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Mystery Woman tries to Kill Phyllis! (Friday Cliffhanger)




At Lauren’s apt. Scotty is unpacking his things in the spare bedroom when Lauren walks in. She asks him how long he plans to stay in town. Scotty replies “For a while.” He gets a phone call but ignores it. She asks him if he is ignoring phone calls again. Scotty tells his mom not to worry about it. Lauren tells him to make himself at home. She walks out to tend to Fen. Scotty’s phone rings again. This time he answers.

Scotty: What do you want? Why do you keep harassing me like this?

Woman: I want to know why you have been ignoring my calls.

Scotty: I texted you and told you things were rough here. My mom and Michael are getting a divorce.” He tells the woman on the other line as he has a flash back in mind of the other night when he first arrived into town and he met Rafe at the gay bar. He comes back to reality. “Look I really can’t talk I’m helping my mom. “ He hangs up the phone.

Lauren, standing outside her son’s room wonder who was that on the phone and why is he lying to this person.


Episode 70: Phyllis is on FIRE!!

Written by ML Cooks and C. Nathaniel Richardson

Billy and Chloe lie in bed together with Chloe lying on Billy’s chest.penthouse5.png

CHLOE: That was great.

BILLY (sarcastic): Yeah…very.

CHLOE: You don’t seem too enthused about it.

BILLY (sitting up): I hate hurting Victoria like this.

CHLOE: You can’t hurt her if she never finds out about it. You don’t have to tell anyone. I won’t.

BILLY: How can I be so sure?

CHLOE: Billy, I have to think about Delia. It would hurt her if I blabbed that we were sleeping together.

BILLY: You’re right.

Billy looks despondent and conflicted at this point and Chloe tries to comfort him.

CHLOE: I don’t know what to tell you Billy. For what it’s worth, I like being with you. It’s not like when we were in New York. We’re two different people now.

BILLY: Victoria‘s the love of my life.

CHLOE: Then why do you keep coming back to me?

BILLY: What do you mean?

CHLOE: You like women who are a little bit edgy and fun. You loved Mac, and Victoria, but they are not willing to take the risks that I am. You like that about me. I’m the only one who’s been able to give you a child.

BILLY: Edgy? Risky? I’ve destroyed my life with that behavior. I’m doing it again, and it makes me sick!

Keemo and Glo meet up at Glo Worms’ old site. There are construction trucks and men waiting to begin building as soon as the ribbon ceremony is done. Keemo engulfs Gloria in a hug; He tells her this is exciting. Gloria says he seems more excited than her. Keemo says possibly.” It just feels good to make a name for myself in this city outside of my own family.”

thumbnailCA15AFFW.jpgGloria: I made this business deal with you but yet I do not know your last name. How odd is that?”

thumbnail2.jpgKeemo: My last name. Hmm. I come from a prominent family. Let’s leave it like that. Discretion is a must.

Gloria: A prominent family? The only ones I know are the Newman and Abbotts.

Keemo: Seems you don’t know this town so well after all. Shall we cut the ribbon?”

Gloria: Most certainly.” Keemo hands her the scissors as they begin the count down. 3,2,1 Gloria cuts the ribbon and the rebuilding of Glo Worm commences. Keemo grabs Gloria and plants a passionate kiss on her.

thumbnailCAGKTS00.jpgAt Crimson Lights Nate walks in and sees a waiting Devon at a table. Devon tells him he appreciates him meeting him. Nate asks him what’s up.

imagesCAMMDZHMsoapoprah.jpgDevon: I wanted to ask you about Abby.

nate-1.jpgNate: Abby? I don’t understand. Why are you asking about her?

Devon: I don’t know if you guys are dating or what but-“

Nate: Wait hold up, you don’t know if we are dating? I do not understand what you are getting at or trying to find out but I don’t think it’s any of your business. Aren’t you with Roxanne?”

Devon: I am. And I love her very much. Roxanne has it in her head that Abby is after me. It’s been causing some serious tension for me and Roxanne. So I was going to ask could you take Abby’s mind off things.

Nate: I don’t like how this conversation is going. What is it with you and Roxanne and this obsession with Abby?

Devon: What do you mean Roxanne?

Nate: This is not the first time I heard this line. Roxanne wants me to date Abby for her benefit as well. It seems to me it’s you and Roxanne who need to date other people. “Nate gets up and leaves.

At Phyllis'. Michael and Phyllis have both fallen asleep from watching a movie. mysterious_red-j95.jpgThe mystery woman is lurking outside checking to see if her apartment is under surveillance. Oddly at the moment it is not. The mystery woman pulls something out of her car and approaches Phyllis’s apt again. She lights a homemade firebomb on fire and then throws it in Phyllis’ apt window. The apt immediately begins to catch on fire. The mystery woman just stands outside watching the apartment become engulfed in flames as Phyllis and Michael laid sleep in the house.2ndaptfire.jpg


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Dang..Nate just jumped down Devon's throat. Is he hiding something?

This mystery woman is upping her game....wow!!

If Gloria can't figure out who Keemo is, then she's dumb LOL

Good episode!!!!

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LOL Thanks Nate. Nate is just tired of Roxanne and Devon's apparent obession with Abby. he felt Devon was sticking his nose in a place it shouldnt be

THE MW is just getting started. She continues to weak havoc on Genoa City through May.

Glo has never seen Keemo. She doesnt know he is an Abbott. THat's the key to this whole storyline.

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