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Tuesday December 28 2010



Stefano and Vivian are sitting at a table in the Penthouse Grille.

Vivian: I wonder what’s taking them so long.

Stefano: If they know what’s good for them, they will show up.

Vivian: Oh, believe me. They will show up.

Sami is standing on the pier. She flashes back to shooting EJ in the head.

Sami: I made such a mess of everything.

EJ is standing behind her.

EJ: At least your right about something, Samantha.

Sami turns around.

Sami: You really think you’ve done the right thing, don’t you? Ripping kids away from their mother, exposing my kids to that thing!

EJ: Oh, Samantha. Nicole is a far better mother than you ever were! You use your children as pawns to get whatever you want. You started before Will was even born! Using him to get that dummy Austin.

EJ laughs.

EJ: And now you’ve lost them because you’ve decided that your flavour of the week is more important. Oh, Samantha you could have had it all. Money, a big house, your children, but you decided to throw it all away.

Sami: You kidnapped my daughter and hid her from me for months! You faked her death, and why? Just so you can get your petty revenge?

EJ: Petty revenge! You hid your pregnancy from me, and then decided to tell me everything when who we thought was our daughter died!

Sami: This all wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Nicole!

EJ: Nicole? My dear, you are to blame for this entire mess.

Jennifer is sitting in Jane’s office. Jane walks in.

Jane: Hello, I’m the warden, Jane. It’s nice to meet you.

Jennifer: You too.

They shake hands.

Jane: So, it’s a little odd that I found out about you from one of the doctors.

Jennifer looks shocked, but quickly hides it.

Jennifer: Oh, what do you mean?

Jane: I didn’t know we were getting a new guard. Then one of the doctors, Dr. Walters actually, pointed me out to you.

Jennifer: Oh, interesting.

Jane: Yeah, interesting. Also interesting the amount of time you spend talking to Hope Brady.

Jennifer: I know her from when I used to work at the station. Just catching up.

Jane: You knew her from work, eh?

Jennifer: Yes. Now I think I should get back to work.

Jennifer starts to get up.

Jane: Not so fast.

Jennifer sits back down.

Jane: Let’s cut the crap. I know your Hope’s cousin. Here to protect her from whatever is going on in here. I know about Dr. Manning’s part in this too, and your not going to get away with all this.

Jennifer gets up, as Lee comes in.

Jennifer: Look, I can explain-

Jane: Lee, take her to a cell. I’ll deal with her and the good doctor later.

Victor and Kate walk out of the elevator of the Penthouse Grille.

Kate: Are you sure this is a good idea?

Victor: I’m going to put an end to this all.

Vivian sees them, and waves them over.

Kate: I hope so.

Victor and Kate walk to the table and sit down.

Vivian: Were so glad you could join us!

Victor takes out Vivian’s bill, and throws it in her plate.

Stefano laughs.

Stefano: If you think that’s an issue, just wait.

Victor: Both of you listen, and listen good! Whatever you two are planning, drop it! We will not be giving into any of your foolish demands!

Vivian: Really? Victor, you would do well to remember that I have evidence against all of you, for what you put me through!

Stefano: And Katherine, you remember that I have all the evidence from your little brownie incident with Chloe.

Kate: What the hell do you want?

Stefano and Vivian both take out a folder. Stefano hands one to Kate, and Vivian hands one to Victor.

Vivian: Read it.

Sami and EJ are standing on the pier.

Sami: How the hell is this my fault!

EJ: Let’s see. You decided to hide your pregnancy from me. Which landed you in Dr. Baker’s clinic. If I had known you were pregnant, I would have made sure you were taken care of somewhere else. You would not have given birth in that clinic, and Nicole would never have had the opportunity to switch those babies.

Sami: You bastard! I was almost shot on your doorstep! I didn’t want to bring another child into that family!

EJ: Oh please, Samantha. There you go making excuses for everything you do. You shoot someone in the head, and still find a way to make yourself look like the victim!

Sami: Go to hell, EJ!

Sami walks away.

EJ: Yes, Samantha, walk away! Because you know I’m right!

Carly is brought to a prison cell. She walks in, and Jennifer is sitting in it as well.

Jennifer: Carly! What happened!

Jane comes in.

Jane: Now, doctor, I find it so odd that you would help your boyfriend’s wife.

Carly: That’s because I didn’t want to help her.

Jennifer looks confused.

Jane: What are you talking about?

Carly: When Hope told us what was going on, I though it was my opportunity to get rid of her. That’s why I agreed to help them, so I could get in on this, and get rid of her.

She looks at Jennifer.

Carly: I had no idea she was planning to come in here.

Jane laughs.

Jane: You expect me to believe that story?

Carly: Yes, because it’s true.

Jane: Fine then, come with me.

Jennifer: No! Carly, don’t do this!

Carly gets up, and her and Jane leave the cell. Bo and a few other detectives come around the corner, and stop in front of Jane.

Jane: What the hell’s going on here?

Bo goes behind her, and starts handcuffing her.

Bo: Jane Smith, you are under arrest.

Carly looks back at Jennifer and smiles.

Victor, Kate, Stefano and Vivian are sitting at a table in the Penthouse Grille. Victor and Kate look shocked as they read the papers. Victor throws them down on the table.

Victor: Are you insane!

Kate: Eighty percent of Basic Black, and Hearth and Home! What the hell do you guys think your doing!

Stefano: It’s quite simple, Katherine, Victor. You two just continue working as you do, and give Vivian and I what we asked for.

Vivian: Titan is mine, Victor.

Victor: There is no way we are agreeing to this!

Vivian: Ok, then Stefano and I will have our popcorn and drink ready as we watch you two get hauled off to jail.

Victor and Kate look at each other.

Kate: I would expect this from her, this snake, but not you Stefano.

Kate gets up and throws her napkin in Stefano’s face.

Kate: Both of you rot in hell!

Kate walks to the elevator.

Vivian: Well, Victor. You know what’s right.

Victor gets up and takes the folders. He follows Kate.

Vivian: I think that went well.

Stefano: Indeed.

Nicole in walking down the hall in the DiMera mansion. She sees EJ in one of the bedrooms, tearing everything apart.

Nicole: What the hell?

EJ: Where the hell is it?

Nicole moves, as EJ throws a book.

Nicole: What the hell is going on? What are you looking for?

EJ: The camera! It’s gone.

Nicole looks shocked.

Nicole: What! How could it be gone!

EJ: I left it right in this box!

Nicole: EJ, are you sure you didn’t just misplace it?

EJ: Of course I’m sure! Damn it.

Nicole moves closer to him.

Nicole: Ok, calm down EJ. We still have it on computer.

She puts her hand on his shoulder.

EJ: Your right. But I still need to find it.

Nicole: Ok, just calm down. We can look for it later. You look like your going to burst a vein or something.

Roman is in his office. He takes out a box from his desk, and opens it. He takes out Arianna’s camera. He holds it in his hand for a while.

Roman: This is for the best.

He takes out the memory card. He puts the camera back in the box, and looks at the memory card. He snaps it in half and throws it on his desk.

Roman: Almost there, Sami.

Hope is sitting in Bo’s office at the police station. Bo walks in. Hope gets up, and he hugs her.

Hope: I don’t know how I can thank you.

Bo: Don’t worry about it.

Jennifer walks in, and hugs Hope.

Jennifer: Thank God your ok!

Hope: Jennifer, I can’t believe you did that! Do you know how much trouble you could have gotten into?

Jennifer: It was all worth it, Hope.

Jennifer turns to Bo.

Jennifer: So, any word? Will Hope be able to come home?

Bo: The judge needs to set up another trial.

Jennifer: She just busted a corrupt warden! Who knows how many other women would have died if it wasn’t for Hope! She would be released imminently!

Hope: Jen, it’s not that easy. Don’t worry, though. Everything is going to be ok.

Jennifer: I’m so glad your ok.

Hope: Where’s Carly? I need to thank her for what she did.

EJ is sitting on his bed in his room. Nicole brings him a glass of water.

Nicole: Here, drink.

EJ takes the glass, and drinks.

EJ: Thank you.

Nicole: No problem.

Nicole turns to leave the room.

EJ: Stay, Nicole.

Nicole turns around.

Nicole: You want me to stay? That’s a little odd.

EJ: I wanted to thank you for everything.

Nicole: Are you feeling alright?

EJ holds her arm.

EJ: I mean it, Nicole.

He moves closer to her. Nicole looks at him.

Nicole: EJ-

EJ kisses her.

Rafe is sitting on the couch in his apartment. Sami walks in.

Sami: Hey.

Rafe: Hi.

Sami: How was your day?

Rafe: It was ok. What about you?

Sami: I ran into EJ on the pier.

Rafe: What happened?

Sami: Just blamed me for this entire mess. And the more I think about it, the more I think he’s right.

Rafe: Sami, he isn’t.

Sami: Rafe, stop. I should have never have hidden my pregnancy. I would never be in this mess I’m in now.

Rafe: Sami-

Sami: I’m going to go take a nap.

Victor and Kate are in the living room of the Kirikas mansion.

Kate: There is no way we are agreeing to this.

Victor: I don’t like it either, Kate, but until I figure something out, this is what we have to do!

Kate: No!

Victor: What, do you think Stefano wouldn’t do this to you? That your special to him? Stefano doesn’t care about you!

Kate: You don’t know what your talking about.

Victor: Ok, let’s play your game. Let’s pretend Stefano loves you and wouldn’t turn in the evidence. Do you think Vivian won’t turn in her evidence against you?

Kate starts pouring herself a drink.

Kate: We need to figure something out, now!

Victor: I will.

Stefano and Vivian are in the living room of the DiMera mansion.

Vivian: I’m surprised we haven’t heard anything from them yet.

Stefano: I’m sure we will soon.

Stefano pours two drinks, and hands one to Vivian.

Hope is sitting in Bo’s office. Carly walks in. Hope gets up.

Hope: Carly, I don’t know how I can thank you.

Carly: Hope, don’t worry about it.

Hope: Carly, you risked your life to help me. I owe you so much.

Carly: I know a way you can thank me.

Hope: How?

Carly: Stop feeling sorry for what you did while you were on those pills. Fight for yourself to get out of prison, to be with your family, your daughter. Hope, I didn’t have the chance to be with my daughter, watch her grow up, raise her. But you do. Please don’t loose these important years. Please, Hope.

Hope starts crying.

Hope: Thank you so much.

Hope hugs Carly.

Nicole is in her room at the DiMera mansion. She flashes back to EJ kissing her.

Nicole: Wow. Didn’t see that one coming.

Rafe walks into the Cheatin’ Heart. He sits next to Amelia at the bar.

Amelia: You look like you can use a drink.

Rafe: That would be great.

Rafe orders a drink.

Rafe: So, what brings you here?

Amelia: I’ve been having a rough couple days at work. New job, new home.

Rafe: Oh, you just moved to Salem.

Amelia: Yup.

Rafe: How are you liking it?

Amelia: It’s ok. I met a lot of nice people.

Rafe: That’s good.

He sips his drink, and smiles at her.


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