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Dru is Alive as the 2nd The Second Mystery Woman Makes her Move!!



Sharon faints upon seeing Drucilla Winters back from the dead.thumbnailCAP2XDR9-1.jpg

Dru: Bitch ain’t no time for this mess.” Dru walks in Sharon’s house and drags Sharon inside. Dru locks the door behind her as the 2nd mystery woman looks inside the window to keep tabs on what is going on. Dru begins slapping Sharon’s face trying to get her to come to. That still doesn’t work. Dru gets a pitcher of cold water and splashes Sharon’s face. Sharon wakes up. She looks at Dru.

Sharon: Oh my God. This is a dream.

Dru: No Bitch. It’s me. Yo girl is back. And I’m in trouble Sharon. I need help.

Sharon: Dru. Oh my God. They hug.

“I’m so glad your back. This is a miracle.”


Episode 83: Dru is back from the Dead and the 2nd mystery woman makes her move!!!!!!

Written by ML Cooks

At the Jail. Kay arrives to visit Victor.

Victor: Dear lady. How lovely it is to see your face.

Victor: Uh Victor We have some problems.

Victor: Oh?

Kay: Nikki is on a rampage. She is out of character.

Victor: What do you mean?

Kay: She has declared war on me.

Victor: You’re not worried about Nikki are you? She’s an ex stripper.

Kay: Murphy walked on me too.

Victor: He’s a loser. That fisherman doesn’t deserve you Kay. What is it you are trying to tell me? You want to step down from Newman? You want to back out our plan?

At Sharon’s House.

Sharon: I have to put faith down to sleep. I’ll be right back.

Sharon: Ok girl.” Dru turns the TV on and the news reporter says Sophia is dead. Dru turns the TV off.

“What have I done?” She says. Sharon comes back.

Sharon: Dru. I’m so speech less. I don’t know what to say. I thought you died when you fell over that cliff.

Dru: No I didn’t. That bitch Phyllis pushed me. And I came back to town to make her pay. But Sharon it went wrong. My plan went terribly wrong. She wasn’t supposed to die.

Sharon: Who? Phyllis is dead?

Dru: No Sophia

Sharon: Oh my gosh. You killed Sophia?” The second mystery woman is still watching them from outside.mysterious_red-j95.jpg

Nate and Rox meet up at Crimson Lights. Nate is very quiet

thumbnailCAERFBK3.jpgRox: Nate what is going on?

nate-1.jpgNate: I’m in trouble Roxanne. I just don’t know what to do.

Roxanne: Trouble? What is going on? Is it with Abby?

Nate: No it has nothing to do with Abby. I don’t want to talk about it right now. Tell me about you and Devon.

Roxanne: I don’t know about Devon. He proposed to me but I turned him down.

Nate: What? Why would you do a stupid thing like that?

Roxanne: He only proposed because Abby spoiled it. I want him to propose when it’s just about us.

Nate: You’re a dummy. If you love Devon and if you don’t want Abby to have him. Then you should have said yes. Then you could have his ring and she would not. You’re the one letting Abby run your relationship.

Roxanne: Wow. I guess your right. She is just trying everything she can to break us up. If you were doing what you were supposed to be doing Abby wouldn’t be an issue for me.

Nate: What I’m supposed to be doing? And what is that?

Roxanne: Making Abby forget about Devon. But I see your lacking in something.

Nate: I told you I will get Abby on my own terms. I’m going through so much right now.

Roxanne: You keep saying that. So why are you here leaning on my shoulder and not Abby’s. I’m going to get my man back. You better get Abby before I have to start slapping bitches again. I know she is behind Harmony coming to town and I will prove it.” Roxanne leaves as Nate just shakes his head. He can only think of Sophia.

At Sharon’s.

Dru: It was supposed to be Phyllis. I bashed that Bitch’s knee caps in so she couldn’t walk. And Nate help me set it up so I can push her down that big hill by GC Memorial.

Sharon: Nate, Your nephew? He knows you are here?

Dru: No girl. They all think I’m the mystery woman or better yet Sheila Carter. That was the best part of the plan. No one knew at all it was Dru.

Sharon: How I mean why did Nate help you?

Dru: I was blackmailing him.

Sharon: Blackmail?

Dru: As shameful as it is yes. I’m sorry I know he is my nephew but nothing was going to alter or stop me from destroying that Bitch Phyllis. He almost caught me. So he brought this on himself. He should have left well enough alone.

Sharon: I can’t believe what I am hearing.

Dru: Believe it Sharon. I have lost years of my life thanks to the woman who stole your husband from you. I know all about it. She’s a tramp. And she has to be stopped. And I failed now Sophia is dead. Sophia. Who thought she had a child with my husband.

Sharon: Moses? Neil? Thought? Dru what is going on?

Dru: Sharon girl. It’s about to go down in Genoa City. Nate got a secret. Michael Baldwin got a huge secret. Girl it’s going down.

Sharon: So what is your next move?

At the Jail.

Kay: No Victor I will not back out our plan. I will do as you ask.

Victor: Good. Spencer is trying to throw the death penalty at me.

Kay: Dear God in Heaven. Victor. This is very serious. Do you have a plan?

Victor: I always got a plan. I’m not going to die. Are you kidding me?

Kay: I hope that is true.

Victor winks at Kay.

Back At Sharon’s.

Dru: I don’t know what my next move is. I have no idea what I do now That’s why I came here.

Sharon: This is a mess Dru. What about Neil, Lily, Olivia, Devon. Don’t you miss them. You should go to them.

Dru: I messed up Sharon.” Suddenly Sharon’s front door is kicked in. Dru and Sharon are both stunned as they move closer together and hug each other. The see the 2nd mystery woman with a veil on. The 2nd mystery woman is holding them at gun point.

Sharon: Who is this? Is this part of your plan too?

Dru: Girl no. I don’t know what is going on.

The second mystery woman walks closer to them with the gun. Sharon and Dru are both nervous and wonder who is this person...

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This episode is FUNNY!!!! Especially with Dru...

Is Dru happy that Sofia is dead?

Now I understand why Roxanne turned down Devon's guilt proposal, but she still seems to be more worried about what Abby's doing...

And the 2nd mystery woman has Sharon and Drucilla at gunpoint...hmmm

What's next?

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