Newman’s defense team, Avery, Rafe and Leslie. They sit at their table and sort through their notes. Avery and Spencer look at each other.

thumbnailCAMJK5ZL.jpgSpencer: Counselor.

b0066faf.jpgAvery: Good day Mr. Walsh.

Spencer: Ever lost a case before?

Avery: Can’t say that I have.

Spencer; Well there is a first time for everything.

Avery; Spencer I’m not here to lose my clients case.

Spencer: You should be. Victor Newman is going down but if I have my way, he will get the death penalty.

thumbnailCAUJVEFZ.jpgEpisode 86: The Trial of Victor Newman

Written by ML Cooks

hauntedpic1.jpgIn Verdon Lou, Dru lays on the ground with a bullet wound to her back. Sharon is screaming. Sheila points the gun at her.

Sheila: You better shut the hell up blondie! Now get inside so I can tie you up!

Sharon: What about Dru?

Sheila: Don’t worry about Miss 94th and Crenshaw. Now move it!” Sheila and Sharon walk inside as Dru lays on the ground in terrible pain. She can’t even scream out. She tries to move towards the car but can’t. Sheila comes back outside and drags Dru inside the cottage. Sheila lays Dru on her stomach and ties her up to a bed.

Dru: Help me.

Sheila: Oh shut up! I’m a nurse.” Sheila leaves to go get medical supplies and see what she can do about Dru’s bullet wound to the back.

Court House.

Jack and Nikki are the first to arrive. They grab their seats Then Traci, Ashley, Tucker and Billy, all walk in and sit next to Jack and Nikki. Next to arrive is Paul, Michael Baldwin, and Lauren. They all sit behind the DA’s side. Then in walks the grand dame herself Katherine Chancellor followed by Jill. Every one looks at her. Kay sits behind the defense team and everyone lets out gaps and chatter among the people begin to increase.

Nikki, turning to Jack: It breaks my heart to see Katherine do this. I swear Jack I will get Newman back for my kids. It belongs to them.

Jack: I’m going to help you. No worries.

thumbnailCA0Y2I1R.jpgThen the man of the hour walks in. In an orange jumpsuit and handcuffed, officers escort Victor Newman to his seat. Everyone stares at him; Victor keeps a straight face and looks ahead not making any eye contact with anyone. He takes his seat.

Avery: Victor, there was a last minute switch with the judge.

Victor: What do you mean? I was counting on Judge Hollingsworth. He owes me a favor. When did this come about?

Leslie: He called in sick last night.

Victor: Well who is the damn judge now?

Rafe: A visiting Judge. Judge Greg Mathis.judge-mathis.jpg

Victor is stunned.

At the Cemetery.nate-1.jpg Nate is visiting his father’s tombstone. He has tears in his eyes. He talks to the tombstone, making it take the pace of his dad.

“I messed up. I really messed up. Sophia is dead. I was an accomplice in the death of Sophia all because I was stupid. Stupid switching Moses paternity results. If it wasn’t for that, the mystery woman would have never been able to black mail me. Dad what am I going to do?” Nate falls to his knees and weeps.

I’m so sorry! God I’m so sorry!” He hollers out. He feels a touch behind him, he turns around and sees Roxanne.

Roxanne: I heard everything. I know what you did. You switched Moses paternity results to make Neil look like the father and not Malcolm.

Nate, standing up: Roxanne I didn’t mean too!. You have to believe me!” Nate is so upset he holds her without even thinking. Roxanne holds him back feeling bad that Nate is so torn up and that he is in this position.

The Courthouse. The bailiff announces to all “ All Rise” As judge Mathis enters the courtroom. He looks over the case dockets and says “Wow”

Judge: Will the defendant please rise.

Victor obeys

Judge: Victor Christian Newman you are being charged with one count of kidnapping , one count of blackmail, aiding and abetting a criminal, 3 counts of obstruction of justice, a count of tampering with evidence, and two counts of murder in the 2nd degree and it looks like you framed some one for murder. Man where do you have time to do all this stuff. This is crazy. How do you plea sir?”

The courtroom awaits Victor’s plea…..

Victor: Your honor, I plead not guilty!” The court room is outraged!Victor_Newman.jpg


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Good MIX of humor and drama!!! Judge Mathis!! That was a good one!!! I can see Sheila saying what she said (when she said "Blondie')...


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