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Episode 1! : Let's Begin



Episode 1

  • Victor goes to Spencer to let him know Adam may try to turn in him for some crimes because he’s mad and vengeful. Victor instructs Spencer to ignore Adam . Spencer informs TGVN that is a decision he will make on his own.
  • Nick and Noah are shooting pool at Crimson Lights and Noah comes up with the idea to throw his mom a “get out of jail party“. Adam over hears these plans and he taunts the duo leading to a war of words and threats.
  • Phyllis warns Avery to stay away from Nick and that he is off limits to her. Avery calls her sister’s bluff.
  • Neil and Sophia host a “sip-and-see” where friends and family gather to see Moses.
  • Gloria asks Kevin to check her numbers on the books, she suspects Jeffery has been skimming profits at Glo Worm…


Banner by SoapBoy94.

Next: Adam begins to put a devious plan into motion…


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