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Friday January 14 2011



Will wakes up in Chad’s arms in his bed. The sun is coming through the curtains. Chad starts to wake up.

Chad: Good morning.

Will smiles.

Will: Good morning.

Chad kisses him.

Will: Last night-

Chad: Was amazing.

Will: It was. But nobody could ever know.

Chad: Don’t worry. And let’s just forget about everyone now.

Chad kisses him, as there is a knock at the door. They stop kissing, and look shocked.

Anna is sitting on the couch in Roman’s house. Roman walks in.

Anna: How’s Carrie?

Roman: She’s ok. Now, tell me what the hell your doing here.

Anna: I came to see my daughter, Roman.

Roman: Did you forget what you’ve done Anna! To my granddaughter! To my daughter! I should take you down to the station right now!

Anna: With what evidence? EJ’s free! He hasn’t paid for his part! There is nothing that ties me to this.

Roman: So why did you come back? Did you think everything was going to be forgiven?

Anna: I wanted to apologize. You don’t understand what was going on with me at that time. I wasn’t in my right mind. All I was thinking about was revenge.

Roman: I guess that’s supposed to make it all better.

Nicole walks into the living room of the DiMera mansion, where Brady is putting his jacket on.

Brady: I guess I’ll be going.

Nicole: I’ll see you.

Brady: If you change your mind, I’m here.

He grabs her, and kisses her passionately.

Nicole: Bye.

Brady leaves. Nicole turns on the TV, and sees the news report about EJ falling over the cliff. She watches in shock.

Nicole: Oh my God.

She takes out her cell phone, and dials a number.

Nicole: Stefano! Have you heard?

Stefano: Heard what?

Nicole: Meet me at the police station.

Jennifer and Daniel wake up on the couch in Daniel’s apartment.

Jennifer: Looks like the storm cleared up.

Daniel: That’s good.

Jennifer: How are you feeling?

Daniel: Good. Thanks to you.

Jennifer: Anytime. You have anything here? I can make you breakfast.

Daniel: Please, let me make it. It’s the least I can do.

Jennifer: Fine.

Jennifer smiles at him.

Will and Chad quickly get up from the bed, and start putting their clothes on. The person knocks again.

Will: I’ll go to the bathroom.

Chad: Ok.

Chad buttons his pants, and opens the door. Chad looks shocked when he sees Gabi standing outside.

Chad: Gabi! Hey, come in.

Gabi: Did Will already leave?

Chad: No. He’s just in the bathroom.

Will comes out.

Will: Gabi, you’re here.

Will kisses her. Chad and Will look at each other, guilty.

Gabi: Why do you two look so nervous?

Chad notices his shirt from last night, lying on the floor next to his bedroom.

Roman and Anna are standing in Roman’s living room.

Anna: Roman, please don’t do this.

Roman: I can’t believe you come in here, expecting me to help you!

Anna: I already gave you my reason, Roman. I wasn’t myself.

Roman: Please, save it Anna.

Roman picks up her jacket.

Roman: Now get the hell out, and don’t you ever come back!

Stefano and Nicole walk into the police station. Bo and Sami are sitting at a desk.

Stefano: What the hell happened?

He looks at Sami.

Stefano: You!

Bo: Last night, EJ’s car went over a cliff.

Stefano looks shocked. He looks at Sami again.

Stefano: You did this! Didn’t you!

Sami: No I didn’t! I tried to help him!

Nicole: Help him? Right.

Bo: Sami tried to get him out of the car, but as it tipped over, EJ pushed her out, and the car fell over.

Stefano: Well, you must be telling the truth! It’s not like a Brady would ever cover up another Brady’s crime!

Nicole: Did you find him?

Bo: The rescue team found his car, but they are still looking for his body.

Stefano: Body! You think he’s dead!

Bo: There’s a good chance he didn’t survive the fall.

Daniel puts two plates of pancakes on the table. Jennifer sits down.

Jennifer: They look great.

Daniel: Well, I am known for my pancakes.

Jennifer laughs. She tastes a piece.

Jennifer: Oh my God. They are amazing.

Daniel: What did I tell you?

Jennifer: I think you need to make some more after this.

They laugh.

Will, Chad, and Gabi are standing in Chad’s apartment. Will laughs.

Will: Nervous?

Chad: What would we be nervous about?

Gabi: I don’t know.

Will flashes back to being in bed with Chad, having sex.

Will: Were just tired.

Chad: Didn’t get much sleep last night.

Gabi: Oh. Well, you guys want to go for breakfast?

Chad: Sure. I’ll just get ready fast. I’ll meet you guys downstairs.

Will: Sounds good.

Will and Gabi leave the apartment, and Chad looks relieved.

Anna and Roman are standing in the living room.

Anna: I have a right to know how my daughter is!

Roman: She doesn’t want her near you! And she doesn’t need any stress!

Anna: Is it the baby? Is everything ok?

Roman: Mind your own business.

Roman hands her her jacket.

Anna: Don’t think I’m just going to forget about my daughter, Roman.

Roman: Why not? You have plenty experience with it.

Tears form in Anna’s eyes, and she leaves Roman’s house.

Stefano, Nicole, Bo, and Sami are standing in the police station.

Stefano: You find my son!

Nicole puts her hand on Stefano’s shoulder, and he pushes her away.

Brady walks into the station.

Brady: I heard what happened. Are you ok, Sami?

Stefano lets out a sarcastic laugh.

Stefano: Of course she’s ok!

Sami: What do you think? I planned to have EJ crash his car near a cliff!

Stefano: Then why didn’t you call for help!

Sami: I couldn’t get any service!

Bo: Ok, everyone stop! Stefano, you will be informed if we come up with anything else.

Stefano leaves the station.


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