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Days Fan Fic Description



This fan fiction is both a combination of what I would want Days of our Lives to be and what most fans would want it to be. While it is true that I approve of most of the stories on the air right now, I still feel like the show could be better and more pleasurable for the fans. I have read other fan fics and I have been very impressed with some of the ideas. I only hope I can be as creative. I have been a faithful watcher since 1990 but, thanks to my grandmother taping the show every day, I have seen every episode since 1981. I have researched the history of the show before then so my stories will in no way deviate from history. However, if I make a mistake or screw up the history or something please let me know and I will edit. You will find this to be easy reading-nothing too complex. The stories will be mainly traditional and realistic but you may see a return to the supernatural at some point. You will also see many cast changes including recasts of some characters and the return and exits of some beloved ones. Some things I do may stun you and anger you but I beleive that soap writing should involve taking risks. I am open to any imput and comments and I will also provide periodic cast list updates and little news pieces to keep you informed of cast changes. I hope you enjoy. I will post a winter(2006) preview later-like the ones in SOD. This will wet your appetite enough to make you read LOL. Starting Monday December 26, I will start daily episodes picking up right where this Friday's show leaves off. On holidays when the show is prempted, I will be prempted. I will have no problem over the next month updating this every day but once my vacation is over you may not see updates until later in the evening or may just post some episodes all at once to get ahead or catch up. I look forward to your comments and input. Thanks and enjoy!!!



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