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Episode 7: Gene and Jill have a showdown!!



Episode 7:

  • Neil gives in and finally understands that he should be there for his daughter and support her decisions. So he calls her and tells her he is sorry for arguing with her over her choosing to be Cane again. Sophia over hears and it brings a smile to her face that her baby’s father is being more reasonable.
  • Devon and Abby are grabbing a bite to eat at Glo Worm talking about his new studio and record label. They enjoy each other’s company until Roxanne intrudes on their “luncheon” by grabbing a seat and grabbing a fork and begins to eat Abby’s food. Abby is furious.
  • Lily tells Daniel that she is going to be with Cane. Daniel is very upset and disappointed with her decision. He wishes her luck and tells her he will always give her his shoulder if she needs it. She appreciates by giving him a friendly hug.
  • At Jabot, Genevieve tells Jill that once her contract is up at Jabot she will be out the door. Jill brushes off her threat by saying Jack can’t be swayed by some lousy seduction attempt. Jill calls Gene a leech and tells her the only reason she has a job is because she’s sleeping with him. Gene tries to slap Jill but Jill is much faster catching her hand before the slap can land. Jill:” I’m much quicker than you my dear. You’re going to have to do better than that.” Jill says with a smile before walking away.
  • Avery, shows up at Restless style with a picnic basket ready to have lunch with Nick. Phyllis is super pissed off and begins slamming things around trying to get attention. Avery looks at her and giver her sister a wave. This pisses Phyllis off even more and she storms out the office.

Next :Paul delivers stunning news about Jeffrey as Adam’s plan against Victor begins to kick into high gear…


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