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Episode 68: The New Members of the Newman Board!




At GC Memorial. Nate is wrapping up Phyllis’s knees. It’s visible by her face she’s in pain. Nate tells her she is not going to able to walk for quite some time and that she will need physical therapy.

Phyllis: Who would do this to me? I’m blind!”

“That’s what I’d like to know.” They both hear a deep voice say and turn around and see Ronan. Phyllis smiles He asks her if she is ok. She says “Now I got her knees caps busted. I can’t walk on top of being blind.” Ronan asks her to tell him what happened. Phyllis says “That some one knocked on her door and that she opened it because she said she had a special delivery. I thought it was flowers or something from you. Then that’s when I felt it, the hammer on my knees.”

Ronan: So now the slap and now this? Some one is out to get you Phyllis. Who have you made mad?

Phyllis: Is that supposed to be a joke? I mean you’re a cop is that how you’re really going to talk to me?

Ronan: Honestly Phyllis you’ve pissed off a lot of people, your articles on Restless Style. You’re beef with Diane Jenkins-

Phyllis cuts him off: She’s dead! Victor killed her.

Ronan: I’m going to look into to this.

Phyllis: Gee thanks I feel so much better. So much safer.” She says sarcastically


Episode 68: The new members of the Newman Board

Written by ML Cooks

Story Consult: C Nathaniel Richardson

Creative Consult: Paul G Amos

Michael is in his office trying to prepare for his case of divorce and custody with Lauren when he gets a call on his land line. It’s the Mystery Woman

“I have something you want” She says using a voice disguiser.Screen5.jpg

Michael: Just give your self up Sheila I know it’s you!”

“Is it?”

Michael: Who else would play these sick games and attack Phyllis?”

“And now I have your prized document. Do you want me to keep quite about it?”

Michael: So what are you going to do black mail me Sheila?”

“If you want to keep your plan against Victor Newman a secret than you will do what I say.”

Michael pauses as he is frustrated knowing he is in a tough situation.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Wire me some money into an account. And don’t even worry about tracing it. You do that and you will be in for the shock of your life. Also I need you to stop helping Phyllis and stop anybody else who is helping her.”

Michael: Why? Why are you doing this to her? This is my best friend. You want me to stand by and let you kill her?

“If you want your devious and deceitful plan against Victor Newman to remain quiet than yes. “ She tells him the account number. “I’ll be expecting payment within the hour. “ She hangs up. Michael slams the phone done and buries is face in his hands. “Oh God what am I going to do?”yr_bold_baldwin_michael_9.jpg

Harmony arrives at Newman Enterprises to see Kay. Kay is stunned to see Harmony. Harmony tells Kay she doesn’t mean to bother her. But she is trying to change her life around for her son Devon so he can be proud of her. She also says she doesn’t have executive experience but she is a good people person can answer calls and make copies and take notes or something. Kay says in other words you want a job from me? Harmony says she would be most blessed. Kay says alright Harmony Hamilton you are hired. You will be my personal assistant. “Running Newman and Chancellor I need some one who will act as my eyes and ears for both companies and assist me as needed.” Harmony engulfs her in a hug and is very thankful.

At Daniel’s apt. Daniel has just fed his daughter Lucy and puts her down for a nap. He pulls out Lily’s number and decides to call her. He is delighted to hear her voice. She tells him it’s very nice to hear from him. Daniel tells Lily he was thinking of her and missing her. He wanted to see how things were going. Lily says things are going very well but she misses her kids and home. Daniel asks her much longer will she be in Japan. Lily says a few more weeks. Daniel tells her he can’t wait to see her. Lily then asks if he has seen Cane. Daniel does not like this question at all and he feels hurt. He tells her that he hasn’t seen that jerk and did not call to talk a bout him.

At Lauren’s Lauren is getting ready for a board meeting at Newman. She asks her son Scotty if he will be ok watching Fen for a while. Scotty ignores her as he is doging phone calls on his cell phone. She yells out his name. Scotty says “Yea mom I know how to watch my brother.” She says some one is really trying to get a hold of him and him and why doesn’t he just answer his phone. Scotty says its no big deal as he turns his phone to silent. Lauren hugs her son good bye and gives him and Fen a kiss then leaves.CodyLongoGiveBackHollywoodFashionFormsvOA8JMRaHR4l.jpg

At Newman, Jill and Kay await in Victor’s Office for the possible new candidates of the Newman board to walk in. Then their wait is over when the all walk in one by one, Neil, Leslie and then Ashley are potential new board members on the Newman board.



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Rafe is thirsty lol...why is he blowing up Scotty/Ted's phone? LOL

Yep Daniel, Cane is a jerk LOL

And what is the blackmailer using the money for?

I'll stay tuned

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LMAO!! LMAO Rafe is not the one blowing his phone up. They have not exchanged numbers yet. At least I dont think lol

MW is tired of living on the streets.

Love ur comments

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