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Thursday January 13 2011



Victor and Maggie are sitting in the living room of the Kirikas mansion. There are a few candles lit.

Maggie: Well, so much for watching a movie.

Victor: I didn’t think the storm would be this bad.

Maggie: Neither did I.

Victor: I guess this gives us some time to talk.

Maggie: About what?

Victor: About us.

Maggie: Victor-

Victor: I wanted to apologize for my behaviour. I realize that I’ve been very insensitive about everything that has been going on with you. With Mickey, and Alice.

Tears start to form in Maggie’s eyes.

Victor: I’m sorry, and it’s not going to happen anymore.

Sami is sitting in Bo’s office at the Salem PD. Rafe walks in.

Sami: Rafe!

She gets up, and he hugs her.

Rafe: Bo told me what happened. Are you alright?

Sami: Yeah. I’m fine. I’m worried about EJ.

Rafe closes the door.

Rafe: You can tell me the truth, Sami. Did you push him over.

Sami looks at him, disgusted.

Carrie and Anna are standing in the living room in Roman’s house.

Carrie: How did you get in here?

Anna: Roman gave me a key when Tony died.

Carrie: What are you doing here? Did you think I would welcome you with open arms after what you did to my sister?

Anna: Carrie, you don’t understand; I wasn’t in my right mind at that time.

Carrie: Your right mind? Your mind was on money! That’s all you care about!

Anna: No, Carrie! It was about making Stefano pay. And making Sami pay for everything she did to you.

Carrie: How dare you use me as a reason to explain what you did! The daughter that you just abandoned, because I was an inconvenience!

Stephanie is lying on the bed in the motel room. Jeremy looks out the window.

Stephanie: Does it look any better?

Jeremy: Nope.

Stephanie: So what are you doing in Salem anyway?

Jeremy: I came to visit family. I finally got some free time.

Stephanie: What were you so busy with?

Jeremy: Taking some courses, traveling.

Stephanie: You seem different.

Jeremy: In a good way, I hope.

Stephanie laughs.

Jeremy: I’m surprised you haven’t tried calling Nathan yet.

Stephanie looks down.

Jeremy: Did I say something wrong?

Stephanie: You haven’t been keeping up on current events.

Jeremy: What do you mean?

Stephanie: Nathan and I are over.

Abby and Philip are sitting in the elevator at Basic Black.

Abby: Are we ever going to get out of here!

Philip: Screaming and complaining about it isn’t going to make it better.

Abby: It’s so hot in here!

Philip starts unbuttoning his shirt.

Abby: What the hell are you doing?

Philip: I’m burning in here!

Abby takes her sweater off.

Abby: We better get out of here soon.

Sami and Rafe are standing in Bo’s office.

Sami: How dare you ask me that!

Rafe: Sami, you shot him in the head! It’s not to hard to believe that you would push him over a cliff.

Sami slaps him.

Sami: I did everything I could to try and save him! If he hadn’t had pushed me out, I would be over the cliff with him!

Bo walks in.

Sami: Did they find anything?

Bo: They found EJ’s car, but no body.

Sami looks shocked.

Anna and Carrie are standing in Roman’s living room.

Anna: Carrie, you weren’t an inconvenience! I left you, because I thought it was the best thing for you.

Carrie: Please, don’t start making excuses.

Carrie holds her stomach in pain.

Anna: Carrie, what’s wrong?

Carrie: Nothing. As soon as my cell phone gets service-

Carrie yells in pain, and holds her stomach.

Anna: Carrie! Oh my God!

Carrie lies on the couch, in pain. Someone unlocks the front door, and Roman walks in. He walks into the living room, and is shocked to see Anna.

Roman: What the hell?

Maggie and Victor are sitting on the couch in Victor’s living room.

Maggie: Victor, I don’t want to loose you as a friend. You have been a very good one to me.

Victor: You have been too. Your honesty is very refreshing.

They laugh.

Maggie: You have a very big heart, Victor. I just wish you would show this side of you more often.

Victor: I think I want to. Being around you makes me want to.

Maggie smiles. Victor moves closer to her. He kisses her.

Stephanie and Jeremy are sitting in the motel room.

Jeremy: Why did you guys break up?

Stephanie: I was keeping a bunch of secretes from him.

Jeremy: You? Keeping secrets? That’s odd. Well, I guess someone has to be a bit exciting in that relationship.

Stephanie: What does that mean?

Jeremy: Come on, Steph. Nathan was always a little bland. Defiantly not they type of guy for you.

Stephanie: I think your right.

Jeremy: So why were you with him? I can’t see someone like you settling for that.

Stephanie: I was with you, wasn’t I?

Jeremy: Ouch.

Stephanie: Jeremy, let’s not pretend you were some saint.

Jeremy: I never said I was.

Stephanie: Ok, so then why would I put up with someone like you?

Jeremy: Because your insecure. And I have no idea why. Your smart, funny, beautiful. I just don’t get it.

Abby and Philip are sitting in the elevator. Philip takes his belt off, and starts unbuttoning his pants.

Abby: Ok, that’s enough.

Philip: What’s wrong? Scared you might not be able to control yourself?

Abby laughs.

Abby: Wow your cockiness in hilarious.

Philip stands up, and pulls down his pants. Abby can’t help herself from looking. She finally looks away, and Philip sits close to her.

Philip: Maybe there is something we could do to pass the time.

Philip leans in to kiss her, ass the power comes back on.

Abby: Oh thank God!

She gets up as the elevator starts moving. Philip puts his pants back on.

Philip: The offers still available.

Abby: No thanks.

The doors open, and Abby gets out.

Roman, Carrie, and Anna are standing in the living room at Roman’s house.

Roman: Anna? What the hell are you doing here?

Roman notices Carrie on the couch, in pain.

Roman: Carrie! What’s going on?

Carrie: I don’t know. I’m in so much pain.

Anna: We have to get her to a hospital.

Roman: You stay right here, Anna! If I get back here and your not here, I’ll make sure your found!

Roman helps Carrie up, and they leave the house.


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