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2011 Previews!




Bo and Carly finally get some time together, but Bo can’t stop thinking about Hope. Carly makes the hard decision to end their relationship. Look for Carly and Daniel to grow closer, as he tries to move past Chloe’s deception. Meanwhile, after a mysterious phone call from Hope, Bo is convinced that she is in trouble. This will be the biggest story in 2011 where Bo and Hope face new obstacles, run into faces from the past, and eventually rebuild their relationship.


EJ and Nicole grow closer as they realize they never really stopped loving each other. EJ gives Nicole everything she wants, but will her conscience be able to let her take it? Meanwhile, Brady and Taylor’s budding romance continues, much to Nicole’s annoyance. Also, look for Brady to start exploring the DiMera side of his family. Meanwhile, Sami and Rafe grow further apart, when Rafe fails at getting the kids back. Nicole does some digging into Rafe’s past, and discovers a shocking secrete about the good FBI agent. Also look for Sami to be put in a place where she has to save EJ- or not.


Jack returns to Salem, hoping to resume his life with Jennifer and the kids. Still upset, Jennifer kicks him out. Meanwhile, Jack and Jillian strike up a platonic friendship, which gets Jennifer jealous. Will they find their way back to each other?


Stefano and Vivian begin the next part of their revenge, while Victor and Kate try to find a way to stop them. Look for Vivian to worm her way into the DiMera mansion. This year, Stefano returns to his diabolical side, and wreaks havoc on anybody who looks at him the wrong way! What makes it worse is having Vivian by his side. Meanwhile, Bill and Kate catch up, and discuss what could have been, while Victor and Maggie finally go on their first date.


Carrie’s pregnancy takes a turn for the worse, just as Austin returns to Salem. Austin wants to tell Carrie about his affair, but decides to hide it until after the baby is born. Look for Austin to make a tough decision regarding Carrie and their baby.


Philip and Chloe decide to raise Parker together, but agree not to get romantic. Meanwhile, sparks fly between Philip and Abby, but Philip isn’t ready for another relationship. After Nathan learns of Stephanie’s deception, he breaks things off, and runs to Melanie. At the lowest time of her life, Stephanie bumps into a reformed Jeremy Horton, and he helps her through this tough time.


Abe and Lexie go through a strain in their relationship when flames from both of their pasts show up. Will Lexie give into temptation yet again, or will it be the other way around?


Chloe’s sister, Joy comes to Salem, and takes an interest in Chad. Chad decides to use her as a distraction from Will, but it doesn’t work. Meanwhile, Gabi notices something is up between Will and Chad, and gets suspicious. When Will and Chad get stranded together, will they give into temptation?


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