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Episode 17: Phyllis uses her blindness to trap Nick!



Episode 17

  • Chloe and Cane console each other of their own recent losses.
  • Billy goes to the jail to gloats in Victor’s face. Billy enjoys the sight of TGVN behind bars. Victor tells him though he may e in jail, he will still control Genoa City. Billy tells him he’s dreaming. Victor replies with buckle your seat belt son, I have prepared for this day to come.
  • Olivia visits Victoria and tells her she is assigned to her case and is seeking out treatment options for her.
  • Devon tells Abby he is going to get to know Kay and Tucker. Abby is thrilled. They then begin to discuss the kiss she planted on him at the party. Abby plays innocent and apologies. She was tipsy is the excuse she uses.
  • Sophia and Neil both feel Malcolm needs to know how serious Lily’s situation is and try to get a hold of the rouge Winters’ brother.
  • Nick takes a blinded Phyllis home. Phyllis realizes it’s really dark and being alone scares her tonight and she asks Nick to spend the night with her. Nick reluctantly agrees.

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