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BACK TO AW Episode 24 3/22/2012 "Thursday"



In this episode....

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Sharlene walks in while Frankie is at her desk looking at the junk mail picture of St. Croix wondering why she got such a reaction to it.

Frankie: Aunt Sharlene.

Sharlene: Thanks for seeing me.

Frankie: Anytime. How's Gregory?

Sharlene: He's gonna start his physical therapy soon.

Frankie: Well that's good right?

Sharlene: Yeah it's progress. He's itching to start.



Lindsay walks into Greg's room with a wheelchair and approaches Greg.

Greg: Oh God thank you. I'm ready to get started.

Lindsay: When Dr. Hudson clears you, we can start.

Greg: That's my dad.

Lindsay: I gathered that.

Greg: What are you doing with that? Are you gonna wheel me around the hospital?

Lindsay: No. You are.



Grant is having lunch with Paulina, as they sit across from one another at a table.

Paulina: This is delicious.

Grant: I'm glad you like it.

Paulina: I won't eat too much, or you're gonna have me hooked on diet pills again.

Grant: Paulina don't remind me of that. I'm ashamed of what I had done to you.

Paulina: I'm just making a joke. The past is in the past. Dante and I thank you for what you did for him.

Grant: Of course, I also do it for you. I love seeing the smile on your face.

Paulina: You've changed. You're not the same Grant we used to know.

Grant: And hate.

Paulina: I love this one. I love you.

Paulina leans in and they kiss...and is unexpectedly stopped.

Kirkland: Oh my God. Paulina tell me you haven't fallen for this.


Frankie: He's gonna get tired of lying in that bed.

Sharlene: He wants to play football.

Frankie: Well that's something that he's always wanted to do right?

Sharlene: Yeah.

Frankie: So what brings you by? What did you want to see me about?

Sharlene: I've been having more memories.

Frankie: About the day of Grant's acceptance speech.

Sharlene: I was in the hospital. I saw Grant being wheeled in on a gurney, and Paulina crying.

Frankie: Joe was also killed.

Sharlene: Do you know if they police have any leads on the shooter?

Frankie: No unfortunately they don't.

Sharlene: It's been four years. You would think with today's technology that they would have found the person who did it.

Frankie: Sometimes these things go cold.

Sharlene: I'm remembering little by little...more and more. John said he is afraid of what will come out when I remember everything.

Frankie: Have you ever thought about hypnosis?

Sharlene: I have.

Frankie: Maybe you can uncover what your subconscious is blocking out.

Sharlene: I'm afraid, too Frankie. How many people will get hurt by what I remember?


Greg: What are you talking about wheelchair? I'm gonna walk.

Lindsay: In the meantime how will you get around?

Greg: I'll...crawl?

Lindsay: No...I don't think you want to do that.

Greg: Well that means you'll have to help me up.

Lindsay: I don't have to do anything.

Greg: You're my therapist.

Lindsay: I'm here to help you get well and function, and hopefully walk again.

Greg: Hopefully?

Lindsay: I'm not gonna sugar coat it. There's a chance that you won't be able to walk, and I'm not here to stroke your ego or baby you. Follow my instructions, and you'll give yourself the best chance.


Paulina: Kirkland! Oh my goodness!!! I'm sorry about Michele.

Paulina embraces him.

Kirkland: I'm great Paulina. I'm worried about you...and my dad?

Paulina: I'm gonna go back to the coffee shop to get some lattes.

Paulina walks away and Kirkland faces his father.

Grant: I'm sorry about your sister. I'm sure that's why you're here.

Kirkland: Sure you are dad.

Grant: Kirkland when are you gonna stop being hostile toward me. I'm your father.

Kirkland: Sometimes I wish it was Ryan.

Grant: Don't say that.

Kirkland: I just don't trust you after everything you've done to mom, and I bet you're manipulating Paulina.

Grant: I love Paulina.

Kirkland: That's funny dad. Right after Joe Carlino was killed, you swoop right in and act like Paulina's hero.

Grant: I've changed.

Kirkland: You change as often as leopard spots.

Grant: Paulina has changed me. She loves me, too. Is that so hard to believe?

Kirkland: I feel sorry for her. Your love is poison. Look at your victims. Mom, Cindy.

Grant: I'm not that person anymore.

Kirkland: When Paulina realizes that you haven't changed at all, she's gonna be so hurt.

Grant: I'm sorry that you feel that way son, but I am not going to let Paulina down.

Paulina has overheard Grant's declaration, wondering if he will keep it.


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